League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

but also access to every champion i think?

also ahri is still so good, why do i see posts on reddit bashing her sometimes :(

master yi mid is annoying as fuck, alpha strikes for a quarter of your health at level one are never welcome
Just ran into Sycho Sid on PBE, was pretty awesome. He absolutely rolled us as Vayne tho :(

Did manage to kill him once or twice, made me feel good.
ran rumble+fiddlesticks bottom lane with a friend in blind pick and won

we lost quite hard early on to raka+kog but fiddle and rumble contribute so much more to a team late-game than raka+kog. i had only around 200 AP but was dealing a ton of damage and providing a ton of CC. fed kog wasn't even an issue with our team comp.
oh my god i thought it was a joke build but ap tryndamere is literally the most broken thing to ever come out of the game since beta and that's including release xin zhao / release vayne / when lux's W stealthed allies


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What I don't understand? Why, what's happening? How does AP Trynd work that makes him so broken?


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1.5 AP scaling heal, ult that makes him not die while waiting for cooldowns, E with 1 AP scaling so it instakills minion waves.

He basically pushes a lane until people try to catch him, then proceeds to not die. With nashors and loads of AP you deal tons of damage to turrets too, and your insane heal allows you to facetank turrets pretty much as much as you want.

Don't qoute me on this, though. Never really tried it.


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AP Tryndamere is definitely overly strong (so much so that even slow reacting Riot has responded within a week of people starting to play him at all) but it is not the most OP thing people have discovered in the last year even. Both Evelynn and Rengar were significantly more OP for a much longer period of time. AP Tryndamere pales during teamfights to AD Tryndamere and while his split push is incredibly annoying if you have a team that knows how to respond to it and have a decent enough mid laner that he doesn't get dove by Tryndamere (ie you need to have two people who can hold him at bay 1v1) then he really isn't all that strong.

Is he incredibly irritating and almost impossible to kill? Yes.

However so is Kassadin. And so were Evelynn and Rengar and Shaco back when (still Shaco to some extent).

In my honest opinion there are several champions that need nerfs more than Tryndamere.

That being said I am very glad AP Tryndamere is getting nerfed because lets be honest, no one wants to play against it even if you do know how to play against it.
Agreed, AP Tryndamere is certainly not fun to play against and I don't really see how it can be fun for the person playing it unless they like just slaying minions and split pushing all day. He doesn't deal a particularly large amount of damage, but enough to where it is impossible to duel him because he will just heal any damage he receives and deal enough that you can't regen from it. A 1v1 fight with AP tryndamere lasts a very long time relative to a 1v1 with most any other champion, and there isn't much counterplay (you can try to dodge his E, but the hitbox is pretty obnoxious) for either person involved. I don't think it's as unstoppable as some of the other things in the past have been (I didn't play during release xin era, but if he could literally 1v5 then that would be far worse as there would be literally nothing that the opposing team could do about it), but it's not fun for either side and I'm glad they are nerfing it significantly.
I played during Release Xin...it wasn't as bad as the legend said it was. Champions like post-remake Kayle, Madred/Stark/GA prenerf Shaco, Über Heimer, were all on a similar level.

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