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Pinochetian Pikipeks: [Money: 5000 | Bidders: shrug, dcae, chillshadow] Players: shrug, dcae, Chill Shadow, fitzy72, miltankmilk, Imanalt, Real FV13, Casparov, Arifeen, LilyAC, Shiba

With a lineup of core players Shrug, Dcae, Fitzy72, and Imanalt, this team has a nice rounded out building squad. They have competent players that can fill slots if passed teams, such as Shiba, Real FV13, and ChillShadow. The problem with this team is that it's possible Shrug is going to have to build for a lot of people every week, with needing an XY builder as well as having to build at least two teams every week for him and ChillShadow. dcae will be able to help fitzy in BW, and while i'd wager both players are more out of touch with the meta than some other players, they will finish strong in that area. DPP will have the strength of imanalt and fitzy building and testing, but really there's only so much you can do in dpp before its all up to luck and good matchup. Overall I'd say this is an effective team and a solid contender for playoffs.

Squirtle Squad: [Money: 1500 | Bidders: op] Players: op, Jox, Dundies, majaspic22, GOAO, Serene Grace, Rodriblutar, Hamhamhamham, Mikaav, Eseque

with only 10 players and not every player being a top tier agent, this team is hyped up but its possible they'll falter when everyone least expects it. With arguably the weakest DPP lc player on any roster, they have zero backups for DPP and have to rely on someone else to play in case eseque gets sent to detention for suggesting in his world history 10 class that maybe Hitler wasn't such a bad guy, he was vegetarian you know? OP / Jox / Dundies / majas / serenes grace is a pretty intimidating sm lc roster, but hardly the best in the business and certainly lacking in older generations. There BW is rodriblutar? their xy is majas? tahu? I think this team relies more on appearance, and will be totaled if a key player decides they don't really want to participate that badly or they have to have a sub.

Snivy Subterfuge: [Money: 10000 | Bidders: jac, merritty] Players: merritty, ItzViper482, Alice Kazumi, Trace, Raseri, absdaddy, Seo., rssp1, Gummy, Kaboom, Spl4sh, London13, Kavatika, blizzardy

a team with absdaddy and kaboom lol. give it a week or two and one of those two players is getting traded or refunded. an otherwise average lineup, notables are viper, kaboom, and um alice kazumi? A very predictable team in my opinion with their XY slot relying on teams they built months and years ago and never really talking in chat except to say "whos my opponent" (alice), TWO BW slots in midas and viper. Personally i'd slot viper in bw as the kid has fire in his belly and is ready to take on champions and will be infinitely more useful than if he was in sm, dpp will probably be raseri but the question is how much will he care because i do not think he would be able to compete with some of the bigger names like Nails or Heysup. all in all the team is very similar to last year's snivy team which if its anything similar i do not think will be able to hack it this year, they just dont have the players that seem to be able to create a lasting impact and certainly don't have a strong SM lineup, as well as their oldgens being questionable.

The Remoraiders: [Money: 1000 | Bidders: coconut] Players: coconut, SilentMango, Holiday, infamy, Fille, TheFenderStory, Osh, Kaori, lighthouses, Disjunction

lowkey hope the teams with only 10 players have people who quit. this team looks like mdl invaded the raiders, with players like Osh / Fille / Silentmango probably doing decently well every week. sadly the lineup every week is probably 100% going to be osh / fille / silentmango / infamy / filler / holiday / coconut / fender which honestly is incredibly predictable and not that scary for the veterans of the tour. coconut being the manager makes me want to root against them but they'll probably middle of the pack right smack dab int he middle.

Bunnelby Battalion: [Money: 18000 | Bidders: melon, trash] Players: trash, FLCL, tazz, HT, Lycans, Bushtush, Empo, uncredible., lax, passion, taranteeeno

umm ill be honest i don't really know any players on there except trash's friends and fooly. i remember passion from back in the day but never remembered them being super good at lc. I think this team will be interesting, for me at least its a lot of unknowns and i can't really be sure where to place them. trash will probably build for everyone and it'll be interesting to see how their uhh team dynamic is considering their best player probably won't say more than a handful of lines. flcl will probably bring sand again like every year and still somehow win every match, tazz will be slotted xy and will probably bring cmgoth every game but i have no clue who their dpp will be (passion? ht?) and their sm slots are a mismatch of every other player backed by trash squads.

