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Let's GO VGC
was created by the famous player Francesco Pardini (AlexisVGC) and the team of the Italian website Altopiano Blu. The goal of this format is to create a format as close to actual VGC rules as possible in Let's Go.

Rules and Info:
- Teams are composed of six Pokémon, but only four are taken into battle.
- Battles are played at Level 50 in Normal mode (no Candies, Friendship auto-set to 70).
- Mega Evolutions can be chosen between (for Pokémon that have more than one like Charizard).
- Restricted Legendaries, Mythicals and Special Pokémon are banned.

- Mewtwo
- Mew
- Meltan
- Melmetal
- Pikachu-Starter
- Eevee-Starter


Original Thread:

Gameplay of some matches:

Discord or Telegram Group: //

Pokemon Showdown Room: //

Damage Calculator:


- AlexisVGC
- Altopiano Blu
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Tier S: Zapdos, Aerodactyl, Kangaskhan, Muk-Alola
Tier A: Venusaur, Gyarados, Gengar, Kabutops, Venomoth, Cloyster, Clefable, Dragonite, Arcanine, Scyther, Pinsir, Raichu-Alola, Dugtrio-Alola, Starmie, Tauros, Alakazam, Electrode
Tier B: Golduck, , Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Snorlax, Persian, Persian-Alola, Ninetales, Raticate-Alola, , Magmar, Parasect, Charizard, Blastoise, Beedrill, Arbok, Raichu, Sandslash, Dugtrio, Poliwrath, Machamp, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Rapidash, Slowbro, Magneton, Dodrio, Kingler, Exeggutor-Alola, Marowak-Alola, Hitmonchan, Jynx, Lapras, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Omastar, Moltres
Tier C: Farfetch’d, Raticate, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Fearow, Sandslash, Primeape, Golem, Golem-Alola, Dewgong, Muk, Exeggutor, Hitmonlee, Weezing, Rhydon, Chansey, Mr. Mime, Electabuzz, Flareon, Articuno, Marowak, Vileplume
Tier D: Hypno, Ditto, Wigglytuff, Golbat, Onix, Lickitung, Tangela, Seadra, Seaking, Porygon

Fake Out
: Persian (115 Spe), Persian-Alola (115 Spe), Raichu (110 Spe), Raichu-Alola (110 Spe), Kangaskhan (90 Spe), Blastoise (78 Spe), Dewgong (70 Spe),
Setup: Calm Mind, Bulk Up, Shell Smash, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Quiver Dance
Speed Control: Thunder Wave, Agility, Bubble Beam, Bubble, String Shot
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it was all just a metaphor
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I love the idea! One thing I want to say though is that a VGC format really shouldn't care about Smogon legality, such as one hit or Evasion moves. Also moves that lower accuracy such as Smokescreen are actually allowed in Smogon formats. If we want to be as accurate as possible these strategies should definitely be permitted. Other than that, great work setting this up!


it was all just a metaphor
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I hate to double post but the thread creator was only active on Smogon for two days and has been inactive for a week. I really want to see this meta go somewhere, so I've gone ahead and removed the banned moves from the OP. I'm also going to add the format to my side server in the next few days for ease of play.
Also, I really feel like the preliminary VR is very off; for example, Farfetch'd only really has a niche in Candy metas where it lives long enough to boost up and use Sky Attack, and that's singles too. I'll get round to improving such resources once the meta has been tested more.
Feel free to post your thoughts on the meta of course, and drop me an @ in the Lets Go Discord or chat room if you want to play!
Wouldn't the VGC singles format technically be Poke Cup/Battle Spot Singles rules?
Just asking out of curiosity, either way, I'm quite in LGPE VGC


it was all just a metaphor
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Why are Pikachu Starter and Eevee Starter banned? There not box legendary or mythical Pokemon, so they shouldn't be banned.
We're considering them as Special Pokèmon, similarly to Ash Greninja. Also Pokès with restricted distribution are generally not included in VGC, which the two starters classify as due to being untradeable and exclusive to each game.

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