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Well, I don't see the kit being much more fun than the old one. It still has the only part that made Shen cool (the ultimate) but the rest of the kit still looks bland. At least its a bit more interactive because you have to position yourself before using Q, but I have a feeling it's going to feel really weird to try to hit the enemy with the blade.
I am not sure how a slow-attacking AD carry is supposed to carry.

It's plausible that Jhin's autos could one-hit squishy targets (and he is intended to be very high damage) but I can hear the community howling about that already.
He hits slow but he hits hard, he gets AD from building AS and crit, he has a guaranteed crit and 25% missing hp damage on his 4th shot, and there's the rest of his abilities

He's not a duelist, he's more of a teamfight guy based around fighting for objectives imo, but if you hit your stuff you won't be lacking damage
I hate everything about new ranked including the fact that you have to wait significantly longer to play now unless you queue up as support. This was incredibly predictable if you have ever played normal teambuilder. I feel like it will only get worse. Also, I shouldn't have to pick between two roles. A total fucking crapshoot to see if people get their mains or not. It was better when I asked and didn't get it than to have a chance of just not fucking getting it no matter what. Absolutely garbage as fuck system.

Edit: Actually, I'm really not waiting that long lol but when I was playing earlier I couldn't get a team quick if I didn't pick fill or support.
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Haven't played it in ranked so IDK how common it is to get paired with 5 man premades and such, but I really hope that riot reintroduces regular solo q back. It felt so satisfying to win games where the max you could have was like 1 premade of 2. Wins have never felt satisfying if I won with my irl friends : / not only that but a lot of my rl friends are a lot lower rank than me, so i either can't queue with them or would rather not queue with them if my ultimate goal is to climb.

I'd rather just grind solo : (


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I feel like the new Draft Pick is creeping into "Big Brother is watching you" territory. Riot is trying to force us to communicate and that doesn't work anymore than their attempts at stopping trolls pre-emptively. It doesn't work, it can't work. And all they did was half-ass it between old Draft mode and Team Builder anyway, which simply serves to piss off everyone and satisfy nobody. People like me aren't happy with all of Rito's babysitting and shitty attempts at thought policing.

People who liked Team Builder are annoyed at not being able to get the one role they want. Really, guys? A lot of people only enjoy playing one spot, or they enjoy playing all-but-one, but we have to choose exactly two or all five positions (Fill)? Nevermind that, for the millionth time, positions and roles are not always congruent; nice "enforcing the meta" yet again. You can't kick people for troll picks, like oh I dunno "support" Vayne, or otherwise pick-and-choose your teammates who show a willingness to attempt non-meta strategies and team comps. The banning is... weird now although not really worse objectively. It goes to show it's about time to increase the number of bans per team, though. Not my thing, but Team Builder had its advantages.

Overall, shit's garbage. If you throw it out now and pretend like it never happened, Rito, I'll play along. Keep regular solo queue and Baby Mode (Team Builder) separate, nobody wants to be pigeonholed into half-and-half.

The five-man premade dealio invading our former solo queue is probably an oversight on their part that will be fixed sooner than later. Well, I sure hope so.
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OKAY Riot has gone from one extreme to the other in terms of banning and it's really out of hand. They used to never ban anyone no matter how hard you flamed, and now its ridiculous. A duo queue with cumulatively 14 deaths to my 3 were flaming me for a death and all I did was say, verbatim, "shut the fuck up" and muted them immediately and I got a warning from that game. I never get involved in ragefests beyond telling people who are being toxic to shut up but I guess that can get me banned in today's game. May just start off the game muting my entire team from now on if I can't so much as give one sentence in defense to people writing paragraphs flaming me.
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I've never wished for anyone to be killed n_n

although, side note/unpopular opinion: I don't actually think Dunkey should have been banned or punished at all. What he said was obviously extreme but I think you should be able to say anything you want to a player intentionally feeding and not have it held against you.

it may not actually count, but still feels good man.

set a goal for myself ~3 weeks ago to finally hit that diamond that I always knew I was at heart (ayyy lmao) and managed to wade my way through the shit that is diamond V MMR to make it just a few hours before the deadline :pimp:


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The removal of Ranked 5's makes me not want to play League anymore.
but anything you could accomplish with the ranked 5s you can now do with dynamic queue, or with normal blind pick (ie group of 5 playing league).

The only thing you can't do is queue with your diamond friend while you're in bronze and end up with a gold border because your ranked team was gold because you got carried. i dont see how its fun to either get matched up with people who are way higher than your mmr or to be paired with people who are way lower and just demolish them anyway.

am i msising something here?


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The main thing I don't like losing is the separate Elo, stats, and history associated with a particular ranked team. Unless you just play dynamic queue with a certain 5's roster, you lose all of that. Even if you do decide to play dynamic queue and stick to a five-man roster, you lock yourself out of the ability to duo with any given teammate because, if you climb too high, suddenly you can't play with your teammates. Dynamic queue forces you to pick between a flexible group of teammates with limited tracking of success/failure/improvement/whatever or a stable roster with better tracking of the above.

