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Welcome to the subforum for Smogon's LGPE tiers. While this is a usage based tier, it is different in that it is rather filled with metas that are based on the Pokemon Company's ruleset of Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee! You will find that this is different than your standard OverUsed meta, so be sure to read through all rules and resources before delving deep into this seemingly small but extremely fun meta!


As with every community on Smogon, we expect the users that stop by our subforum to adhere to Smogon's global rules, which can be found here or at the bottom of every page on our domain.

Additionally, we request that you follow some simple etiquette when making a post.
  • Always endeavor to receive permission from an LGPE forum moderator before making a new thread.
  • Be respectful of others when making a post. This is not a forum for angry call-outs or aggressive arguments.
  • When posting in a discussion-heavy thread, such as the current metagame thread or the Viability Rankings, do your utmost best to make posts with thought-out content. Any post that is interpreted to be inappropriate for the discussion, made in jest, or posted without any thought or reason behind it is subject to moderator discretion.
  • Do not post threads for teams in this forum asking for rates. Use the Rate My Team subforum here.
  • Do not make a thread to ask a simple question. Please use the Discord to do this (a Simple Questions forum will exist in the near future)
If you have any questions about the above rules or would like to inquire about hosting a thread, feel free to message any of the moderators listed below.

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Looking to connect with other LGPE players? We have plenty of options for you to reach out. Click on the images to automatically join the two platforms we have for live chat at the moment and be sure to read up on the rules for both places.

The LGPE Discord is plenty active with tons of users that are willing to help you build and test LGPE teams. You can check it out here provided you have a Discord account.

We have a general chat for metagame discussion and small chat, an announcement channel so you can get notifications for events in the community right to your phone, and a channel for posting and rating teams.

We also have our very own room on Pokemon Showdown which you can find here. Our room sports a healthy environment for getting involved in the tier with a staff that's prepared to help you with any questions you may have.
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