Little Cup Statistics - June & July


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looks like gastly is filling in missy's spot pretty well. Also what the hell is drifloon being 21??


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And the lead metagame shifts dramatically. Again. I was surprised that Bronzor was no. 13 until I saw Machop at no. 1. That Duskull lead that was going around looks better and better.
Machop #1 lead. Guess everyone should use my Duskull lead now eh ;D
Duskull usage at 17 and Wynaut at 18? Wtf? Wynaut is the best revenger/setterupper in the game, while Duskull eats Machop and Mankey and Munchy and revenges Gastly, and etc etc.

Anyways, thanks Doug.


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Whew, bunch of stuff.

Buizel and Kabuto at 8 and 9 in June: Really odd, I think people were using rain a lot in June because Voltorb was also the #2 lead...

Staryu, Wynaut, etc. being low- June was kinda a slow LC month, so I think a few players dominated the ladder in June. Iunno, though.

Stunky at #15 in July- Heh, who saw this coming? Really though, I and EM built a team around LO Stunky and it's been pretty sucessful so far.

Machop at lead #1- People don't know how to play around Machop. Use Aipom or something else. (The lead that I'm using now ohkoes it with a neutral STAB hit...)

Buizel at #14- Seriously, I have never figured out how to use Buizel right. Sure, it's a 19 speeder with awesome priority, but imo it's always lacked the raw power for me. Bulk Up hasn't really worked for me either.

Anyways, thanks Doug for the stats!
Stunky is really good :)

It's kind of sad that the metagame can be summed up by the top 20/25 pokemon though... There's maybe about 40 viable pokemon in the metagame.
I'm surprised about the fluctuation of Kabuto lead, it beats Houndour and Snover leads, prevents sr from going up with Rapid Spin and also sets up it's own. The only leads it really outright loses to would be Machop who is just huge Gastly bait and Kabuto still sets up SR like the little solider it is, so that's arguable.

Also I'm surprised to see Aipom, Carvahna, and Magby taking up 24, 25, and 26 respectively while Diglett sits comfortably at 12. Also Aron at 19 and Tailow at a low 28 is being used less than Meowth, surprisingly.
| 30 | Hippopotas | 211 | 5.52 |
| 44 | Lileep | 109 | 2.85 |

Also, Krabby needs FAR more love. If there's stall, Krabby crushes it. If there's something frail, Krabby crushes it. If there's something slow, Krabby crushes it. If there's a priority user, Krabby switches to Diglet and and kills it and CRUSHES EVERYTHING ELSE.

@ Below: Yeahhhhhhhh! LeaDour is soooo kickass. Let's keep that a secret, shall we?

P.S. Everyone go use LeaDour. It really only consistently loses to Diglet, and that's if they don't SR, leaving them easy pickings.
Gastly at number 1 is suprising because although it is the best Ghost attackingly, I'd expect a more equal spread between the others, particularly Duskull and Drifloon.

I notice that 44% of Gastly use 200+ speed EVs which you only need to do with HP Fighting which only 39% use so I'm guessing some people aren't checked their EVs properly.

The most common item is Life Orb which I haven't seen in the few times I laddered but it looks like the underrated Sub-Lefties set is gaining use which is cool. I've always thought that using Gastly as a scarfer isn't using it to the best of its abilities though I guess being able to revenge Dratini is a bonus.

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