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Sexuality is a concept I've kept quiet about in real life because while that never stopped anyone, I lived in a rural area for about half my life (particularly southern illinois) where people got berated for being attracted to the same sex. Even overheard the parent of a former friend that they're expected to bear children and be "free of sin" which I think confined him and guilt tripped him into complying with a family member and i was genuinely upset about the whole situation. Me being a dumb 11 year old though I had no clue what to even say. Yeah, this was a long time ago, but it made me build this mindset that it's something I shouldn't be open about. For the longest time I've also just been a quiet and anti-social person so it's not like I found the time to talk about it with anyone. Currently I live in Virginia and it's not like people I keep in contact with even care so /shrug

I am gay. I like boys. Cool I guess? Considering that I've never lived long-term with anyone with an ongoing relationship (besides my parents) and most of my childhood friends have been dudes I think that kinda sealed it for me. I also just naturally prefer masculine features in people and I'd prefer a more submissive role in a relationship. I feel genuinely privileged that I've been able to not really get anything for it (even though literally nobody knew about my sexuality until now lol) but considering how hard it is for many people to come out I'd just to say I'm proud of anyone who went through hell just to be who they wanted to be and are still standing tall. I'm grateful things were as easy for me as they are, even if that meant I had to keep my lips sealed.
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I've posted here before as more of an ally but now I feel like it's time to come out fully. My sexuality has always been a bit of a confusing topic for me, it's been difficult figuring out what I like and who I want to eventually be with. When I was younger I guess it was easier, I had 1 crush throughout most of my childhood. Moving into my teenage years, I started noticing girls more and more starting at about age 16. After several crushes and much denial, I have come to the conclusion that I am bisexual. I find that lean more towards men than women. Guys are handsome but some girls are just so insanely pretty and cute.

I've only really come out to my family and friends online so far. My Mum and her partner know, my brother knows, my Grandma and cousin know and a few friends know. I worry about telling my Dad because he was raised Catholic and has said some pretty homophobic stuff in the past, so I'm not gonna be coming out to him anytime soon. So yeah I'm Bisexual. :)


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Hey everyone, I thought about making a post here for some times now and I'm sorry in advance if this post isn't really cohesive.

I'm trans. MtF to be exact. I've always felt a certain discomfort about being a boy. I think that the fact that I grew up with 2 older sisters might of played something in this, but I'm unsure. I've always wanted to do the same stuff as them and people would just tell me that I can't because I'm a boy and I can't do that because it's girly. I also generally related to girls more and a lot of my friends were girls and I was pretty girly. As I grew up, I tried really hard to have more boy friends and less girl friends, but I still generally got along better with girls. I think that I mostly saw it as a bad thing due to environment in which I was raised. My parents are extremely religious and extremely against people who identify somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It got incrusted in my mind that LGBTQ+ = bad, which is honestly pretty sad.

I'd say that this pretty much sums up the earlier years of my life. Last year, with puberty, (I'm really young I'm 14 lmao) I realized that actually, well, I like boys. It took me a lot of time to accept it and even more to publicly express it. Again, I think that the environment in which I was raised played a huge part in this. I hated myself for something I don't have the control over. In the same period, I had a pretty short "depression" (was like 3-4 months, really not that long) episode, and I think that my being "gay" played a huge part as to why I felt so shitty. Around last summer was when I started to finally accept it and I finally did my coming out to some of my irl friends, which all were extremely supportive.

It was around the same time that I realized that not only did I like boys, but that it just didn't feel right. I shaved my legs and my growing mustache and do my eyebrows, and I still do. I felt disgusting. It felt like I was living in a pile of trash - literally. At the time, I pretty much ignored these feelings, and I had the impression they were gone. Later, however, these feelings resurged back and the simple thought of taking a shower and seeing my body made me feel sick and uncomfortable. I started to really hate myself and my body. Every single manly features I had made me feel disgusted and I just wanted to tear my face off sometimes. There's a bunch of other stuff like not being able to sleep at night because I kept thinking about it. I think that gender dysphoria is pretty difficult to describe, but for me, this is how it felt like.

I've accepted this around 2 months ago and did my coming out to some of my online friends, and, a little bit later, to my irl friends. I'd say that accepting it made it really easier to deal with and it made me feel better about the whole thing. I'd say that doing my coming out has played a part in this, as I can just be myself irl without feeling bad. Sadly, as I said earlier, my parents and entire family generally hate LGBTQ+ folks, and I can't even imagine doing my coming out to them.

ok bye uwu

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It has been almost a month since I told my mother I'm gay, and even when at the start there was a mix of indifference and certain resentment (probably because I haven't told her before) right now everything goes pretty normal with here, like if nothing would have happened a lot. It looks like she has accepted it.

I know that's not the case for everybody, some of us live in a social envrionment where having a different sexual orientation is still considered like a trouble (I live in Colombia, we're better than some countries in this aspect, but it's not exactly too friendly with LGTBQ+ people) but at least in my experience, it's a neccesary step. In my case it wasn't exactly about being honest with my mother, it was about being honest with myself, because when I decided to hide my sexual orientation with the self-excuse of "it's not necessary, for starters I don't have a couple" it was in reality because I wasn't accepting myself as a whole (and not in just this aspect, I have terrible self-esteem problems). Giving this step was important because now I have learned to love myself more.

So yeah, coming out hasn't solved all my problems but at least I feel like I deserve to explore this part of myself.
Okay, I'm just going to say it right here right now.
So I am a Homosexual, biological female, wanting to be a male. I've considered myself a lesbian for around the past 6 years but I never came out online due to several factors.

Despite being female, I am often mistaken as male both online and offline. Young children think I'm male due to my short haircut and my clothing choices, online people just assume I'm male because I'm a furry gamer who obsesses over dinosaurs, and uses a male character to represent themselves online. Honestly I don't blame. Alot of the girls in my highschool were absolute assholes, talking about how I was strange and how I would never get a boyfriend. I have thought about going transgender FTM, as I would much rather be a male. but I've been worried and honestly a bit scared about what people would think, especially in the beginning of transition.

To the actual sexuality part, I Just never found guys that attractive. I found myself being attracted to other girls when I was around 13 I would guess? My first fictional and real crushes were all female. I'm going to admit, when I was 14 I had a huge crush on E4 Lorelei. I came out to my parents recently and I was amazed on how supportive they were. They were very supportive about my choices, and even introduced me to some of their gay/lesbian co-workers and friends. They have never complained about my sexuality choices and I really appreciate that. I have even been invited to march at the pride parade as the Falkneraptor (In a fursuit). In the blue section.

Although I'm still very nervous and somewhat doubtful about going trans, I am confident about my sexuality.

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