Championship - Type B Little Cup Training Camp [ROUND 1]


Week 1 is OVER

Activity Wins:
vs. Bushtush
Chill Shadow vs. Shrug
Vai Lusa vs. Sipher

(If you got a sub and you're being coin flipped and you're thinking, HEY, I needed to get a sub and why am I being coin flipped!?, this is because you already contacted your sub or vice-versa, but you haven't even played because a). you scheduled after the due date, or b). you missed your time and had to re-schedule or c). you are unresponsive)

parivard vs. Lethal Ammo
Rodriblutar vs. Level 56
Christo. vs. zugubu royale
vs. dragonuser
Breeder Ben vs. Marcelinho Rodrigues
WorstPlayerEva vs. fatty
Djqubi vs. HANTSUKI
Nouvelle Vague
vs. RickyGao
Eternal Spirit vs. nLTk
vs. Merritt
Holiano vs. RiCH HOMiE CHRiS
Empo vs. double switches
senegal vs. Articulo
Megazard vs. Mikaav

Week 2 will be posted shortly or tomorrow, thanks all!

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