'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)


Banned deucer.
Welcome. Role PM's rolling out soon

Reminder that we are playing:

white flag. 13p

10x VT
3X Mafia Goon

Town win when there is only 1 goon left alive
scum win when nothing can prevent them from overrunning town

standard NOC rules apply, dont edit / delete posts, no outside contact unless permitted, dont directly quote private messages received from the host etc. if you are in doubt as to whether something is allowed or not, please feel free to contact me. this also means do not post any discord logs you may have with me as that is a trend i wish to stamp out
-mafia have daychat
- game will be hammer enabled after d1, with plurality lynching mechanics in play.
-cycles will be 72/24. may be shortened activity pending on later days
-set up generated through rng
- play nice
-i will sub you out if you are inactive
-bold yo votes
-confirm in this thread once you have read and understood both your role pm and these rules

Da Letter El
Former Hope


OM Room (Lynched Day 1)
Josh (Killed Night 1)
Metal Sonic (Lynched Day 2)
Texas Cloverleaf (Killed Night 2)

Day 1 DEADLINE: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/election?iso=20190210T12&p0=152&font=cursive
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Banned deucer.
took way longer than it should have because forum sucks but all role pms out now. reminder to confirm and then chillout and reflect for a day

I'm confirming that I'm sure this game is going to be too fast paced for me to follow adequately so I've decided that I'm going to spend the large majority of my posts talking about things not directly related to this game such as mafia philosophy and so on.

former hope has lynched me on page 1 therefore he is scum

this tactic has literally never failed

lynch former hope
I actually almost went back to double check if this is true. Then remembered I almost only play scum games on this site.

Nonetheless, texas only tries to lynch me if he's town. So if he's town, he might also be scum.

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