Little Cup Playhouse Cup (LCPC) Round 1

Hey, I'm really happy that you are talking about this fact, without letting me know about it, really good sportsmanship right here! I just wanted to point the fact that I gave him my availability for Sunday afternoon, as you can see from the messages on my wall, but also I stayed up until 5pm; had to go later because I had to help my brother, which doesn't live in my house anymore, since he's having a really rough period these days at his university. So yeah, I opened Discord and I have seen Laroxyl telling me that you called activity, that's why I joined (with my phone, like I'm doing right now) Smogon. I haven't read yet when deadline is but, if it was today last day, I want to ask if it's possible to have an extension of 24hrs, if it's not today, well, we can easily find another day for playing.

Having said that, have a good night you all!

Edit: bro you have called activity a week before deadline, don't you think it is a little early anyways?
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