Tournament LCPL 6 - Playoff Tiebreaker

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same also, that's was my 1st LCPL and was insane. I got a perfect team with so nice and frendly team mates. Thank you for believing in me Jac and Merritt and picked me in midseason. Also thanks in overall to the team to have passed good moments with me, help me, support me etc... Thanks also to my opponents who give me good battles :)


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rip snivs, but it was such a fun season and thank you so much to Jac and Merritt for deciding to buy me. 6k was an overpay but im glad nonetheless. now im going to give individual shoutouts to everyone even lurkers like oma. viva los snivys!

Jac - you’re a really cool manager, thanks so much for giving me a chance and buying me. i know i didn’t do much to impress but im still glad, lcpl was fun as hell!! good talking about ace attorney w u :^}

Merritt - you’re just a really cool dude in general, great assman and fun as well. most of ur opinions are good except for the ones on skitty. thanks for asking jac to buy me :D

tcr - i didn’t know you before lcpl, but i’m glad i got to know you here, you’re super chill. really good player too. gl in future tours if u stick around!

rssp1 - great memes great player imo. i mean you can beat waterless “legend” melon so u have to be good. jokes aside you’re a cool dude, always up for tests n stuff.

drew - :mathematicalimpossibility:

nah jk you're a good player, glad you came out with a good record !!

mambo - you’re a really nice guy and great battler. testing against you was always fun. i appreciate all the advice you gave me on battling and stuff, def one of the team’s mvps. hope u stick around, it was great meeting and getting to know you :>

pikasohn - you’re a solid and pretty underrated battler rn imo. you’re also really nice and helpful, wish you good luck in any future tours!

hilomilo - very helpful player, we both kinda chilled on the bench for most of the season but you still were always up to offer team rates and tests, so you’re a cool guy! didn’t even have to tell you to qc my shit all season :3

therealslap - you’re also a good player, grats on ending up with a positive record! thanks for always rooting for me in my ladder matches haha

viper - THE GOAT. i didn’t know you all that well before lcpl, but you’re a stronger battler than i first assumed and you’re really chill too. 12 not only in age but on a scale from 1 to 10 when it comes to being a good team presence :^D

slurmz/eren - getting to know you was also fun, you’re down to earth and chill. you’re a great player, ur record was just bad luck imo.

joltage - sorry we don’t know each other all that well, but you seemed like a solid battler to me and a good chat presence, so thumbs up from me :3

finch - SUPER FUN dude, awesome to meet you. you dont main lc and ou has scary playstyles like stall so we may not see each other much but it was fun doing lcpl with you!

qq - i didn’t know you at all before lcll, but you’re a very good dpper and always willing to help with team input. awesome meeting you, hope you do more smlc :>

AvS - cool dude, lame you were benched for so long. you’re a good player, so i hope to see u around next lcpl :p

oma - i don’t know you at all bc i dont think u spoke in team chat and i am also too new to know of ur legend. still from what i’ve heard you rock. :oma:

alice - you’re an amazing battler, picking you up at mids was amazing and gave us a really solid lineup! i didnt know you well before lcpl but you’re a great chat presence and a good player, so thumbs up from me :D

kuru - i didn’t know you either but you proved yourself like hell this season. you deserve way more recognition bc damn. gl in future tours

nozzle - didn’t see you around a lot, but you’re a good player too, glad you got picked up at mids!

stealth edit: thanks WaterlessMelon for nomming me in the first place and also tutoring me! u rock.
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Well this certainly was a splendid run.

Thanks to my whole team of misfits, memers, and, mystery solvers.

What's depressing is that every year my team name gets one round closer to winning. It's frustrating but I can say im still very proud of what you've all come to do this year.

I'm sorry I bought too much people, but with an army like mine, we were going to get far.

To the new fucks, please, stick around LC and learn more and grow with us. I saw a lot of potential in y'all.

To the old players, please stay in touch. I know how you feel about a lot of shit and while you're not geared to stick around, I do love laughing and dicking around so pop in every once in a while and visit. I'ts always heartwarming to know you're still around. I know that's really deep for this kind of thing but I worry yknow?

it's the mom instinct in me.

And to the rest of you fucks

Y'all better run my ass off Smogon before i win LCPL 7 or any other future one. Or dont make me a manager.

Quell my war path.

but thank you team for doing what you do best. You're all inspiring. You're all lovely.

It was a great run snivies! Probably wasn't as involved as I should've been this season, but I had fun playing some battles and helping the team out where I could. A big thank you to managers Jac and Merritt for drafting me and keeping things running hella smoothly all season. Quick shoutout to the rest of the snivies for the awesome team atmosphere this season and having a bunch of solid, underrated talent. VIVA LOS SNIVIES!

And good luck to the belchsprouts and onixes in finals, have some fun with it! :D
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