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Banned deucer.
Name: LieslLovesMons
Tiers Played: SM, but can learn XY and BW
Primary Eligibility: UK
Secondary Eligibility: none
Interested in captaincy: no
Significant time missed: none

If anything, I'd appreciate being in any discord channels, so as to experience a team-tour environment x
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Name: op
Tiers Played: lc
Primary Eligibility: oregon
Secondary Eligibility: no
Interested in Captaincy?: melon
Significant Time Missed: ya

change the tournament name to little world cup
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Name: mad0ka
Tiers Played: Bo3 SM LC/ Bo1 SM LC/ ORAS LC (heavily prefer oras)
Primary Eligibility: US West (taking a semi-long vacation in china atm tho if that matters?)
Secondary Eligibility: Asia (see above)
Interested in Captaincy?: no
Significant Time Missed: rly busy w/ uni and stuff so i literally won't be able to play except on the weekends and probably won't be super super active until end of january
Name: why isnt this called little world cup cup
Tiers Played: dpp
Primary Eligibility:
south carolina
Secondary Eligibility:
Interested in Captaincy?:
nahhh lol
Significant Time Missed:
high risk of me forgetting im in this tour and need to play also i have finals in december
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