Tournament Limit Break Series: Round 1 - [Gen 9] OU + Hisuian Pokemon

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Welcome to my Limit Break Series!
Hello everyone! In this tournament, players are to build teams that do not surpass a given specific BST limit i.e. sum of BST of all Pokemon on a team should not exceed the given limit. Each round will have a different format (ranging from official to OM to oldgen) with a different limit and the battles will be best-of-threes. The tournament will be of double elimination. Tournaments like these are mainly enjoyed as user-hosted tours in the tournaments room on PS!.
Limit Break:
-Players build teams based on a given total BST limit each round.
-Sum of BST of all the Pokemon on a team should not exceed the limit.
-Each round will be in a different format (can be anything ranging from official formats to oldgen formats to OMs) and will have a different BST limit.
-Players can choose to have less than 6 Pokemon on their teams.
-A player entering a battle with a non-valid team (with total BST greater than limit) will be disqualified.


Rex15808 vs FakeFan0
ComputerWhiz vs Grrrryeah2
Kerthwack vs I love Bagon
Takatk vs Opnoob 598
What is our Purpose? vs 55Miniben
Madame Bitchalot vs Letmeactuallyplay
VincentPhung69420 vs Runoisch
specs water spout vs BrainDamageHaver
Rofna99 vs Terekusai
LordDoesOtherStuff vs agenttoxic_
speedytype vs Go greeninja
RoiDadadou vs Ado!
Part vs pidgeyo
coral fan vs SpeedyBlu
TerrorFang vs AmoghOp
DragonPhoenix333 vs Amstan
BP vs Kerthyi
JezzyFlash vs Reduxion
MultiPokemon vs shadow3xm
Timm168 vs One Last Kiss
ygfr45 vs Xurkiyee
Medeia vs xxTermanato69
MTB vs eu
GhetsisDaMetsis vs RaichuIsCool
PrinceofUnderworld vs coolmann2049
Turtwigthe1 vs Arcanine1929
abcaba vs GarchompFan1512
Jadinobambino vs ADF Test
Mr beerman vs SOM/05
1Ssep The Chicken vs moesi
Siddakid vs Kinetic1000
RIP-TORTARAGON vs pratik2007
Natcrozma vs TreeTheTreeko
Failbor vs Goro Yagami
choicebadkyurem vs Jackdsaurus
Carl wheezer vs GetSleidSun
ThePinsirGuy vs TheSerotoninVibes
Akashi vs Celestia74
BlackKnight_Gawain vs Dearest Deerling
Dorron vs LollWith2Ls
Garrett vs Trostani
DrakePoke vs NoobishTrainerJoe
ponchlake vs Tails72
King Griffin vs ETJX
TwoLargeGayMen vs FiboDoesPokemon
Kenava vs lilricky
Spcplayzz vs Clastia
Lechen vs hidin
Magiquaza vs Due Lipa
metagross does architectu Lewpick36 vs DrMario64
ihbst vs Fraolain
Mr.Bossaru vs giove97
gabeawesome08 vs Turtlek
Sableyelol vs Realblazing
Farfromani vs shadowmaster6789
Dragonair2fair vs DIMEDYAN
Harshad B10 vs xdTactician
yokoisop vs Itry2bfunny
Gomure vs memedose46
frickEDmt vs OPBenBen
Drakoxd12 vs YORLAX

Rules to be followed:
  • Starting out simple with [Gen 9] OU format with most of the hisuian Pokemon being allowed. Standard [Gen 9] OU ruleset shall be followed.
  • BST limit is 2600!
    :walking-wake:(590) + :clodsire: (430) +:lokix:(450) +:flittle:(255) +:ursaluna:(550) +:ditto:(288) = 2563 Total BST
  • Challenge code: /challenge username, gen9ou @@@ +typhlosion-hisui, +decidueye-hisui, +samurott-hisui, +lilligant-hisui, +ursaluna, +sneasel-hisui, +sneasler, +avalugg-hisui, +voltorb-hisui, +electrode-hisui, +braviary-hisui, +sliggoo-hisui, +goodra-hisui, +wyrdeer, +qwilfish-hisui, +overqwil, +Growlithe-Hisui, +arcanine-hisui
  • Only the above-mentioned Hisuian Pokemon are allowed to be used (along with zoroark-hisui and zorua-hisui).
  • Players can choose to use less than 6 Pokemon.
  • A person using an invalid team will be considered to be at loss regardless of the actual battle's outcome (be it by using illegal Pokemon or exceeding the BST Limit).
  • The best-of-three battles must be played on Pokemon Showdown. You can choose to use a different team each game.
  • You must upload and post replays when claiming wins.
  • Follow all applicable Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses, and activity calls.
  • While calling acts, please note that only scheduling attempts made on smogon walls will be considered.

Round 1 Deadline is 17th March, 4:00AM GMT±0. An extention of 2 days will be granted if needed, and no more. Please feel free to contact me on any platform for asking doubts related to this tournament, hope you have fun!

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