Tournament Little Cup Scrub League (LCSL) Sign-Ups

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Username: H1gh-res
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers played: SS (building and playing) / SM (playing only but can build some) / XY (I need building but can play in a pinch)
Significant Inactivity: Got some summer stuff but nothing too bad.
Username: Caledrith
Timezone: GMT -6/7 depending on dst
Tiers played: anything but current gen, im not up to date at all
Significant inactivity: im back from vacay july 1 so from there on im your old gens scrub league washed up mormon
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art mostly by Gummy
Welcome to the Little Cup Scrub League! If you did not get drafted for LCPL this tour is your second chance. A fortunate number of you will be able to play in a side tournament as a way to show your skills and get introduced to the team tournament setting.

This is an exciting new tour with the same tiers played as LCPL ( SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SS LC / SM LC / XY LC / BW LC / DPP LC ).

Tourbanned users may not sign up.

Please format your signups as follows:

Tiers played:
Significant Inactivity:

Please use this thread only for signups.

Sign ups will open after the LCPL draft.
Username: FootsAndFeet
Timezone: GMT-10
Tiers played: ss
Significant Inactivity:
Username: WMAR
Timezone: EST
Tiers played:
Significant Inactivity:
I work but free pretty much
Username: Roldski32
Timezone: GMT+8
Tiers played:
SS LC only
Significant Inactivity:
Unsure on my activity around August
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