League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

Went 0-3 in my plat promos. Probably the most unpleasant games I've ever had in this game, had to /muteall in each one, never did that before.


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reminder that season 6 is gonna suck more than season 5 because riot likes to arbitrarily change things.
I dunno, they're actually changing some things for the better after the shitfest that's been Season 6 which is this season and not next season (which is seven). Except plants.

Continuing past two night's editfest: Game 3.3 Cho vs Jax top. Umm, Xin fed him harder than I did, that's all I have to say. Words simply cannot do justice how utterly fucking horrible this jungler was. And for the second time in two days, my team reminded me of the lesson OUTER TURRET > BARON NASHOR. 2-1

Series 3.4, Morg mid vs Lux. Enemy first pick locked Jarvan faster than Lux's laser. Predictably, he went hard AD and dumped on our Trundle early because obvious skill gap. Trundle contributed like Trundle is wont to do lategame and Jhin hard carried me back to Platinum. \o/
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I really don't understand this ranking system at all.

I was gold 4 and went 8-2 in promos and got placed into silver 5. my mmr wasn't even low I was getting about +20 points a win before the season end.

last time i did placements i was gold 3 then went 3-7. and got placed into silver 1. whatever lol.


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they stated (somewhere) this season after placements you are guaranteed a lower rank than your season 6 ranking. I imagine that played a role here.

E: though looking at your LP gains that makes slightly less sense since you had a great placement score from gold 4 :x


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This matters to me a lot.

Oh wait no it doesn't. Lyte being a shitty person doesn't make his work invalidated but what do I know lolreddit is the best at everything.

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