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The QC (Quality Control) members are the people that check the quality of an analysis while it is at its skeleton phase. They provide feedback which usually should be added without questions (unless the tone of the poster implies otherwise or you have a very good reason to disagree with the suggestions) and once the quality of the skeleton is up to standards they give to the analyses two stamps, only one stamp per QC member. Then the analysis ought to be written and finally a third QC member takes a last look at it, providing any last minute suggestions and giving a third stamp before the analysis can be GP (Grammar and Prose) checked.

These are the current OU QC members (as of September 2013):

PK Gaming (leader)
Seven Deadly Sins

Please contact any of them if you would like help or evaluation on your OU analyses. They will try to answer your requests in a reasonable amount of time, and if otherwise, contact another QC member.
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Also, if you're interested in getting involved with the Quality Control process, comment on analyses and participate in IRC discussions. When you're involved, you get to know the QC members, and can eventually get on the team yourself.

Good idea alexwolf!

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