Tournament LCPL 6 - Hype Week

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It's not all-star week because I asked for people to play. Three weeks isn't really enough time to get real all-stars, because there's plenty of people who are 2-1 that would need to be chosen from. So instead we made it hype week.l It's hype week because each team gets two people here! That being said, this is a week off for everyone to relax a bit, catch up, and have some fun games. I asked each manager for two players to represent the team, so now they're gonna get matched up against each other. Without anything else to type about, here's the teams and matchups!

The Squirtle Squad vs The Fellatio-Giving Fletchling
SM: [STUNT] Christo vs [FROG] ZoroDark
SM: [GG] Infamy vs [WW] majaspic22
SM: [TCO] ADVANTAGE vs [LIT] Manipulative
SM: [SS] Hilomilo vs [BELCH] Xayah
XY: [WW] Fiend vs [GG] tahu
XY: [FROG] Quote vs [SS] Mambo
BW: [BELCH] Star vs [STUNT] fatty
DPP: [LIT] p2 vs [TCO] tko
MANAGERS: [LIT] OP vs [GG] Shrug

Games Completed: 6/9

Get the games done. Or don't. Whatever. You have until the May 21st at 11:59 EDT. Remember this week is just for fun, so let's all have some fun!
sorry goletts, mono ice is cool as hell (get it! it's a QUADRUPLE entendre, first because ice is cold aka cool, but also an allusion to the inferno because satan is in the bottom of hell and it's super cold there, and also the figure of speech "when hell freezes over!")
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