Leavanny [0/3]


  • Decent speed stat
  • Access to sticky web + magic coat makes it hard to prevent webs being set up
  • Good base attack allows it to hit relatively hard
  • Very 1-Dimensional and therefore predictable

Sticky Web Lead
name: Sticky Web Lead
move 1: Sticky Web
move 2: Magic Coat
move 3: Leaf Storm/ Leaf Blade
move 4: Toxic/ X Scissor
ability: Swarm/ Overcoat
item: Focus Sash
evs: 252 sp atk/ 252 speed/ 4 atk
nature: Timid/ Naive


The main purpose of the set is to get up webs for an offensively based team.
  • Magic Coat is a great move on Leavanny, bouncing back taunts as well as Stealth Rock, almost always guaranteeing Sticky Web getting up with correct prediction.
  • Leaf Storm ensures OHKO's vs potential sash breakers such as Rock Blast Rhydon or Sandslash, which are not beaten by Leaf Blade.
  • Toxic can be used to cripple opposing walls Leavanny cannot hit hard with its STAB attacks.
  • Alternatively, a spread of 252 atk/252 speed/ 4 hp jolly can be used if you choose to run leaf blade over leaf storm, or a 36 sp atk/252 speed/220 atk, which ensures ohkoes vs Pokemon such as Sandslash, whilst still dealing solid damage with X Scissor.

Set Details

  • Max speed allows Leavanny to outspeed as much of the metagame as possible, ensuring it will be as likely to get up Sticky Web as possible.
  • Max attack or max sp atk allows it to deal as much damage as possible before it faints.

Usage Tips
  • Sticky web should generally be used first, unless opposed by a faster taunter or an opposing lead is likely to want to get up entry hazards up, in which case magic coat can be used.
  • STAB moves/ toxic should follow depending on the opposing pokemon.

Team Options

  • Strong pokemon with middling speed stats are good team mates, such as choice band sawk.
  • An offensively based spinblocker could be used to block spin, or defiant users such as pawniard or primeape to punish a defog.
  • Leavanny should only be used on offensively based teams.

Other Options

  • Leavanny has few other niches, but a swords dance/agility, baton pass set could be used given Leavanny's expansive set up movepool.
  • Alternatively, SD pass could be used on the same set with sticky web. This is generally however outclassed by other passers such as ninjask, which has speed boost.

Checks & Counters

  • Magic Bounce Xatu is probably the number one counter to Leavanny, with Xatu being able to avoid a 2hko with HP investment, and deal good damage back in return, however Xatu can be beaten as it is unable to roost stall Leavanny if it carries X Scissor.
  • Outside of this, it can be relatively hard to stop Leavanny getting webs up due to magic coat and a high speed, therefore correct prediction is required with faster leads such as Archeops with taunt required to stop webs.
  • Spinners/ defoggers can remove webs, whilst extremely niche pokemon such as fake out/ fire punch Lopunny can prevent webs entirely, but that takes over-centralising the metagame to an extreme.
  • Defiant Users such as Pawniard can benefit with a +2 attack boost, which in conjunction with sucker punch, allows it to punish the use of sticky web.
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Leaf Storm should be slashed before Leaf Blade imo. In terms of a lead matchup, Leaf Storm hits pretty much all of what Leaf Blade can, but also can OHKO Rhydon and Sandslash (the former OHKOes with Rock Blast, the latter gets the chance to spam Rapid Spin while sacrificing itself to keep Web off the field), and even has the benefit of not activating Weak Armor on Omastar. It also hits other leads like Steelix and Qwilfish harder; arguably the only popular lead you'll really miss out on is maybe Probopass, which beats you anyway. The EV spread should be adjusted accordingly as well (max SpA, max Spe), although if you want to use X-Scissor, 36 Special Attack EVs (with neutral nature) are all Leavanny needs to OHKO Rhydon and Sandslash with Leaf Storm.

Speaking of X-Scissor, it probably shouldn't even see a main slash (secondary slash at best), due to the fact that it would allow Ditto to force you into a 50/50: do you Magic Coat against Ditto's Sticky Web (which can ruin your team), or do you want to lay down Sticky Web before it X-Scissors you to death? Of course this applies to Ditto as well, but one can avoid the risk altogether by simply not running a Bug move. Since Ditto is Choiced, you can safely click Magic Coat without worrying about a thing, bar a switch.
cheers bud, I'll adjust, I'm not a huge NU player. I have x scissor down as a secondary slash as it is. Running leaf storm will leave me having to give 2 alternate spreads though depending on moveset, however


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Since X-Scissor won't be primary slash, you can go ahead with standard 'SpA spread', and list the alternate mixed spread in Set Details when talking about X-Scissor.
You might want to mention that it gets competition from kricketune, who has taunt for stopping defoggers and opposing hazard setters. Pawniard gets an automatic SD upon switching into webs. So, a good check for it in the teammates. Pawniard should also be mentioned in C&C imo cuz of that.


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Leaf Storm/ Leaf Blade -> Leaf Storm / Leaf Blade
Put space in between words before slashes, it looks much cleaner that way. Btw, remove Leaf Blade, and correctly abbreviate your EVs into SAtk, Spe, and HP or Def (Atk can be mentioned in Set Details regarding X-Scissor's use).

In any case, Leavanny now sees somewhat better use; its decent speed makes it the only Webber that outspeeds Kabutops so that it does not get Rapid Spin killed and lose Web at the same time. Its speed also means that Leavanny is less pressured to lead, since it has an easier time laying down Web than its brethren, even if its Sash ends up broken.

Bug Buzz can be slashed alongside X-Scissor, since Bug Buzz does (very slightly) more with investment, but more importantly it lets Leavanny better combat Malamar, which can be a huge threat to Web teams. However, Swarm X-Scissor OHKOes Cryogonal so Leavanny can prevent Cryo from performing Rapid Spin kills like Kabutops, so you can leave that in, not to mention it is usable even after -2 SpA. Do mention that using either Bug move means that Ditto can now threaten Leavanny out and potentially lay down Web against your team.

One more thing; I recommended Leaf Storm on Leavanny on the start since I was using minimal special investment, but now that it is established that Leavanny will being going full special, you'll need to be clear that Leaf Storm has uses outside of 'overkilling' leads such as Rhydon, Seismitoad, and Sandslash. Mention targets that invested Leaf Storm OHKOes that a weaker Grass move such as Energy Ball and Giga Drain does not, such as Samurott.

Edit: uu iz da shizzle

Leavanny @ Focus Sash
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 104 Atk / 152 SAtk / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Sticky Web
- Magic Coat
- Leaf Storm
- Steel Wing

Okay, so I've managed to find the perfect blend of Leavanny that allows it to combat spinners...
104 Atk Leavanny Steel Wing vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Cryogonal: 282-332 (100 - 117.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO
152 SpA Leavanny Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Sandslash: 410-486 (115.8 - 137.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO
...while retaining good power...
152 SpA Leavanny Leaf Storm vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Samurott: 338-402 (101.8 - 121%) -- guaranteed OHKO
....all while not putting itself at risk from Ditto.
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