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Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee: UnderUsed
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Thanks to the dedicated team behind LGPE OU (s/o Kris), there are usage stats available for Let's Go formats. This naturally means UU is upon us! Much like the OU format, this metagame is based off of the "Normal Rules" in-game, which notably does not use boosts from Candies. It incorporates the unique style of LGPE battles and new formes exclusive to the games (namely Starter Pikachu) as well as Smogon standard clauses.

"Normal rules" as found on cartridge. Pokémon are set to Level 50. They do not utilize AVs (Candy boosts), Abilities, or Items. IVs and Nature still apply. Friendship is set to 70.
Clauses: Applicable Smogon-wide Clauses.
Allowed Pokémon: Pokémon not exceeding 3.41% combined usage in LGPE OU.
Be sure to check the teambuilder for the most up to date eligibility. Note that banned megas also imply the non-mega is not allowed. Pokémon from LGPE OU exceeding 3.41% usage in August 2019 are listed below.

| 1 | Melmetal | 79.22294% | 4920 | 48.094% | 4099 | 49.220% |
| 2 | Mew | 75.91141% | 3811 | 37.253% | 3364 | 40.395% |
| 3 | Zapdos | 60.07051% | 4087 | 39.951% | 3378 | 40.563% |
| 4 | Muk-Alola | 49.13262% | 3866 | 37.791% | 3041 | 36.516% |
| 5 | Alakazam-Mega | 27.10082% | 2837 | 27.732% | 2182 | 26.201% |
| 6 | Dugtrio-Alola | 26.18787% | 1103 | 10.782% | 901 | 10.819% |
| 7 | Aerodactyl-Mega | 26.09132% | 2812 | 27.488% | 2437 | 29.263% |
| 8 | Eevee-Starter | 23.25863% | 1823 | 17.820% | 1463 | 17.568% |
| 9 | Gengar-Mega | 22.70572% | 1685 | 16.471% | 1302 | 15.634% |
| 10 | Snorlax | 20.40578% | 2123 | 20.753% | 1686 | 20.245% |
| 11 | Dragonite | 18.32486% | 2510 | 24.536% | 1845 | 22.155% |
| 12 | Gyarados-Mega | 15.60736% | 1497 | 14.633% | 1263 | 15.166% |
| 13 | Poliwrath | 15.03642% | 980 | 9.580% | 812 | 9.750% |
| 14 | Venusaur-Mega | 14.77364% | 1867 | 18.250% | 1570 | 18.852% |
| 15 | Starmie | 13.17063% | 1909 | 18.661% | 1585 | 19.033% |
| 16 | Nidoking | 12.54197% | 1020 | 9.971% | 840 | 10.087% |
| 17 | Rhydon | 11.49935% | 1763 | 17.234% | 1537 | 18.456% |
| 18 | Cloyster | 8.62341% | 1309 | 12.796% | 1040 | 12.488% |
| 19 | Nidoqueen | 8.06528% | 700 | 6.843% | 649 | 7.793% |
| 20 | Kangaskhan-Mega | 6.80663% | 367 | 3.587% | 308 | 3.698% |
| 21 | Clefable | 6.54879% | 583 | 5.699% | 501 | 6.016% |
| 22 | Beedrill-Mega | 6.45542% | 894 | 8.739% | 740 | 8.886% |
| 23 | Electrode | 4.14393% | 320 | 3.128% | 277 | 3.326% |
| 24 | Chansey | 4.00821% | 749 | 7.322% | 627 | 7.529% |
| 25 | Sandslash-Alola | 3.47758% | 681 | 6.657% | 573 | 6.881% |

A lot of the greats in OU make up vast proportions of usage, especially as the metagame has settled. As a result, there's quite a few 'mons in here that are nigh unseen elsewhere and can be quite fun to experiment with. Main archetypes of gameplay remain mostly similar.

