LC LC Winter Seasonal VII - Round 2


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artwork by Blazenix
  • Standard SV LC
  • Double Elimination
  • All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games
  • Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.
  • Substitutes will be slotted in as players drop out or in mass a few days into the round. If you are tagged due to being in danger of being subbed out you must either post in the thread or on either player's wall within 24 hours or risk being subbed out.
  • In order to encourage development of the Little Cup metagame and higher quality games, replays will be mandatory starting in Round 2 of the Winners bracket and Round 3 of the Losers bracket. If neither player posts replays, the match will be coin flipped.
This is part of the 2023 LC Circuit and will use the following point distribution. As a Type A tour, the points listed are the actual values. For more information on different tournament types and how they relate to circuit points, please read the LC Circuit thread.

Round 2


Stecolomaxx  vs  p4rk
aleaniled  vs  RampageWebber
ninjadog  vs  rarre
Sciroccoo  vs  HSOWA
damien the genius  vs  Brammi
TheShoddyStrawman  vs  Style_Dota
MenaCicada  vs  Elfuseon
Nael222  vs  Daruma
QuinnXD  vs  Charis_Akins
gorex  vs  Danny
MuffinMat  vs  Ascente
Leru  vs  pipisfanclub
yellowfin  vs  NotJackewu
Coconut  vs  JuanSG
Laroxyl  vs  Nudisto
gali  vs  BeardedDrakon
DOOR MONEY  vs  Msousagamer
Neblina  vs  Chaos23333
kythr  vs  LeJames Chonk
Shazbah  vs  Arcanine1929
HaVaJawbreaker  vs  tazz
Surfy  vs  chimp
Sanjay das  vs  Nultiprise
Fiend  vs  Heysup
uhBella  vs  MTB
sasha  vs  Eniigma
HanPyol  vs  Inder
Greedy_eb  vs  Acehunter1
jcbc  vs  TheKingKarp
Merritt  vs  paolode99
Flying Beagle  vs  ASKid679


airfare  vs  Joeshh
giove97  vs  Sydnacious
robjr  vs  Primal Rush
Salient  vs  DugZa
Kev  vs  pppppp
Clouds  vs  Joltage
deathdragon25o  vs  Mister Magnus
Cheche673  vs  poopawmcgee
Tack  vs  AquaticCarlie
Caxixi  vs  yovan33321
MZ  vs  Shaneghoul
patos  vs  Dragon246
Spectrum_725  vs  Albi
Ibby  vs  Sailorgreatest
Bovine Ghoti  vs  Exi0022
Flou  vs  Drifting
Valerie  vs  mfhoundoom
King Billu  vs  Zephyri
Failbor  vs  One Last Kiss
SpaceSpeakers  vs  Arvinraj K III C
CMDoge  vs  false
Corckscrew  vs  wesh papillon
PigWarrior19  vs  Lialiabeast
Raurone  vs  Mithrandir007
Mom Lover  vs  NHelioX7
Hiro'  vs  Chryslerlolzs
Kipkluif  vs  RaJ.Shoot
Boom-O-Rang  vs  TheNewGuyM8
Wail Wailord  vs  xujing691691
califlour  vs  Marshy.
Hax Believer  vs  Bye 1

Deadline: Sunday February 12th, 10:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
Extension Deadline: Wednesday February 8th, 10:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
Replays are required for WINNERS BRACKET starting this round!
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Never like to win with Act, but I'm kinda shoehorned this weekend and I have another circuit battle slated for early in the morning so I can't really wait more than a half hour.

Evidence attached.


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