License plates (Number plates[?]) & MORE!

I think they're called number plates in Europe, and I don't know to what extent you can or can't customize a license plate out of the USA, but I do live in the USA, and license plates are very commonly customized here

So, what does your license plate say?
- Is there a story behind it?

If you don't have a custom, why not?

If you don't have a car yet, what will you get your license plate to say?

I live in Virginia, so this comes up quite a bit:

I just got my first car, and thought it would be a fun discussion topic. I haven't actually come up with a plate though. Boring: And since I live in Virginia, I have quite a hard time coming up with one because I can't stand randomly generated plates and Virginia has more custom license plates than any other United State. (Because they are cheapest here)

Extra: Just to include everyone if they can't have a custom plate, BUMPER STICKERS! Do you have any, why or why not, and if you do then what are they? And once again, if you don't have a car yet, what bumper stickers will you use in the future?

And for democrats: :(

Edit: For tennisace


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So in Rhode Island, moreso than any other state, people want plates with two letters and either one or two numbers. The reason is that there were so few people in RI so every Rhode Islander that has been around for a good amount of time has one, its basically "RI Cred". My grandfather tried to pull some strings and COULD have gotten me one with my initials + two numbers but I didn't have a car at the time so I ended up with a 5 number plate. The majority of new drivers are getting 6 number plates (formatted ###-###, usually starting with 7 or 8), but I ended up with a 5 number one because I said that in the future I might want a special plate, which only support 5 characters or less. At some point I would like to pay for a Red Sox plate, when they come out of course.

Yeah Rhode Islanders don't have much else to be obsessed with...
man i've never thought about it before but i TOTALLY want 9.9 am i allowed to do that????
It could depend on your state, but I don't think any state will allow you to use a period, use only numbers and symbols, and have a license plate with only 2.5 characters. In Virginia, it has to be at least 2 characters, it must have at least 1 letter, and if it fills the maximum amount of characters, one must be -, &, or a space

Check the DMV license plate purchasing website. As an example, here's Virginia's:

Edit: :(
It is here. After months of consideration and trying and failing to find a new, good, original license plate, I found one.

Yeah it's a long time coming but I felt it a worthy necro
I once saw a big black hummer with a license plate that said "MMORPG." I don't think I've ever seen a better way to say "I have a tiny penis."

I've also seen the plate "PMS24-7," and a plate that had a 6 on it and no other letters or numbers. My friend's mom drives a Honda Odyssey with the license plate "ILIAD N."
i don't have a customized plate, BUT when i drive around town, i like looking at others plates and seeing if i can find funny words or acronyms in them


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I'm annoyed we don't have them here. Especially considering it would be quite an easy way for the state to sap cash from the few dumbasses willing to put in the extra money.


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i still maintain it should be LV1PHAN
anyways, this is pretty much the most brilliant way of using license plates I've ever seen.

I've seen more than one version but meh.

edit: the car in

has a cool bumper sticker y/n
I find that they are largely a waste of money, but some of them are pretty clever. I saw one the other day that was a normal 6 character plate and the numbers/letters happened to make 2 words, but they made no sense together so I assumed it was not customized.


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I have lots of bumper stickers:

I have other pro-choice bumper stickers too, and a save the fishies one, and some generic political ones like in the OP.


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While driving from Maryland to Pennsylvania about two weeks ago, I saw a license plate that just said "ROLF"

As for Bumper Stickers, the county next to mine has this slogan going

to switch many have responded:

i don't have a customized plate, BUT when i drive around town, i like looking at others plates and seeing if i can find funny words or acronyms in them
Actually, for my 2 week trip in Europe I photographed license plates that had Pokémon or Smogon related things (like EQ or CK) but ultimately I didn't find enough to post them because I missed a lot of important ones :(

And I've seen a lot of joke plates but Vlad the Impala might be my favorite

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