League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??


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Congratulations UncleSam ive always rooted for you from the very beginning, the rest of the guys thought you werent gonna make it but not me i believed


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Too bad he ain't gonna hold it, shoulda camped his series until the waning hours before servers go down mid-Nov for end of season to avoid being kicked out by the 500 other people camping their series.

But still fucking cool anyway, way to be Uncle Ryze.

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Gratz UncleSam!!! Just when I was asking about Smogon Challengers; it must have inspired Sam to complete his series ^_^

now hold your rank and dont let anybody steal it


EDIT: Lavos Spawn I used to be one of them :o
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thats rather impressive

meanwhile i am gold1 and having trouble with the slew of plat 5, 0 lp trolls who are in half my games


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To make a series you must be higher MMR than someone in challenger.

My theory is that the only reliable method of making it to challenger before serson's end is to get there and keep winning. There's just no guarantee that in the last week you can suddenly rise above someone's MMR...and I am higher MMR than about half of challenger at the moment so if I keep winning then I should in theory keep it.

Of course if I lose then yes, I will fall out most assuredly. But I would rather have made it and lost it then risk not making it at all in order to try to hawk an end of season reward.

O and if nothing else I'll have still escaped Teemo's Scouts...
Has anyone made a Smogon ranked team? I think it would be pretty cool. I probably wouldn't be able to play because I don't have a mic but I would be willing to put it together and then give ownership to someone else.


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i'm fairly certain one exists with rodan, mre, jibaku etc...but dont quote me on that

edit: i wouldn't mind an euw team though ^^
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I think there are one or two ranked 5s teams floating around Smogon. Evisceration Nation is one team, and then you got #strongs ranked team as well. Altho, Evisceration Nation was nothing more than a spur of the moment RODAN saying "I want to make a ranked 5s team and actually try hard."
took me 4 promo series rofl, but i've obtained my elise skin

btw if i just dont play for the rest of the season i should stay gold right?
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took me 4 promo series rofl, but i've obtained my elise skin

btw if i just dont play for the rest of the season i should stay gold right?
yep, you'll still be gold. It ends on November 11th. You get 30 days of inactivity before decay sets in. They'd have to extend it again for you to be worried.

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