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runes > champs. especially if you dont have runes, plus the whole jayce being op as fuk train left the station a few months ago
don't think he's op, just fun, played a friends acc that had him, like kayle 2.0. No, that's not right, kayle is like jayce lite.

Yeah you're totally right tho, I'm still sub 30 so it's not a super huge deal, but I'll probably just go for runes anways

oh yeah and I meant 10k ip lol not 10ip
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25 assists to 12 deaths is considered feeding...?
I know this is several pages old but I was just rereading thread and saw it so


feeding has surprisingly little to do with kda ratios

let me give the example of a game I just played where I fed

you may be thinking, but vkca, 4/16 is a fine ratio!
well, three of those four deaths came from before ten minutes (can't really remember, was pretty under the influence), giving udyr a nice buffer of gold to allow him to do some super hard ganks mid and top. Before long, he had assisted in slaying our mid, then ran top with his mid and slayed our top and jungler (who was trying to gank top at the time), allowing him to invade our red as it respawned. So now, because of my three deaths, the enemy jungler has five kills and ~ three assists or something. luckily our mid was way up in cs cos he was vs a fizz (as kayle iirc), so he kept us going for a couple team fights as the adc and top caught up in cs (we had an inhib down so we were just camping in base), then we finally got the gold lead back and won.
But really think about it, what did I contribute to this game? I was around for all the team fights, so I got a lot of assists, but I didn't really secure any kills (4 max) (landed maybe two particularly good hooks, the rest did fuck all), and i even had a kill steal to boot. How useful was I really? Not very.
Is anyone a good Shaco around here? I've been building Hydra-Zerkers-Triforce if I'm snowballing and Hydra-Statikk if I'm behind. Mix of AD and ArPen in my runes, R-E-W-Q and 21/0/9 taking Crit damage and attack speed on Crit.
mobafire gets a bad rep but regardless the guide was written by a diamond I player with a ludicrous amount of shaco games

it's pretty damn in-depth too


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if the guide was on a different website would it be better?

this guy has mained shaco for forever, every streamer ive ever watched says hes the most fearsome shaco theyve ever seen, etc

find me a better shaco player before you post plz, the guy with 45 games doesnt count


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Yes the skillscore equation incorporates quantity of games played. It seems like a no-brainer that it should.
Jesus riot is arguably one of the worst companies with handling game changes. Sticking in random kneejerk bandaid patches every other week, a complete overhaul every season, and releasing a semi meta changing patch right before worlds? Does -anyone- else see this as just a flat out wrong methodology? In terms of balance/competitiveness lol will never reach where dota is because riot simply does not trust its players to form their stable meta, in fact based on what you see from the common patches, they don't trust you at all. By the time people start figuring things out with the new patches interfering, riot throws another one.

It's only a matter of time riot will botch up their yearly overhaul one year, and I can definitely say at least for now that season 2 was by far the best of the 3 so far, current one being the worst. And this comes from a player who only plays top which was arguably the most flawed aspect of s2.


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Kinda makes you wish they had a "Legacy" or "Classic" Summoner's Rift map that allowed you to play S2 or S3 SR.

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