Tournament LCPL 8 Midseason Signups

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As stated in the Announcements thread, there will be a supplementary midseason auction.

If you signed up the first time but didn't get drafted, you will need to sign up again here if you want to be considered for the midseason auction. Only players who signed up originally are eligible for the midseason auction. Do not sign up if you did not sign up for the original draft.

Please sign up using this format:

Tiers played:
Significant Time Missed?:
After sign-ups close, we will then have a thread auction similar to SPL midseason auctions with the amount of credits each team has left over from the original live auction as well as any credits gained from selling back players. This will run parallel to Week 4 of LCPL.

There is no use for credits leftover after the midseason free agent pickups, so it is in every manager's best interest to spend all of their remaining points at this time.

Again, you are not eligible for the midseason auction if you did not sign up originally.

Sign-up deadline is May 12th, 11:59 PM EDT. For managers, this is also the sellback deadline.
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