League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

league of legends is a game a lot of smogoners play. it is like DotA in that it is a 5v5 rpg/rts hybrid with the ultimate goal of destroying one team's base, or nexus. what sets it apart from the other games of its genre such as HoN and DotA is that it's a lot easier to pick up, and it has a customisable summoner system in which players can get runes, masteries and skins to customise their champions before they play. it has the largest competitive scene of any game of its genre, and it is the most popular game in korea, more popular than starcraft.

some useful links follow

play league of legends
the LoL reddit

if you want to get into contact with some smogon LoL players, you can find us in:

- #tf2 on synirc (the main server that smogon users hang out on)
- the ingame chatroom 'Smogon'
- this thread!
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Lol nice kitty kat katarina skin??
Im pretty n00b and ive just started out
my nick is Frieddimsum (Fried-Dim-Sum if you dont understand)
Ive been using Sivir because shes got amazing farming abilities and thes a great carry/support
catarina... nice name for a skin.

champ i play best is morgana, sona, janna or ashe. for the life of me i cant ever be the center of attention. it's always blow and go.
I hate when someone tells me to try a game and I takes me longer to download and install than it take me to decide I don't like it.

But if it's your cup of tea, by all means, have fun.
There seems to be a definite division in the skill levels of people who play this game. Someone just yesterday bitched at me for choosing the "wrong" items and not doing great with a new champion =/

Seems like I only ever have fun if I choose one of the few champions I'm good with >_<
I tried LoL and didn't like it. It always seems like you can use your spells way to freely and without really considering the situation whereas in DotA spamming spells will quickly take a turn for the worse as an empty mana pool can be fatal.

Also no denying takes a lot of skill out of the game overall. The whole point of denying was to make sure your opponent didn't get easy gold and exp from lane creeps and with no way to do that now, it feels like my control over lanes is all too loose.

Brush is kinda cool though.
Yea i do agree with killah that starting games like DotA, LoL and HoN are daunting with lots of people around being better than you, when i first started playing dota i was too scared to go into pubs coz pros slipped into noob games and the level was in general all tok high. But matchmaking does help, and it becomes so much fun when you do face people your skill level.

In contrast to calciphoce, i believe no denies is better. Yes it takes a facet out of laning but it creates balance and the need for aggression and proper lane control. I quite like how people are aggressive yet the fights do not take over the game. Most importantly what removing denying has done is improved the need for REAL lane control. To control a lane you must harrass your opponents and provide a significant threat to them in the lane so they back off into tower range and out of exp range. To do this you need to play more aggressively and have a good understanding of zoning, aggro and exp. This helps as it moves the game along, promotes teamfights (in turn promoting better strategy and better teamwork). It also means a game is less focused on long bouts of laning and passive right clicking. Yes i still think Dota is a great game but LoL offers diversity and an active style of play. And i cannot wait for Dota2
spamming spells doesn't work for some heroes who have small mana pools or high mana costs (heimerdinger and caitlyn come to mind). not everybody works off mana anyway, the three ninja heroes use energy which recharges over time but prevents you from using everything in your arsenal to attack someone due to the total amount of energy not being enough for all the spells you can cast

some heroes don't even use mana, some spells have no cost. some cost health instead of mana. i like it because it makes me think more in the laning phase. harassing is much more than just autoattacks, and melee heroes aren't completely useless against powerful ranged heroes while laning.
stack arcangel staff, finish with rabadons for items. activate e and spam q when trying to rape face and w for escaping. always be behind your team and tell team to lett you know when to use ult

heimerdinger is good early game since he can hold a lane and farm very well. he's also good in the ganking phase since his turrets are basically free wards. but late game he really suffers, like caitlyn and fiddlesticks

Zoro said:
just bought Karthus and trying to figure him out
every time i play a karthus my team always screams KARTHUS IS LEVEL 6 it's really disconcerting knowing your health is gonna drop any minute.
Just don't KS with Karthus. If you see a guy with 50 hp and Ignite on him, for fuck's sake don't press R. Your ult's better used in the middle of a teamfight where you can get more damage off.


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With so many tanky AP items I feel really bad that Galio got nerfed to complete uselessness. They try to nerf Tanky DPS and come out with Zhonya's Hourglass? Really?
If the people who play this are anything like the people who play DotA, I don't want to touch it. I played one game of DotA and everyone on my team was giving me shit for being a noob.

Also roughly how long does it take to download/how big is it since I may or may not start playing if it's not too bad.
If the people who play this are anything like the people who play DotA, I don't want to touch it. I played one game of DotA and everyone on my team was giving me shit for being a noob.
This is one of the reasons I like this so much. You may have the odd person call you a noob, but the players seem to be much nicer than on DotA.
league of legends allows you to learn while playing as well due to various tips like how your killer killed you so you know how to avoid it next time. there's even a playable tutorial. the players can be dicks but you get those guys in every game. it's definitely not as elitist as dota though


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I really want to organize some sort of Smogon team, I want to learn teamwork and I'm not getting it from solo play.
The people are soo much nicer than dota!!
Anyway do you guys have any tips for sivir?
I run 9-0-21 with tele and rally, meki - greaves - chalice - starks fervor etc
i play aura sivir and max bb and rico with one early level of spell shield
which heroes do you also recommend buying?? I wanna try caitlyn (loove headshot)
Maybe we could come up with a clan??

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