Pakistani Piplups: [Money: 2500 | Bidders: levi, kingler12345] Players: levi, kingler12345, teal6, Finchinator, Simbo, Christo, soulgazer, BurntZebra, Ninjadog13, Ajna

levi / teal / kingler / finch / simbo is really good, especially if they have starmaster backing them in their team channel. levi has no problems building for every tier and will possibly slot himself into XY since he's one of two people who willingly play that tier. soulgazer dpp maybe? can't see them being strong at the tier or well adjusted to what other ppl bring. Not sure who will BW, probably finch i'm guessing. outside of kingler I don't think their SM lineup is that great and will fall to some other teams lineups (namely remoraiders). good team, potential to win it all i think if they can get team dynamics working.

Ducklett Dynasty: [Money: 3500 | Bidders: nineage, heysup] Players: heysup, jake, Eternal Spirit, blarajan, fran17, Kushalos, MajorBowman, KingKdot, Kink, Kurukaito, Vubon, praj.pran

lol vubon team. don't see this team doing super well just because of some of the mishmash of players. Dont understand kushalos' purpose as its not like Heysup needs a dpp builder but i guess it will be nice to have a sub if needed an sm slot. jake / eternal spirit / fran are strong in their individual tiers, but blarajan is basically a free win anyway when hes slotted into xy.


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Panel: Coconut, Corporal Levi, Melon, Nineage OP

Pakistani Piplup - (Average Ranking 1.5)
This team had an advantage from the start with two high-level LCers in Kingler12345 and Levi, along with Starmaster building at the back. The team is filled out with tour players with plenty of LC experience in Finchinator, Christo, and teal6. The team has some new players filling out its ranks, but even if they fail to perform the team's core should pull through enough wins to put them at the top.

Starmaster managed to draft all of his friends, so that’s cool. The projected SM lineup for this team is just as ridiculous as the Squad’s, with Levi and Kingler leading the charge. Backing those two is a barrage of tour players that Starmaster expertly picked from is Discord groupchats, and I’d be lying if I said the team wasn’t extremely threatening. I don’t know exactly who will be playing DPP and BW, but this is a team I’d expect to see in the finals and a team I won’t be excited to face.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the Piplups because I think the talented battlers who aren’t super well versed in LC could either go greatly or mediocrely. Having support from Levi/Star is very powerful and if I had to bet, I’d say its more likely to go well, but I don’t have full confidence in them. I expect to see Levi/Finchinator in xy/bw respectively, which is great, but I don’t think anyone on the roster has played a game of dpp lc recently, giving me another bit of doubt. All in all, very solid team though, I think we’ll see them in playoffs.

The clear winner for best team. Stacked with top level players across multiple tiers coming together to play little mons. Comes with teal too so you know they're ready to win. Gonna be hard to see these guys not get at least a playoff birth.

Pinochetian Pikipeks - (Average Ranking 2.2)
Very well rounded team with no holes in any of the positions. Most of the starters are established as experienced, high caliber players in their respective tiers, and even their bench doesn't look too shabby.

Shrug has drafted a number of fairly consistent players across all generations. Look to see Imanalt in DPP, fitzy in BW, and Shrug, dcae, and Chill Shadow forming a potent SM triad. The team, while able to field at least 7 or 8 consistent players, lacks any big-name player so the Pikipek's playoff hopes will likely come down to how well Shrug and dcae can help their team scout and prepare.

With a threatening SM core and strong bw/dpp, the only notable flaw I can see in the Pikipeks is potentially their ORAS slot, as none of them are particularly experienced in the tier as far as I know. I expect above average performances for the majority of the team and would be shocked to see them not make playoffs.

Dcae was actually able to hold his own in the draft without Shrug there to guide him, and on his own he was able to draft a really well-rounded team. Between a very competitive SM lineup featuring Shrug, Dcae, and Chill Shadow, and a solid BW if they slot Fitzy there, this is a team that will be scary to face. Outside of those named players the team gets a little questionable, but if players like Miltankmilk are able to step up like they have before then this team is headed for the postseason.

