League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

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Good to see CLG finally unlocking their secret weapon!

Though Rox is considered one of the favorites to win Worlds, I feel that SKT looks more dominant than them.


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eu is 1-8 and looks awful as a region, the wildcards are spicier with more life than them. especially g2. clg vs anx was easily clg's game as much as anx's, if not more so, g2 never looks particularly close to any of these teams. clg dominated rox, it was like rox forgot a sol was off the ban bug

huhi on any other champ: perkz
huhi on a sol: faker

of course we all remember the na 0-10 second week of worlds last year or whatever pitiful score they pulled. so a lot could change in the week.

this year's worlds seems a lot closer between all regions except eu, including br and ru. i think it discredits the "weaker" teams to say they fluked to a win. splyce is an example of a fluke good early game and then lost bc they couldnt capitalize and end it. a lot of these teams are really struggling to close out games, which is the biggest problem. they can get ahead early but they simply cannot end the game before the 'superior' team amasses enough gold and better teamfights to wrestle the game back.

no team is 3-0 but two are 0-3 and both are eu. after all the crap eu fans talked they are festering in their salt mines lol

g2 and splyce can only ever force tiebreakers now i think? the max they could go is 3-3 and their groups have 3 2-1 winners, if one sweeps both but loses to the 0-3 and the 0-3 wins out, well, one of those current 2-1s has to beat the other head to head and the 0-3 would be 1-1, with both at 3-3 and the group winner 4-2. i guess we will see if any eu team can recover from this disastrous week 1, if na melts down week 2 again, if the kr teams continue to lose to other regions... ayy


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I was gonna like Yeti 's post but then I saw Uncle Sam was the k my one to have liked it and it felt uncomfortable to be effectively the third wheel so here I am.

As a doublelift fan I'm mentally preparing for the CLG Classic to happen for NA. False hope is certainly abounding. I'm ready to embrace the death that's coming.
I think it would be best for the NA teams to not get ahead of themselves and that shouldn't be a problem.

EU is probably a lost cause.

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