League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

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"With special guest Lustboy", I'm sorry did you not see the flash into Braum Q? That's one of the sickest heads up plays I've ever seen in professional League. Lustboy deserves huge props for carrying Wildturtle against Vasilli.
That's why he got the special guest. XD He really kept WildTurtle on his back.


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would just like to point out that the only red side game tsm won, was when they banned hai's zed. he was going off on that champ and i kept waiting for tsm to ban it...he only plays like 3 champs in the first place


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TSM TSM TSM TSM. my only prediction wrong is them winning the finals :(

honestly feel c9 lost g5 was cause balls was so far behind on maokai (not his fault) - dude died without even getting a W off


Who let marco in here????
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Definitely somewhat concerning that C9 revolves so heavily around Hai. Even though his shotcalling is unparalleled (let's be honest here, nobody in NA shotcalls as well as Hai does), Hai's performances do affect his shotcalling (and in the same token, his need to command the team puts a strain in his own performance). I can see this being a bigger issue in the world stage where Hai has to handle even stronger players than the likes of Bjergsen and Voyboy.

C9's attempt to pressure TSM into a choke at their last teamfight was theoretically a solid idea. With a heavy aoe comp and Braum's wall to section off TSM's projectiles, the teamfight could have gone so wrong for TSM. Furthermore, they probably felt that they needed to make a move before WildTurtle on Trist gets too big. Alternatively, due to the splits near that chokepoint they could also be looking to split TSM's "Protect Wildturtle" comp and pick them off one by one. However, due to Maokai being behind (he exploded rather fast), and C9 not getting there quickly enough (they were the ones trapped in the chokepoint instead and bjergsen landed a strong ori ult while Trist was free to do whatever she wanted), they got crushed instead.
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back in promos and I see someone go Shaco jungle and bitch even though WW called jungle bleh ahsdkashdkshdkjh I hope Vlad vs Jax is enough for me to hard carry.


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you should probably win that lane, at least until 6. start dorans blade if u arent already. every time he goes for a cs, auto him. if he dashes into your face, q in cannon form -> press w -> switch form, then q him again and start hitting him. like...just be jayce. there's no excuse for dying to yasuo

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