Squirtle Squad - (Average Ranking 2.25)
OP drafted what could quite possibly be the single scariest current gen lineup in any LCPL ever. Between OP, Dundies, Jox, Majaspic, and Serene, there a no holes in the Squad’s SM lineup and I think that will become blatantly apparent as the season starts and they consistently dominate their SM games. Not only are all their SM players individually strong, they have the advantage of all being consistent LC players and knowing the metagame and its trends well, which puts them above some of the teams that feature more players from other tiers. Outside of SM though, their team definitely looks a bit more questionable. Tahu will likely slot into ORAS where he’ll have some trouble in my opinion, and there are zero people with solid BW experience on the roster. Eseque will be playing DPP, and I do think that he will have some trouble with nerves during the season, but if the old gens players step up then this is definitely a team I could see taking it all.

OP has once again drafted one of the scariest LCPL teams. With easily the best SM lineup in the draft in OP, Jox, Dundies, Majaspic, and Serene, the team just needs to hope for enough luck and consistency to balance out the possibility of spotty performance from unproven old gen players.

Extremely strong SM core, and in a setup where SM alone could win you a set, that's extremely scary. I think consistency is going to be the name of the game for this team. If the players who are a little more volatile hold together, I can see this team taking the tournament. But when it rains, it pours, and the Squirtle Squad has no umbrellas.

The first half of their SM core is probably the strongest in the tour, and they look very good in old gens as well. A few of their players aren't known for consistency but the skill ceiling is extremely high here.

Stuntin Stunkys - (Average Ranking - 3.8)
While the Stunkys looked very strong early-draft with one of the few proven BW players and two strong SM starters in ZoroDark and fatty, the team quickly descended into paying large amounts of money for unproven LCers. It's possible Sken has scouted each player carefully and this team will surprise us all, but if not, look for them to struggle to pull more than 4 wins many weeks.

Extremely strong lineup for DPP/BW and the first half of SM, but their XY is unproven, and the bottom end of the lineup seriously tapers off in terms of proven ability. Might be overly reliant on their better players consistently pulling wins, and they could be in trouble if these players have activity issues.

I think this roster has easily the best old gens in the tournament between fatty, tcr, and nails. As far as SM goes though, I do think they’ll struggle. ZoroDark and Plas are awesome, but there's a bit of a lack of depth beyond that. I'd say they've got a chance for playoffs, but they will have to work for it.

Sken came out swinging after getting last place in last years LCPL, managing to draft a team that unarguably has the most solid old gens between Nails in DPP, TCR in BW, and whatever solid player they choose to slot into ORAS. Between old gens and some solid SM players such as ZoroDark, Plas, and Fatty, this is a team to be feared. However, the good news stops there in my opinion, with the remainder of Sken’s picks being fairly shaky. It’ll be interesting to see how new promising faces such as pinktidal and Hawkie maintain themselves, and if they manage to consistently perform well this is a team I wouldn’t be surprised to make playoffs and cause some havoc once they get there.

Ducklett Dynasty - (Average Ranking - 4.5)
I think Heysup has a lot to carry on this team. There's a gap in depth among many of the players the deeper you get into the lineup. This should not be an issue early, but as things begin to get more dicey for the team, they don't really have the option select to stay nearly as consistent. There's a few spots where I'd say they're on the weaker side, but overall a fairly solid team across several ends.

jake and eternal spirit are both nice looking buys, but while the rest of the team definitely has the potential to do very well, it looks like motivation might be a big issue with a lot of these players. They should be quite strong if everybody tries, though.

The Ducklett’s BW slot is a bit of a mystery to me, but I don’t think they’re lacking anywhere else. With solid SM players and good contenders in ORAS/DPP, I expect very good things out of this team. It’s possible things take a turn for the worse and we see Heysup forced into SM bringing mono-dragon or some of their more toxic users getting infractions or worse, but I remain optimistic for them and I think Nineage has a shot to back-to-back.

