Tournament LCPL 6 - Midseason Sign-Ups

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Midseason sign-ups; time to act like grown-ups

If you missed out on the original signups, or if you are a team looking to make up the loss for unloading inactive players, team cancers, or if you are a manager that has issues sleeping at night worrying about activity losses thanks to having no substitutes, look no further than this thread!

Players will sign up and a new free agent list will be made. Note: Even if you signed up the first time around, you must sign up AGAIN in order to participate in the Midseason Auction. We will NOT be accepting entries beyond the deadline.

The format for signing up to play looks like this.

Player Name: Coconut aka the dictator, hater of belchsprouts, game rigger, imfany post deleter
Tiers Played: BW
Timezone : EDT
Significant Time Missed?: nope

After sign-ups close, I will remind each manager how many credits they have left over from the original live auction as well as any credits gained from selling back players. (Remember, original auction credits are used prior to any sellback credits!)

We will then have a thread auction a la SPL's midseason system.

There is no use for credits leftover after the midseason free agent pickups, so it is in every manager's best interest to spend all of their remaining points at this time.

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