Let's Play! Let's Play: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Hello Smogon! This is CJorex bringing you a Let's Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Red rescue Team. In this playthrough, it will not be just me being transformed into a Pokemon. You, the people of Smogon, will be allowed to request for a Pokemon named after you to join my rescue team in the quest to save the world. I will give a week or so for this to get enough requests; In the meantime, you may as well decide what you want to be!

Rules for making requests:
-No repeats of the same Pokemon. Also, I would prefer to have as few repeated types as possible, to maximise my team's potential when exploring dungeons
-If you wish to be my partner Pokemon, please have a second choice in mind in case I am unable to choose your first choice
-Please, no Kecleon or any other Pokemon that is hard or impossible to recruit
-I would especially appreciate it if anyone would like to take one of the Pokemon that automatically join your rescue team during the storyline (e.g. Magnemite, Absol)
-I'd prefer it if you didn't request legendaries
-I will start when I receive about 8 or so requests, however you may keep giving requests once I have started, as long as they do not require too much backtracking

That is about all; so get those requests rolling in!

Current Requests:
Meloetta the Bellsprout
Darkness the Absol
Shiny the Gardevoir or Shaymin the Chikorita
Recec the Spearow
Jellicent the Magnemite
Powergo the Mudkip or Houndour
Solid the Ekans
Machu the Aron
Hollymon the Lombre
Onicon the Remoraid
TM13 the Snorunt
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Mystery Dungeon... I have played blue rescue team, explorers of time, explorers of Sky, and gates to infinity. Mystery Dungeon is my favorite non-main stream pokemon series ^_^.
I would love for a Chikorita to be named Shaymin or a Gardevoir to be named Shiny.


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Always happy to see a Let's Play get rolling. I'll take that Magnemite for ya~

Also, you might wanna try hopping on #orangeislands on SynIRC to get a few more sign-ups. There are always peeps on there willing to join in this kind of thing ^.^
From the meta point of view we'd like you to get a Remoraid. It is Water type and comes with high-tier moves like BubbleBeam and Psybeam. It can learn Flamethrower and once it evolves, the broken Bulletseed. If it needs to clean a room, there is always Blizzard. So Remoraid is good. It's TheGun. Post-Rayquaza only, unfortunately, but you don't seem to mind.

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