Status: Bulk in the candyless metagame is scarce. As such, statuses like burns, to halve Attack; and paralysis, to halve Speed and fully paralyze on occasion; are invaluable. The venerable combination of Will-o-Wisp and reliable recovery comes on Moltres. Arbok carries the unique Glare, which retains its classic 100% accuracy and ability to paralyze Ground types. Regular Exeggutor spreads Sleep, and unlike its Alolan counterpart, it can set Leech Seed as well.

Stealth Rock: Stealth Rock users have an interesting variety of faces in UU. These include Clefable, Dugtrio, Golem, Kabutops, Marowak, Omastar, Onix, and even Wigglytuff. In UU, solely Onix has the compressed option of carrying both Stealth Rock and Taunt in one package. Users of Roar and Dragon Tail to rack up hazard damage include Arcanine, Ninetales, Blastoise, Arbok (can also Glare), Onix, and Lickitung.

Setup: This goes hand in hand with status spreading. Many in UU possess the gruesome combination of a sleep-inducing move and a setup move, such as Alolan Persian, Jynx, and Ninetales. Starter Pikachu, with its rather outstanding Speed tier, can set up a Calm Mind or two if lucky and pretend to be comparable to Mega Alakazam. On the other end of the Speed spectrum, Slowbro and its Mega can set up Calm Minds as well to become a nearly unbreakable wall.

Light Screen & Reflect: Certain Screen users are nimble, like Electrode, which possesses an unmatched Speed tier and spreads paralysis as well. Screens allow your team to receive setup opportunities that would otherwise be hard to come by. Bulky users of Reflect like Exeggutor fare well also.

Priority: There are quite a few viable users of priority in UU. Fake Out has some distribution; Quick Attack serves a purpose on Dodrio. Most strategically of all, Sucker Punch finds a great home with Mega Kangaskhan and Alolan Raticate. The latter can even use Swords Dance for some massive damage real quickly.

Is this playable?
Yes! However, you have to be trusting. The teambuilder is kept up to date with UU as a category, so you can easily find out which Pokémon are eligible. Simply challenge an opponent to the OU format, but ensure you are both using your UU teams.

The OU thread said UU wouldn't exist! What gives!?
It's a pleasant surprise, isn't it? With the teambuilder supporting "UU" (below OU cutoff) at the moment, it only made sense to organize and create some resources for this list of rejects. The unexpected popularity of LGPE OU helped a great deal, too.

Are Mega Evolutions allowed?
Yes, Mega Evolutions are allowed. It may be the case that Mega Evolutions will be eventually tracked separately from their base formes in usage, as is done in the SM formats, which could also shake up the metagame quite a bit if some base formes were to drop. However, banning Mega Evolutions would require a game mod due to the nature of Mega Evolutions not requiring individual held Stones in theory.

What about Pika Papow or Veevee Volley?
Pika Papow and Veevee Volley require motion controls to activate and don't pop up during link battles, and are therefore not included.

LGPE OU thread:

Discord (has channel for UU discussion):

Pokémon Showdown Room (same as OU):

Damage Calculator:
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Caveat: this post is based entirely on theory. I just want to open the discussion.

Borderline - Mega Slowbro, Mega Beedrill

Mega Slowbro has no place in UU. Base 95/180/80 defenses, 130 special attack with Calm Mind access, good STAB typing, and great coverage options, is simply broken in an environment with relatively low special defenses, few viable resistances to its STAB attacks, and rare recovery moves. Psychic/Shadow Ball is all the coverage that it needs, allowing Calm Mind/Rest in the final two slots.

To give you an idea of Bold Mega Bro's physical bulk; Tauros' Thrash is a 4HKO only 6.6% of the time. It can take Stealth Rock damage and still always survive Dodrio's +2 CH Thrash. Mega Beedrill also fails to KO with max roll U-Turn into max roll X-Scissor. Basically, Mega Bro makes every non-Beedrill physical pokemon without Swords Dance unusable. It switches in all day and chunks stuff with STAB Psychic, before using Calm Mind during the endgame. Alternatively, just pass it a Light Screen.