I'm fully aware of the problems associated with the Ranked 5's environment. That said, I'd rather see Riot attempt to fix them than do away with the queue altogether, especially since there isn't a viable replacement. Dynamic queue doesn't work for the reasons listed above. Normals don't work because very few people, especially premade groups, take it seriously. While people troll in any queue, in Ranked 5's people are at least somewhat likely to try and play competitive matches. I'm perfectly happy messing around in normals, but I tend to tryhard in ranked and am very selective about the people I choose to play with (not much I can do about solo queue teammates, but I can control who I duo or play 5's with).

From what I understand, most of the complaints about Ranked 5's as a queue revolve around unbalanced matchmaking, specifically the fact that there's no restriction in the range of the ranks of the team's roster (Challenger players can form teams with Bronze, etc.) and the propensity of high-ranked teams to constantly reform after a loss in order to climb the ladder with better eventual MMR and ladder positioning. The second is a direct function of the use of the 5v5 ladder for CS qualification. I'd like to see that problem solved by making the play-in for the challenger scene an open tournament that all teams of a certain rating or higher can apply for. Expanding the available field for the CS qualifiers would at least lower the incentive to constantly remake teams and reduce the instances of Challenger players stomping Silver teams. As for the first problem, I fully support a rank restriction that prevents edge cases like Bronze players getting carried by Challenger players (maybe something like forcing the highest-ranked player on the roster to be within 2-3 leagues of the lowest player, so that, say, a mid to high Silver player could still play with a high Platinum/low Diamond friend, but preventing the most egregious abuses of the system). I don't think the rank ranges are too big a deal as long as the differential isn't massive, since communication and coordination count for so much, especially if the rank differential isn't such that no lane just gets utterly stomped.


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Fucking love this game, ended season gold 2 and after shitty 5-5 placements im silver 3. How the fuck does that work.

Love getting shitty fucking irelias who only speak mandarin, go 1-5 in lane and tell my mom to go fuck herself (cao ni ma for you uneducated fucks), love 2-17 bot lanes that fo absolutely nothing productive and first pick becuase theyre "duo", love when the mid and top laner go 0-4 0-5 and our diamond 4 rengar otp smurf says the game is unwinnable and just recalls in base repeatedly, love shitstomping shitty ezreals and having 84% kill participation but still losing because our jayce top laner is a fucking potato with a keyboard taped to it


so how did your placements go


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Some rioter tweeted that most people should place about a tier below where they ended the season. No idea WHY they decided to do that, but it's apparently not a bug or anything.
Some rioter tweeted that most people should place about a tier below where they ended the season. No idea WHY they decided to do that, but it's apparently not a bug or anything.
this is normal and intended, and has a lot to do with how the elo system works and why Riot chooses to do resets each year.

2 important things:

1. Elo is not truly reflective of your ability, it's your Elo compared to other people's.
2. net Elo gained is slightly more than net Elo lost in LoL. this leads to Elo inflation.

look at this graph from early Season 3:

3 years ago, 48% of NA was in Bronze.

now, look at the same distribution from the end of last season. Less than 20% of NA is in Bronze. (bonus: the Ranked Teams ladders look almost exactly like 2013, because they have far fewer data points and thus far less inflation)

now, the reason isn't "the average skill of players has increased over the last three years!" (which is probably true, but ultimately irrelevant). the reason is because of elo inflation!

1200 Elo is "supposed" to be average. 1200 historically has reflected Silver V MMR, with each division being approximately 50-100 MMR over the last (Gold is supposed to be ~1500, Plat ~1800, Diamond ~2100, Master/Challenger is literally off the charts). if you look at that end of season 5 distribution to find the median NA player, you'd see they're about Silver 3/2 borderline. This means their Elo is ~1400, and that the average league Elo is 1400.

each season's reset is supposed to do two things: it pulls everyone towards the average elo, and it pulls the average elo closer to where it's supposed to be (ie lower). in general, someone with 1400 elo last season (Silver 3/2) should be at 1200 this season (Silver 5) despite still being an average player. a Plat player with 1800 Elo would get pulled down to ~1500 (only 100 elo over the "average player" last season, but 300 over the "average player" after a reset) and be about Gold 5. this is assuming they go 5-5 in placements, which generally count 5x more than "regular" games and can shift your elo 50+ points (so a Plat V player going 6-4 could easily end up in Gold 3, but is unlikely to be back in Plat).

the actual numbers are definitely not concrete and should not be relied upon for accuracy, but in general if you had normal MMR gains towards the end of last season you should expect a drop of 3+ divisions, more the higher up you are. if you were in division V of any tier you should expect to drop a full tier, unless you had just recently earned that new tier.

while doing your placements, just remember that elo gets inflated during the season. you might be in Plat 5 last year but Silver 1 now, but you'll be playing against the same people you played against in Plat 5 more or less. in 6 months, those people will probably all be in gold/plat again even with a 50% win rate.

honestly they could fix all this by making elo visible, but m-muh ranked anxiety

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