Not the draft I was expecting from Nine after last year. The SM is pretty solid, with Jake and EternalSpirit as the most notable drafts, but Kushalos, MajorBowman, fran17, and mother fucking Vubon could definitely surprise and manage to perform better than I expect. Heysup in DPP is obviously a huge boon, and his teams and help could once again drag a team I’d expect to hover around the middle of the pack to the playoffs. BW is a tough slot to fill with this group, but if they can get around that soft spot this is a team that could lead to a dynasty.

remoraid gif.gif
The Remoraiders - (Average Ranking - 5.25)
I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting from Coconut’s draft, but this surely wasn’t it. Coconut managed to draft an okay SM lineup, headlined by SilentMango, Fille, and Infamy. With Holiday in ORAS, Coconut in BW, and Fender in DPP, this team has the potential to do well, but the team is really going to have to come together and pull some Snivy-like camaraderie and magic out of its ass if it wants to win it all.

The Remoraiders may be the only team to overpay for every single player on their roster. They have plenty of decent players, but lack players who have proven they can earn positive records consistently. They are deep, and their roster isn't just isn't good enough to be reliable.

Motivation shouldn't be an issue here, and a lot of these players are actually quite good. However, most of them have very little high level LC experience; if they make it to playoffs with some experience under their belt, they should be a big threat, but the early weeks might be a struggle.

Another team with strong old gens and decent SM to boot. A lot of players on this roster have been doing well in LC for awhile, but I feel as if they still have something to prove. I wouldn’t call any of them big stars, but they’re generally all solid players who can compete against anyone. In my eyes, this team is extremely close to the Stunkys in terms of power level.

Bunnelby Battalion - (Average Ranking - 6.25)
Team chemistry rank: #1. Trash and melon have drafted a team which is sure to have an absolute blast. They probably were all in a groupchat before the draft even happened. Battling-wise, aside from a few good players (trash, FLCL, and tazz) their roster looks sparse. They will have to hope for some good luck before drafting half the LC community with remaining auction credits at midseason.

This team better have a hell of a midseason auction because they’ve got some work to do. Trash, FLCL, and tazz are fantastic, but there isn’t a ton of depth beyond that. The others are absolutely good players, but I haven’t seen them transfer that skill to the little leagues yet. I’ve got no idea who’s playing DPP for them, but then again, the DPP learning curve is pretty tame and getting teams for it is rarely an issue. 18k going into midseason with potential pickups of ggggd, mad0ka, zf, and who knows who else could be a powerful thing, but we’ll have to wait and see.

melon's team

lmfao melon

Snivy Subterfuge - (Average Ranking - 6.5)
The Snivy old gens is definitely pretty solid. I’m fairly sure at least 5 of the players can ORAS effectively, and Kaboom/Raseri should perform well too. On the flip side, I think this team will have a tough time in SM. Without any “big names” to boast and Viper being perhaps the best player there, things could be rough. The Snivys do surprise us year after year though and I wouldn’t count them out of it. You can't forget that they have 10k saved up for midseason.

I firmly believe viper to be among the single most valuable players in an lcpl setting, in a similar tier to the likes of Dundies; even if he goes negative, he brings a ton to the table in terms of prep and teambuilding. Outside of him, alice, merritt, and maybe abs, though, my impression is that this team is a bit lacking in raw talent - perhaps jac will have to rely on his signature luck once more.

Jac, prove us all wrong please. Once again, the Snivies are a team with chemistry that can best be described as: a bunch of people. Most of the players on the squad are unproven, and the bigger-name players are rusty (looking at: Alice Kazumi). I can't figure out how this squad will perform. That said, Jac proves me wrong every year, so I'll let time be the judge.

This is the exact team that literally everybody was expecting Jac to draft. Every year Jac drafts the same team, everyone thinks they will underperform, and they end up in the playoffs because the team is always full of young, new, active players hungry to perform. It’s exactly the same this year, but this time the players aren’t new anymore. Alice, Viper, and Trace have all been around and played in LCPLs before, and I’m not sure if the team is going to have the same fire that they have had in previous years that has traditionally made up for their lack of raw talent. That being said, Alice and Kaboom are solid players in their respective gens, they still have a whopping 10k left over to spend at midseason, and if the SM crew is as hungry as they have been before they might be able prove me wrong. Until that happens though, this is definitely the most questionable team out there to me.


