Tournament LCPL IX - Week 7

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Scheduling Spreadsheet

:swablu: BabyBoySwablus (2) vs. (6) Skitty Committee :skitty:
SS: KSG vs. KingKdot
SS: Shrug vs. LilyAC
SS: Endal vs. Plas
SS: HT vs. Fille
SM: tko vs. Osh
XY: Confide vs. Kushalos
BW: GOAO vs. fitzy72
DPP: idiotfrommars vs. Fantos13

:shellos: Shambled Shellos (2) vs. (6) Pakistani Phanpys :phanpy:
SS: Jox vs. Star
SS: Laroxyl vs. lax
SS: trace vs. MZ
SS: tcr vs. Jaajgko
SM: Toadow vs. FLCL
XY: Holiday vs. Finchinator
BW: zf vs. Void
DPP: doomsday doink vs. obii

:geodude: Greed Up Geodudes (4) vs. (4) Pancham Fam :pancham:
SS: fran17 vs. jake
SS: EviGaro vs. Ampha
SS: frisoeva vs. Wail Wailord
SS: Pamplona vs. ZoroDark
SM: EternalSnowman vs. Mikaav
XY: Heysup vs. Joltage
BW: ggggd vs. iss
DPP: Alkione vs. TonyFlygon

:taillow: Taillow Swifts (4) vs. (4) Activity Call Archens :archen:
SS: ODR vs. snaga
SS: babyboyblues vs. boulicrok
SS: Luthier vs. robjr
SS: ima vs. Jytcampbell
SM: Serene Grace vs. Sken
XY: Corckscrew vs. rozes
BW: trash vs. Corporal Levi
DPP: Nails vs. HSOWA

Deadline is Sunday May 31st, 9:59 PM EDT
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Last week before playoffs so I'm expecting really good games as the Shellos' are the only ones guaranteed in.

The Skitty Committee faces the Swablus who are almost out of the picture for playoffs. But can they still beat the team that was ranked 1st in the power rankings??? The Skitty Committee is in 6th and can't afford to slip up here as they are still looking to make playoffs.
:swablu: BabyBoySwablus (4) vs. (4) Skitty Committee :skitty:
SS: Ninjadog vs. KingKdot Ninjadog (3-2) faces off against the steady KingKdot (3-3), both have had a relatively good season but I'm giving Ninjadog the benefit of the doubt here because of mainer bias.
SS: Shrug vs. LilyAC Shrug (3-3) started off roughly this season but has made the swing of momentum, LilyAC (5-1), on the other hand, was going undefeated until last week. Currently, Shrug is having the wind in their sails and could breeze past a stumped LilyAC.
SS: Endal vs. Plas Plas (3-3) is having a good season and should be capable of beating Endal (1-1).
SS: HT vs. Fille There hasn't been anyone who has stopped the currently undefeated HT (5-0) but I think Fille (3-3) will show up to the task. Don't let that 3-3 record deceive because Fille, even though not consistent, has been able to pick up some key wins against respectable opponents.
SM: tko vs. Osh Osh (5-1) has been one of the most consistent winning players on the Skitties and is facing tko (2-3) who has had a season which isn't the best. For that reason I predict Osh to continue his dominant run.
XY: Confide vs. Kushalos Even though I respect Confide (0-1) I could not pick him over Kushalos (4-2). Kushalos has been one of the better players in the ORAS pool and Confide hasn't had much playtime as well.
BW: GOAO vs. fitzy72 GOAO (2-4) has had some ups and downs this season and is playing Fitzy72 (0-2) who has yet to pick up a win. GOAO hasn't been able to post won gg for his BW matches as well. This match could honestly go either way but GOAO has at least won 2 matches this season so I'm picking him.
DPP: idiotfrommars vs. Fantos13 1st of all excuse me for saying that IFM does not have the experience for DPP but I had not seen IFM play a DPP LC game up to that point. Then onto the actual prediction, IFM (3-3) has looked good in DPP in the last few weeks but Fantos13 (1-5) has not been able to get enough wins to convince me. But if Fantos13 plays his endgame correctly compared to some other shaky weeks he can turn the tables.

The Shellos have gotten themselves into a great position and are already safe for playoffs. The Phanpys have proven the, on beforehand heavily questioned, last place on the power rankings wrong. Starmaster has formed a strong side and they are sitting just out of playoffs. They will need to win or tie this one to secure a spot in playoffs.
:shellos: Shambled Shellos (4) vs. (3) Pakistani Phanpys :phanpy:
SS: Jox vs. Star Jox (4-2) is known for his creativity but Star (3-2) has brought some unconventional picks too, especially last week. Both players have also been playing quite good this season and for that reason, I'm choosing to bold neither.
SS: Laroxyl vs. lax Laroxyl (6-0) is boasting a great record in his debut season but his matches have had some critique involving luck. lax (1-1) has not played much this season but is still known to be a strong player. I'm still giving Laroxyl the edge here as he hasn't lost yet even with the additional luck factor helping his hand a bit.
SS: trace vs. MZ both players here have maybe not lived up to possible expectations. Trace (2-3) has had some good weeks and that should give enough confidence to beat the LC Seasonal winner MZ (0-2).
SS: tcr vs. Jaajgko both currently have a negative record but I think Jaajgko (2-3) will come out victorious over tcr (1-2). I think jaajgko is better at SSLC than tcr who is more of a bw player.
SM: Toadow vs. FLCL FLCL (5-1) is having another great LCPL and is facing Toadow (3-3) who has been consistent but will have to respect his opponent here.
XY: Holiday vs. Finchinator Finchinator (3-3) started off strong and then fell off a bit but with his win from last week he should look good vs Holiday (3-2) who will not be bolded this entire season.
BW: zf vs. Void zf's (3-2) season could be described as a Regigigas, a slow start. Void (3-3) is playing very consistent so this should be a good match but zf is very highly rated as bw player so Im expecting zf to win here.
DPP: doomsday doink vs. obii Both players have similar records and have been playing well this season. doink (4-1) has used some cool unexpected things but obii (4-2) has used very good teams as well.

