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Since this tour didn't last too long, I figured I'd drop some more insight info on my players for future LPL/LCWC/LCPL managers to read, sort of in the form of shoutouts ig. Good win from my team, love the goons we got and lowkey wish I could take credit for leading them to a w but lmao they had to pull their own fucking weight here cause I suck at swsh. Anyways on with it, we managed to snag up some truly MVP picks as well as a lot of overall solid players, and I feared we'd have like 2 or 3 filler swsh slots that we couldn't really expect anything of but we managed to fill out a full power-lineup with actual solid goons on the bench soooo yeah.​

:Oshawott:risi former Oshawott, obvious first pick of the draft looking at the pool. She got picked up for LCPL Midseason for a reason, and while she didn't pull an impressive score in this tour, her prep was immaculate and she'll pull up with a variety of builds to make sure she has every angle checked. Unfortunate that I'd have the chance to draft you here, considering you were in LCPL last time, but I'm very glad it happened. Thank you for actually giving a fuck and doing impressive work despite that drop-off in tour quality since last year.

:bidoof:bdov seems like we just snagged up as many Egirls as we could early on lol. Again another former LCPL player, she's had a long break but I'm surprised she didn't get picked up for LCPL nevertheless albeit I'm hella glad it ended up so considering how much she pulled through for us here. She had some wacky, but surprisingly good builds. Thank you for being a fun chat presence, SORRY ABOUT THE OCD I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING TO GEEANRL.

:Fletchling:Lialiabeast You impressed me in LC Classics and I'm o so happy you agreed to play ORAS for us, sorry about that 1-2 record I completely forgot sun was legal for that last game. Lia is another one of the actually decent level players, who's good at finding the next solid move in battles, and I'm grateful for another fun chat presence in a tour I was worried was gonna be a bit weird to get a fun chat for. Fuck your timezone bullshit tho

:gligar:AM again someone who's been playing in LCPL before (tmk), or at least LCWC. Solid enough knowledge of how DPP LC works, overall great player (He's got a trophy for those who hasn't seen yet), finally got to find me a solid Dpp player that I can just pass teams to and he'll win smfh. Hope you stick around despite being drafted here over LCPL, hoping no one thinks to pick you up next LCPL so that I can for a cheap sum. Also cool dude with some dinosaur wisdom for those who can benefit from it.

:mienfoo:EnzoLapras you're a bully. Also ye idrk why you keep not getting drafted for LCPL cause honestly you're an actual solid LCer, and I love how you're able to keep tempo and momentum in your games, even when they drag on. Not a phenomenal player but surely worth 3k looking at a couple other drafted players ?? You also did good for me in LPL and you're someone I can actually truly trust to pull through with a positive record everytime I buy you so I suggest others start doing that as well. You usually drop a team and you'll run with that and there's no scuffs or indecisiveness which is really valuable when getting players like you. FUCK YOUR TIMEZONES THO

:tentacruel:BigFatMantis First player here to only get one game in, and it was a somewhat unfortunate one but mostly well played nevertheless. For those of you who's dabbled with UU he should be a familiar name, despite being a fairly new player. I'm thoroughly thankful for you joining up with us, even if you haven't done much LC before and idk how much you'll continue but if any managers are looking for a solid player to pass teams to, BFM can do well. For swsh however, I'm really not that manager oof

:Vullaby:neomon again back to the old goons whom I know I can trust to win games. You've got solid SMLC knowledge from back when we used to build and play together, and I'm so glad you accepted when I asked you to sign up for this tour. Knowing that I had a slot that could easily go positive without me having to check teams too much etc helps a lot, especially for me in a tour where there's 6 slots I don't actually like prepping for. Good player and accepting of dumb circumstances, see him being the only positive player on my LCWC1 team in a gen he'd never touched before.

:Staryu:qdhwefdw Is a player with a solid foundation for Swsh LC and can pilot solid balances very easily. You should probably click a little less though, as in your game you had it seemed like you clicked a bit too fast on a few noteworthy turns, and while they weren't bad moves they put you in a position we couldn't afford that match. With a few small breaks however, Qd can easily do well with his good hunches and general feel for the game. One of the many Chinese players I'll be keeping an eye on from now on, because he'll be going places. Does solid prep on his own and doesn't shy away from trying new gens and metas he hasn't yet touched.

:Carvanha:Roldski32 has been a name most older LC players should be familiar with, as he has been around for a while now, and I'm so sad to see you get MementoRunted like that, we really had an unfortunate Tyrunt week. Sorry to bench you for that game, as I really want to see more from you in tournaments like these, and I hope you sign up for the coming LPL to truly show what you can do and how solid a player you really are to the rest of us.

:Dratini:dragonitenb Unfortunate Week 3 but it happens to the best of us. Glad we put you in for finals nevertheless, as you showed promise and you pulled through with the final win for us. Laroxyl has put his faith in this man for a good reason, and I'm stoked to see how he'll progress earlier. A player who's good at keeping offensive momentum, and isn't afraid to start sweeps early to break teams early on. Ty for accepting screens eventhough you weren't too comfortable with it, you were a blessing to have.

