LC Little Cup Swiss - Round 5

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Round 5! Sorry for being so late. Gonna move the deadline to Friday nights now since it fits my schedule better.​

Breaking down some of the other rules:

Games are played in current USM LC format
Swiss Round are Best of 1, Bracket Rounds are Best of 3
Standard tour rules apply, so normal activity calls will be made
There will be 7 rounds and a Top 24 bracket.

Since this is part of the 2018 Little Cup Tournament Circuit, here's the points breakdown we're using:

Round 5 pairings:


Simbo vs OP
dcae vs Corporal Levi
Fille vs Pamplona
CaCaTuA vs Pohjis


MultiAmmiratore vs Nailec
Plas vs GOAO
Spl4sh vs Serene Grace
Mikaav vs fatty
Shrug vs BurntZebra
EternalSnowman vs Fuladono
Anish vs Holiday
ScrubLord2407 vs Imanalt
majaspic22 vs trash
Ninjadog13 vs Coconut
Rad and Subtract vs ItzViper482
Akiko Yosano vs Like A Star
zugubu royale vs Megazard
Frania vs Jox
ggggd vs tazz

3-1 vs 2-2:

Amphareixon vs Fresher Than You


Ildo vs Blazenix
Alore vs Seo.
yellowfin vs Sken
tjdaas vs Altariel von Sweep
JeromeSeiko vs MMagma
Merritt vs rssp1
ShalltearV vs KevinELF
Arifeen vs AAamen (dropped)
SANJAY vs Eternal Spirit
Drud vs Trace
Thiago Nunes vs Luthier
Gummy vs cielbakasan
Hawkie vs Finchinator
Heysup vs DBW
tcr vs GustavoYAY
neomon vs bdov
Senpai D.M (dropped) vs fran17
kushal00 vs Aslan07
Arlaxeon vs Dundies
SilentMango vs sam-testings
ara (dropped) vs Chill Shadow
Poison Adhesive vs Osh
jake vs Black salt (no haxx no)

2-2 vs 1-3:

false vs brown people wearing polo shirts (dropped)

x-3 and worse:

YuguY (dropped) vs Drew
(dropped) vs mael (dropped)
byronthewellwell vs UltraBallz (dropped)
Cofaiclus (dropped) vs Wolfein
Snowy vs AgentK
vs Tenebricite
jadontombs vs Blitzburgh
Usuzi (dropped) vs tko
Dalasito:3 vs Hijasu
vs Moosical
LilyAC vs Elec.
infamy vs lhce628
TUO (dropped) vs Hubriz
TheRam (dropped) vs Anime Sans
vs zben (dropped)
Marches (dropped) vs Acsel
Sealette (dropped) vs TheAmazingGallade
Huston (dropped) vs that ivy guy
Bouff (dropped) vs TheFenderStory

Losing at any point does not mean you are out! Even if you don't qualify for playoffs you can continue to play each week and attempt to earn some circuit points or practice. I'll stop tagging people that are x-3 or worse, though (unless they're in a match with an x-2 player).

Deadline is April 20th @ 11:59pm EDT.

I cannot give extensions from here on out because of the nature of Swiss tournaments (it messes up my bracket system very badly).

As always, lemme know if I messed up.
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my fault probably, but can I get clarification that our matchup versus fuladono was a coinflip? I missed original time but tried to reschedule with no response. If the decision was changed would the matchup? Either way, am I right in saying that my opponent currently is the same? Just don't want any confusion.
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