Limited OU - Round 4 (Finals) Won by Mellow


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(announcement + signups)

  • This is Limited OU, where only the Pokemon from the last four generations are legal. No Pokemon introduced in Generations I, II, or III are usable in this tour. (Alternative forms of Pokemon introduced in later generations are legal. See the FAQ in the signups thread.)
  • The tournament enforces a teambuilder ban, meaning the Pokemon cannot appear in your starting team.
  • The tournament follows the standard OU clauses and bans, so play all your matches using the OU format on Pokemon Showdown!
  • No bans this round.
Semifinals Pairings: Bof3 - due 2/17

mudd_skip vs Jojohouse
Mellow vs monchooo

Finals Pairings: Bof3 - due it
mudd_skip vs Mellow

Matches are Best of 3! Replays are encouraged but not required!:psyglad:

Remember, Generations 4 - 7 Pokemon only! If you're caught with an illegal Pokemon, you will be disqualified!:psysad:
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could we get an extension? our schedules haven't really lined up
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