LC LC Winter Seasonal IV - Round 4


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  • Standard SS LC
  • Double Elimination
  • All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games
  • Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.
  • In order to encourage development of the Little Cup metagame and higher quality games, replays will be mandatory starting in Round 2 of the Winners bracket and Round 3 of the Losers bracket. If neither player posts replays, the match will be coin flipped.
This is part of the official LC Circuit and will use the following point distribution. As a Type A tour, the points listed are the actual values. For more information on different tournament types and how they relate to circuit points, please read this thread.

Round 2


Berks vs Star
vs mad0ka
Wail Wailord vs Crashy
Gareth Adamson vs kjdaas
ggggd vs trace
vs EternalSnowman
BurntZebra vs voltix31
Serene Grace vs Endal
vs LilyAC
Corporal Levi vs Heysup
vs babyboyblues
Megazard vs Souw
robjr vs Odd Della Robbia
false vs GammaGoGamma
PMD-Mudkip vs HSOWA
Sealette vs Quote


vs King Leo V
Ampha vs Osh
vs p4P1//0n
EriDBst vs London13
Spl4sh vs Naiike
Thiago Nunes vs Shrug
Splash vs Real FV13
Mikaav vs MetaRiolu7
vs Coconut
egalvanc vs Meru
vs MK007
Sificon vs iss
Xiri vs idiotfrommars
vs Tikkito
Laroxyl vs Luthier
EnzoLapras vs Pamplona

Deadline: Sunday February 23rd, 11:59 PM EST
Extension Deadline: Wednesday February 19th, 11:59 PM EST
Reminder that extension games must still be played in the pre-Home metagame. Please play in an appropriate format.

Replays are REQUIRED for all games. No replays=no win.
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