Here's what each manager ranked... aka the check my math section
1. Pinochet Pikipeks
2. Ducklett Dynasty
3. Pakistani Piplups
4. Stuntin Stunkys
5. The Remoraiders
6. Bunnelby Battlion
7. Snivy Subterfuge

1. Pakistani Piplup
2. Pinochet Pikipeks
3. Squirtle Squad
4. Stuntin Stunkys
5. Ducklett Dynasty
6. Snivy Subterfuge
7. Bunnelby Battlion

1. Pinochet Pikipeks
2. Squirtle Squad
3. Stuntin Stunkys
4. The Remoraiders
5. Ducklett Dynasty
6. Snivy Subterfuge
7. Bunnelby Battlion

1. Pakistani Piplup
2. Squirtle Squad
3. Pinochet Pikipek
4. Stuntin Stunkys
5. The Remoraiders
6. Ducklett Dynasty
7. Snivy Subterfuge

1. Pakistani Piplup
2. Squirtle Squad
3. Pinochet Pikipek
4. Stuntin Stunkies
5. Bunnelby Battlion
6. The Remoraiders
7. Snivy Subterfuge


Hey, it's me!
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Due to the concerns addressed by managers there will be a midseason week instituted after Week 3. This will serve the Midseason Draft and also act as a bye week. There won't be any special event planned, but if anyone wants to call out someone else for a match (and I mean anyone) we can make a Salty Suite out of it.

To clarify, this means players drafted at midseason will be legal as of Week 4.


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Calling out Quote. I think we all know why.
Hello, and welcome to Little Cup!

While we are excited that you are interested in participating in community activities such as LCPL call-outs, we usually recommend that people spend a little bit of time "lurking" in the community before diving in headfirst! While I know that you probably didn't realize all of this when you posted your message, there are a few unspoken community guidelines that you seem to have violated in your post!
  1. It is generally understood that challenging Quote to Pokemon battles does not qualify as a substantive message, since Quote does not, in fact, play Little Cup.
  2. While in some communities, public threads may be an appropriate avenue for saltiness, in the Little Cup community we instead vent such frustrations in private Snapchat circlejerks.
  3. In the Little Cup community, the midseason itself is a source of conflict, rather than a place to resolve existing conflicts.
  4. This is not the appropriate place to appeal a Little Cup discord ban. The correct appeal method, rather, is to encourage a bunch of neanderthals in the main discord channel to change their nicks to 'free x'.
  5. Nothing this salty is generally posted without a reference to borrowing a microwave.
I hope I helped! Please, stick around in LC!
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Eseque said:
Calling out Quote. I think we all know why.
I'd like to make a proposal for lc's first-ever unban battle. Eseque and Quote should battle in four games in each of the little cup metas. That means one dpp, one bw, one ORAS, and one USUM. If Eseque wins a majority of the games - three of them - then he is unbanned from the little cup discord unless (obviously) he commits another banworthy infraction. If Quote wins, eseque remains banned. The format is biased in favor of the status quo: eseque doesnt know three of the metas really well, and a tie goes to Quote. If he wins, it will be proof of a sort of "ball dont lie" theory of lc discord conduct. This should be scheduled and played in front of a mass audience. This is my dearest wish for midseason, please both agree to this.


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Calling out Quote. I think we all know why.
Aforementioned Snapchat Circlejerk can be joined simply by adding user Jox on snapchat, application forms for adding him are provided via discord or smogon forum VM/PM, if such a request should be received by Fille or infamy . Said application forms will then be sent to Jox via discord or smogon forum VM/PM.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hey, it's me!
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Calling out Quote. I think we all know why.
I'd like to make a proposal for lc's first-ever unban battle. Eseque and Quote should battle in four games in each of the little cup metas. That means one dpp, one bw, one ORAS, and one USUM. If Eseque wins a majority of the games - three of them - then he is unbanned from the little cup discord unless (obviously) he commits another banworthy infraction. If Quote wins, eseque remains banned. The format is biased in favor of the status quo: eseque doesnt know three of the metas really well, and a tie goes to Quote. If he wins, it will be proof of a sort of "ball dont lie" theory of lc discord conduct. This should be scheduled and played in front of a mass audience. This is my dearest wish for midseason, please both agree to this.
This is ridiculous. LC policy doesn't function in such a barbaric manner. Decisions like this have to be discussed carefully amongst the mods and a majority decision has to be reached.

Ah whatever, I accept.

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