:Centiskorch:terreitor Man I thought we'd mainly be pushing the tour players like you for finals (Zu goon // tour player // same shit), alas it only came to 1 game for you as well but you came through and won that so cheers. Nice dude not really much to see, game wasn't the best I've seen but solid nevertheless, good to have some dudes like you we can count on to play well with whatever we pass.

:Gyarados:Magikarp_Is_AG You're a mad fun dude and I love having you in our chat. You also played pretty well, but made one unfortunate play in your game that made life a lot harder for you. Truly though, you're another player I'm looking forward to see how well will do in future tournaments, and I hope you sign up for LPL to improve your chances of getting drafted for LCPL, as well as for the potential of us having another fun teamchat together. GOATED SHITPOSTER

:Meditite:jns0808 Life happens. You were one of the most pleasant surprises on our team, and all that grinding you've been doing truly paid off. I hope everything goes your way, and I'm looking forward to playing with you once you get back to mons and back to LCWC then LCPL, you were fantastic for the few moments we got to have you.

:Frillish:BeardedDrakon You've shown the most in-depth knowledge and capability of analysis in the entire team, and you truly impressed me, as well as surprised me, with how good and talented you are, especially considering how short a time you've been playing. I truly believe you'll be drafted for SCL in a year or two if you keep going like this, fucking madman. Thank you so much for helping prepping a plethora of slots, with valuable input and options provided for almost every single slot every week.

:Emboar:PigWarrior19 Fucking last pick we had and YOU WENT 4-0 fucking hell you just keep winning and I love how you're able to control the tempo of every match you play with your offensive switches and plays maaaaaaan. Thank you for putting in such a solid effort both with prep and playing, I'm so glad I got to play with you and I hope we get to team for LCPL next year, if not earlier.

:Abra:Kodiak_45 I still stand by my claim that you're one of the best BWLC players rn. While Kodiak may struggle with nerves sometimes, he has the ability to overcome them when needed and pull through in spectacular ways, and he can both build and innovate on his own. He's been my BW testing and building partner for quite some time now, and is truly deserving of a BW LC spot in LCPL, especially looking at the current pool. High skill ceiling for sure! I'm sorry for cockblocking you from BW in LPL tho THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SO FAR LET'S HAVE MANY MORE TOGETHER

Special shoutout to :empoleon:TheKingKarp , you've been most helpful and I hella needed you for swsh prep when they did this 6 slot bullshit, you came through big time and I'm so happy you asked if I needed help cause I FUCKING DID also clutch draft picks especially LeChonk aka Defender of Swines, aka 4-0 monster. :vulpix-alola:Albi and :rhyhorn:rhydonphilip as well for sticking through with us and being nice guys offering to help or give sarcastic comments, and another shoutout to Kodiak for helping with management shit as well.


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Hey, I give my thanks to the organizers of this tournament, as it gave a scrub like me a chance to play a team tournament. While I didn't meet my initial goal of garnering replays to showcase my skills to future managers of LPL and LCPL (lost one game, ran shellos another, no stakes whatsoever last game), I did get to be part of a massive comeback from a 3-7 week one and 0-3 to start week 2 into a win on week 2 and the entire tournament. In general, the tournament was quite fun and functional, although not perfect, and it gave me and many others a chance to prove ourselves for the midseason draft and future team tournaments such as LPL.

The following critiques are not me saying that this tournament is bad or a failure; quite the contrary, as the general structure and execution was fine from my POV. I feel that there are too many SS slots per team, and not enough teams total. For the first part, the amount of SS slots and players makes it so that if nobody is particularly good at preparing SS slots you just lose the tournament. If you don't have enough very good SS teammates you lose the tournament. If you cannot find enough of your good SS lineup by week 2 you lose the tournament because you won't make playoffs. The last issue is particularly exacerbated by the fact that you only have 3 teams to play, making your first and likely more experimental week far more punishing than it needs to be, especially since most of the players are lesser known since the great ones are in LCPL. I think that a good place to start when looking for solutions is to change the amount of current gen slots to 4, and change the team count from 4 to 6 as suggested by someone from my team's discord (I don't remember which person suggested it). while future LCSL in this format wouldn't line up with midseason draft as neatly, it would make old gen prep skills more valuable, and with less players a team and more time to figure out your best lineup it would be significantly easier to prepare a good lineup in time to be in contention for playoffs. I am aware this idea isn't perfect; 64 players couldn't be evenly distributed across 6 teams, finding old gen players could get more difficult, finding managers could be harder, and 2 team playoffs would be much less forgiving with 6 teams instead of 4. In spite of those issues, I think a less current gen inflated LCSL model is worth exploring. For me, LCSL works, but there are improvements that can be made. If there are any significant fallacies I have made, I wish for them to be pointed out.
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