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Welcome to the next installment of the 2018 Little Cup Tournament Curcuit!

What's a Swiss tournament? No, we're not going to the Alps. A Swiss tournament is a two-part tournament where everyone starts in a sort of round-robin. After Round 1, instead of being eliminated or advancing to a higher part of a bracket, you get matched up with someone that has the same record as you. After a few rounds (depending on number of signups) the players with the best records will advance to a playoff bracket. It's pretty simple.​

Breaking down some of the other rules:

Games are played in current USM LC format
Swiss Round are Best of 1, Bracket Rounds
Standard tour rules apply, so normal activity calls will be made
Amount of rounds and playoff spots depend on signup numbers, I'll announce that once Round 1 is up.

Since this is part of the 2018 Little Cup Tournament Circuit, here's the points breakdown we're using:

Sign-ups are open until Thursday @ 11:59 PM EDT, and Round 1 will go up soon after. Post 'in' or 'How dare you start the round on Friday, you monster' to enter.
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