LGPE OU Summer Seasonal - Finals (Won by Hayburner)

It's time for the finals! Grats to all three of you for making it. 3 player finals can be wonky so hopefully this works out.

For anyone wondering, this will effectively be a small Round Robin. Everyone will play everyone- if anyone wins two sets, they win the tournament! If not, we try again.

  • All matches should follow LGPE OU rules, bans and clauses. These can be found in the tier's discussion thread.
  • Matches must be played on Pokémon Showdown in the [Let's Go] OU format. Smogtours is the only permitted side server.
  • This tournament will be Single Elimination, with every round being Best of 3.
  • Players may switch teams between matches.
  • All matches must have saved replays for the sake of developing the metagame. These replays will be the only accepted form of proof for results unless a tournament organiser or member of forum staff can confirm the result.
General Tournament Rules also apply, and you can find a guide to scheduling your matches here.
The current tournament organisers are myself, Funbot28 and 77star77.

Here we go!
Theorymon vs MAMP
Theorymon vs Hayburner
MAMP vs Hayburner

good luck! This round ends August 17, at 11:59 pm EST or whenever all necessary matches have been played.
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Congrats to Hayburner for winning the tournament! Good job to MAMP and Theorymon for making it to the finals, and thanks to everyone else who took part. The creative sets and teams some players used in this tournament were pretty surprising but definitely cool to see, and some innovations have come from it like Psychic Chansey and a variety of Mew sets (will I ever be able to make an accurate analysis for this mon?)!

By the way, we still have time to fit another tournament in before Sword and Shield release if people would like to see that! I'm also tempted to host a small side tournament for either UU or Candy OU if there's interest. Let us know!

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