League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

Why would KT/EDG be harder than Origen? Stop overrating every korean/chinese team.
SKT was mostly impressing by defeating EDG, but considering the performance of chinese teams in general and how EDG played against fnatic I don't see them undefeatable.

And fnatic vs origen final would be way too cool :3


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Korea too strong. To be honest, I think Origen and Fnatic had enough quality to make the Koreans suffer much more (and even to take the series) but it kind of seems that Europeans' lack of experience on Bo5 has been their main issue. The first match on both series was really close, but both Origen and Fnatic were torn apart on the rest, probably due to the psychological factor.


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wha tdo you guys think about the adc reworks incoming?

as someone who just started maining adc a lot, and plays literally none of those, I actually tthink theyre all p cool. I really like Quinn's and Gravess tbh
ad carries have basically been a plug and play position for years now. the biggest difference has been that some carries are best early game, some late game. now they're actually giving a lot of carries an identity, a reason to pick them over your general "sit in the back and shoot" carry, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

balance might be hard, but I'd rather them shake things up and make them fun and interesting again and see what needs to be fixed after the fact (which should be the point of preseason)


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Initial thoughts on the reworks:

Graves: Hits rly hard, destroys towers insanely fast, pushes quickly, but csing may be awkward. He autoattacks twice, reloads (gives full ammo if he runs out), and autoattacks twice again. Don't rly have an opinion since his rework is so drastic, but I think he'll still be viable bot despite the massive range loss. PBE doesn't seem to properly show his passive's damage output when he crits, however.

Corki: Now deals 25% physical, 75% magic; his passive does not change Triforce's damage to half magic. Anyways, this thing might be broken. Triforce + Reaver granting 40% cdr and his new focus on magic dmg makes Void Staff an appealing option, which now buffs everything Corki has instead of just half of his kit. Ult damage has been changed from 260 (+40% total AD) to 180 (+80% total AD) at level 16, so it hurts more now (deals around 500/750). So now, with 4.8s recharge time, 20 mana cost, 2s cooldown rockets that actually hurt since you can itemize for it, along with the fact that this rocketspam corki can now fight with autoattacks (compare with old AP corki who had to sacrifice autoattack dmg, and old AD/standard corki who couldnt itemize deep into magic pen to amp his poke lategame), he should be really scary. Then there's the whole AP nerfs/ad buffs so double AD + corki comps could make a strong return.

Triforce/Essence Reaver/IE/Scimitar/Sorcs/Void

Lucian: No rework here but being able to build 40%cdr without feeling awkward is really nice. Same build as above except with armor pen instead and obv not sorcs.

Kog'Maw: Havent checked W's scaling but they really want you to build Bork Hurricane on this I think.

Jinx: Despite the 15% AS nerf on rockets, the fact that Hurricane can crit could be really scary on this champ...
yeah i've been a CLG fan since WCG 2010 but this is probably the last straw, CLG has to have some absolutely godlike PR to convince me to support them again

i can't support TSM either just on principle so i'm going to be rooting for Immortals and Renegades next split

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