The Panchams have looked like a strong side and will be hoping to continue to play well against the last-placed Geodudes who are already out of playoff contention. A win for the Panchams would secure their playoff spot as the Geodudes are playing for pride and a win could make their season a bit brighter.
:geodude: Greed Up Geodudes (2) vs. (6) Pancham Fam :pancham:
SS: fran17 vs. jake SPL winner jake (5-1) has been showing what he is worth this season and is playing very well. fran17 has looked pretty good this season as well but that was in bw. I don't think he can stand up to jake in SSLC
SS: EviGaro vs. Ampha midseason pick up Ampha makes his debut for this season against EviGaro (1-2). EviGaro does not have a super good season but a win could change that here.
SS: frisoeva vs. Wail Wailord what a season is he having. Undefeated and Wail Wailord (5-0) is looking to extend that record against Frisoeva (1-2). Frisoeva got a win last week but forgot he set up webs. This does not look really favorable against the strong Wail Wailord.
SS: Pamplona vs. ZoroDark Pamplona (0-2) is known for bringing unconventional stuff but it has not really worked out well so far. That is why I think ZoroDark (3-2) will take this one.
SM: EternalSnowman vs. Mikaav Mikaav (4-1) has been in good form this season and looks to continue his impressive run against EternalSnowman (1-3) who has not been in great form.
XY: Heysup vs. Joltage Heysup (3-3) has been one of the only consistent players on the Geodudes but Joltage (2-3) is still a tough opponent and could turn this around.
BW: ggggd vs. iss ggggd (2-2) is one of the best players in the tour if you look at his SPL run, iss (2-4) has also been good in bw but not good enough to win it vs ggggd.
DPP: Alkione vs. TonyFlygon Alkione (1-5) is not doing too well and TonyFlygon (2-4) is looking better in the last few weeks after his rough start.

Good luck to all players in the final week before playoffs.
Apparently I made a promise I'd do these, so here are my half-assed, but 100% accurate predictions.

:shellos: Shambled Shellos (4) vs. (4) Pakistani Phanpys :phanpy:
SS: Jox vs. Star let's just start with some obvious bias that's likely to be wrong
SS: Laroxyl vs. lax I take credit for him having the motivation to go undefeated by neglecting to draft him 3 tours in a row
SS: trace vs. MZ Have I been living under a rock for the past year, or is MZ a fresh face?
SS: tcr vs. Jaajgko goat vs non-goat ;)
SM: Toadow vs. FLCL Feel like I have to bold at least one phanpy (also this one's accurate)
XY: Holiday vs. Finchinator Did you know he won smogon awards for hottest gay 3 years in a row? That's like Usaine Bolt winning a paraolympics race
BW: zf vs. Void Apparently ZF hasnt been in too good form this lcpl? and like Phanpys are still in it iirc so Stars probably skipping all his exams this week and o ye Void is good and Shelloses already qualled
DPP: doomsday doink vs. obii Christ stop it with the wack letters, as someone who's using em all daily it's such a påin in my æss

:geodude: Greed Up Geodudes (2) vs. (6) Pancham Fam :pancham:
SS: fran17 vs. jake Unless this aint Groot ofc, which is possible?
SS: EviGaro vs. Ampha Was gonna try and be funny in most of these but I can't look past this man going undrafted wtf
SS: frisoeva vs. Wail Wailord The fuck why couldn't you be in this form for ekans? I TOLD YOU LEVI HE THE GOAT
SS: Pamplona vs. ZoroDark Pamps got wacky shit but Zoro has been using Lily and Jox teams in previous tours idt some randomass wack fuck mons gonna make him trip, he's seen it all
SM: EternalSnowman vs. Mikaav Mikaav only beats goats and Esms team is hard out so he's not gonna care and bring some dumb smashspam shit and Mikaav gonna hard flop to it
XY: Heysup vs. Joltage Joltage only beats goats and Heysups team is hard out so he's not gonna care and bring some dumb cottoneespam shit and Joltage gonna hard sbomb diglett on it
BW: ggggd vs. iss I actually honest to God think Iss gonna win this one but wanna give him that underdog confidence boost if you feel me
DPP: Alkione vs. TonyFlygon If this mattered for Alki he'd choke like he does on em dicks

:taillow: Taillow Swifts (4) vs. (4) Activity Call Archens :archen:
SS: ODR vs. snaga Legit thought mans was a tours room rando mbad won't disrespect like that again
SS: babyboyblues vs. boulicrok Never seen bbb play tbh, but I've seen Bouli
SS: Luthier vs. robjr Luth is an actual tours room rando tho
SS: ima vs. Jytcampbell Jyt's a better rapper tho
SM: Serene Grace vs. Sken Legit just flipped a coin don't judge me
XY: Corckscrew vs. rozes There's gonna be weird sets, unsets, heat plays, alcohol and spontaneous trips to Rome
BW: trash vs. Corporal Levi Can I have my colour back?
DPP: Nails vs. HSOWA Why the fuck did you never play this good when the two of us were teaming?
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