Electric Pokemon can only switch in once to Psychic, and they all lose anyway if Mega Bro uses Calm Mind on the switch. Encore (Raichu) forces Bro out, but it will be back on almost any physical attack. Mega Blastoise is the only reliable check, but has to dedicate half its moveset to Dark Pulse/Dragon Tail to do the job properly.

Now let's discuss Beedrill, but you all know what it's all about. Mega Bee is less broken than Mega Bro, but its presence makes anything that can't pressure it into using U-Turn unusable - because nothing wants to switch in, and then take a U-Turn after. That can't be healthy for the metagame.

Between them, these two Mega Pokemon would be incredibly centralising, and make some otherwise solid Pokemon almost unusable (Kingler, Tauros, Mega Kangaskhan, Alolan Ninetales, Exeggutor, Chansey etc.). Every team would be a Mega Bro team, and if only Bro gets banned, Mega Bee teams with priority support would dominate the landscape.

If Bro and Bee are banned to Borderline, a relatively healthy metagame can develop. The below are some preliminary rankings:


S Rank

Mega Blastoise - in a metagame that looks full of physical threats, Mega Blastoise brings some balance to avoid a completely hyper offensive environment. It does look centralising, but there are few electric immunities and many faster threats.

A+ Rank

Jolteon - a likely dominant threat that offers early game support and provides an endgame win condition with that speed tier. For reference, Jolteon remains faster than +2 +Speed Omastar by 2 points.

Tauros/Dodrio - this pair of STAB Thrashing terrors at the 110 base speed tier need to be taken seriously. The viability of slow bulky Pokemon is essentially dependent on whether they can survive (unboosted) Thrash with enough HP to do something useful. Protect is a curious option on Tauros as it stalls out screen turns, helps to avoid the Dodrio speed tie (because it suicides at < 50% from Jump Kick miss), and can own Explosion users.

Mega Kangaskhan - unfortunately, Facade is Kanga's best STAB option, but it does have Rock/Quake and all of the elemental punches to choose from. With double priority, this thing is probably the best switch in to a predicted Thunder Wave.

Blastoise - regular Blastoise is good enough that Mega Kangaskhan and even Mega Pidgeot are viable options.

A- Rank

Tentacruel - this thing has the perfect typing to wall both Ninetales forms. It can also reliably Haze +2 Venomoth, even after taking Stealth Rock damage. Other Pokemon that Tentacruel checks include Kingler and Omastar. Poison Jab is a guaranteed 2HKO on Chansey after Rocks.

Venomoth - threatening and self-sufficient. Neither Alolan Sandslash nor Magneton are really viable, so Sludge Bomb is preferable to Bug Buzz. +1 Sludge Bomb is a guaranteed KO on Dodrio after Rocks.

Pinsir - arguably the best Stealth Rock user due to physical bulkiness, a reasonable speed tier, and offensive presence. After Rocks, Adamant Rock Slide always KOs Dodrio, while Superpower is an 81% KO on Tauros.

Dugtrio - the best suicide Rocker as its speed tier almost guarantees setup. Importantly, Dugtrio survives two Jolteon Shadow Balls after Rocks 97% of the time.

Sandslash - the final candidate for best Rocker. Brick Break allows Sandslash to break Jolteon's/Electrode's screens. Rock Slide is necessary to prevent Dodrio setting up for free. Impish allows Sandslash to survive two Dodrio Thrashes 99.6% of the time, although Adamant Earthquake is an 81% OHKO on Dugtrio.

Kangaskhan - regular Kangaskhan remains decently bulky and double priority is just so useful.

B Rank

These Pokemon have a niche, but are at least somewhat flawed, or are unable to reliably break through certain higher ranked Pokemon.

Example Team

Overall, the metagame on paper reminds me a lot of the original RBY environment, only with more options. There is also a handy group at B+ that have something to offer.

Double Mega Template

Mega Blastoise
Mega Kangaskhan
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