Les carottes sont cuites Tournament! Round 2!

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I was the one who VM'd Sayonara after he made no attempt. I saw him yesterday on IRC I challenged him he just left. Either talk to him or replace him because i'm done putting effort into making this match happen.


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Dunno how this'll work with forums being down

EDIT: We're scheduled to play today in about 2 hours
Activity post, Joeyboy wasn't here at the first scheduled time monday (from 10 PM to 1 AM), even if I told him to wait for me 2 hours at 8 PM, and yesterday, the discussion was like that (http://pastebin.com/AT7fD26u) and we scheduled for the same hours (10 PM to 1 AM). If I see him today, we'll play, but I don't think it'll be possible..
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