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Information on LC tournaments and their winners are archived here.

LC Open:
6 hosted by Quote - ict
5 hosted by Quote - Corporal Levi
4 hosted by macle - Kingler12345
3 hosted by macle - chimpact
2 hosted by blarajan - PDC
1 hosted by Aerrow - McMeghan

LC Circuit:
Spring seasonal hosted by OP - ggggd
Summer seasonal hosted by OP - fitzy72
Fall seasonal hosted by OP - Chill Shadow
Playoffs hosted by OP - Dundies

Little Cup Premier League:
6 hosted by Coconut - The Crystal Onix managed by Nineage
Players: -Tsunami- / ADVANTAGE / Endal / FLCL / Heysup / ict / KratosMana / Lax / rozes / teal6 / tko

5 hosted by rozes - Massive Stat-Boost Munnas managed by Corporal Levi
Players: idiotfrommars / Infamy / Shrug / Star / tahu / teal6 / TheFenderStory / zf

4 hosted by macle - The Terrible Timburrs managed by Quote
Players: apt-get / atomicllamas / fatty / ggggd / idiotfrommars / Imanalt / Joltage / majaspic22 / Pikasohn / Soldier / Tesung

3 hosted by prem - Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas managed by macle
Players: Artemisa / BLOOD TOTEM / Calloflochie / fitzy72 / FLCL / Imanalt / Lasagna / Pako / Sweep / Vermillion Project

2 hosted by prem - Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas managed by macle
Players: Annoyer / Artemisa / Cutie Caitlyn / fatty / fitzy72 / Funkasaurus / Imanalt / King Serperior / PROBLEMS / Quote / Sparkychild / Sweep / youngjake93

1 hosted by macle - Snowpoint Snovers managed by (makeup)
Players: Arcticblast / Chieliee / danilo / Raseri / TUO / TrollFreak / Woodchuck

SM Era Tournaments:
BWLC + Carvanha hosted by Vileman - tazz
OU Invasion hosted by sam-testings - fitzy72
No Johns Tournament hosted by jake - Kingler12345
DPP LC Tournament hosted by Gummy - byronthewellwell
LC Draft Cup hosted by Xayah - Mythological Magikarps - Fille and Jox
Little Cup Playhouse Cup hosted by OP - Zoro was so scared of facing kingler in this tour he asked him to be on his team - Kingler12345, ZoroDark, Sken
God Among us, SUMO LC Edition hosted by The Quasar - Level 56
ADV LC Tourney hosted by OP - Disjunction
Little Cup Trigger Warning hosted by Drew - OP
Little Cup Training Camp hosted by Conni - ggggd
Swiss hosted by macle - WaterlessMelon
SuMo LC Tournament hosted by The Quasar - Kenzo

XY Era Tournaments:
ORAS LC Doubles hosted by Conni - darksylvion
BW LC Post Scraggy hosted by tcr - Alice Kazumi
Extremely Good Little Cup Forum Little Cup Tour hosted by Shrug - PD
DPP LC Tournament hosted by GOAO - Heysup
The Ban Happy Tournament hosted by OP - sparktrain
LC Championships hosted by Quote - mad0ka
Tri Attack hosted by Nineage - Fairly OddMemers - Joltage, Oma, TUO
Lost Cave III hosted by Mambo - Shrug
LC Tour II hosted by Quote - Heysup
FUK Pawn and Foo Minitour hosted by TheFenderStory - Heysup
No Team Preview LC hosted by Vileman - Alice Kazumi
LC Ladder Tournament hosted by Celestavian - mad0ka
LCOM Tournament hosted by Rowan - fitzy72
Gods Among Us hosted by The Quasar - OP
Fuck BW2 Murkrow Tournament hosted by Rowan - Kingler12345
Level 10 Minitour hosted by macle - Tricking
ORAS LC Tournament hosted by Rowan - mad0ka
LCUU Minitour hosted by Yagura - Mambo
LC Swiss hosted by Quote - Tricking
OU Invasion hosted by prem - DracoNinja
LC Conquest II hosted by Mambo - Heysup
LC AAA hosted by Yagura - WaterlessMelon
Lost Cave II hosted by Rowan - GlassGlaceon
LC Tour hosted by prem - OP
The Danger Zone hosted by Aaron's Aron - fatty
LC STABmons hosted by TUO - Heysup
Children of the Corn hosted by macle - DeathxShinigami
Chastity Tour hosted by macle - fatty
Standard XY Minitour hosted by macle - fatty
XY Little Cup hosted by blarajan - Calloflochie

BW Era Tournaments:
LC Conquest hosted by Nozzle - (makeup)
Lost Cave hosted by blarajan - Al_Alchemist
Evolite-less Tournament hosted by ShinyAzelf - idiotfrommars
Gen 5 LC tournament hosted by Destiny Warrior - SkyNet
The Little Cup Tourney VII hosted by iss - little gk
The Little Cup Tourney VI hosted by iss - Eo Ut Mortus
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