Little Cup's New and "Creative" Moveset Thread - Mark 1

It's time for LC to start gettin' creative!

Discussion Rules:

1: Use the readable format to display your movesets or EV spreads. An example would be:

Pokemon Name:(Adding pictures may make it easier to read and visually appealing, however avoid using huge ones. Sprites can be found here)
Moveset Name:
Move 1:
Move 2:
Move 3:
Move 4:
EVs: Ordered HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe

Description of the set explaining what it is capable of, damage calcs...etc.

2: Do not repeat movesets already mentioned in previous posts. If you do not know if a moveset has already been mentioned use the "Search this Thread" before posting.

3: Note that this thread is for sets that you've actually tried at least a few times, not something that "might work". If you think something has potential, you can be bothered to use it before subjecting everyone else to it.

4: This is for competitive, serious movesets only. Don't post joke sets.

5: Post a description along with your moveset. This should be obvious.

6: If another Pokemon does the set better, don't post it. This means don't post things like Toxic Stall Staryu, etc.

Failure to follow the rules will result in your post being deleted and possibly infracted. This thread will be under close moderator surveillance so I recommend actually following the rules, especially rule 3.



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Moveset Name: Super Monkey Lead Jr.
Move 1: Fake Out
Move 2: Overheat / Fire Blast
Move 3: Stealth Rock
Move 4: Vacuum Wave
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Blaze
Nature(s): Mild
EVs: 4 HP / 52 Atk / 4 Def / 212 SpA / 4 SpD / 188 Spe

This set was rejected by LCF (incorrectly, imo), but I still think it's a creative moveset anyway.

The special thing about Chimchar, is that it is the only (yes, only) Pokemon in Little Cup with Fake Out AND Stealth Rock, and is part of the limited group of Pokemon with Fake Out + Priority. If the opponent uses something like Houndour or Diglett as there lead, Chimchar has a way to get Stealth Rock up and beat the lead (50/50 chance at beating the lead (only with Vacuum Wave) + getting Stealth Rock up vs Diglett). As they protect, you set up Stealth Rock. As they use Stealth Rock or attack, you attack them with Overheat (or VW in Houndour's case to block Sucker Punch). Now either they have Stealth Rock up (as do you), or they don't but you're at 1 HP (against Diglett). Either way, you're in a favorable position. If your opponent starts getting wind of your strategy, then simply switch it up. Use Fake Out first, then KO them.

The EVs make you out speed LeaDour, as nothing else is really obtainable (most other leads are either slower or at 18-19 speed (or scarfed)). Max SpA means Overheat will OHKO a shit-ton of Pokemon, including Bronzor. With Blaze, it also allows Chimchar to hurt hard late game if it's still alive. The rest is dumped into Attack to make Fake Out hurt a little more. 4 EVs go into the empty stats, because its all chimchar needs to get a point in those stats.

Try it out!
It was rejected because it's too slow, not strong enough, extremely frail, and with an unSTAB Vacuum Wave it isn't doing much. Houndour beats it with Sucker Punch, it loses to other priority Pokemon due to its lack of Protect, it gets beaten by Diglett, and if it's using Overheat it can be easily shut down by Munchlax. It's "decent", but it doesn't do well against other leads, only "okay". It's an inferior Houndoom that can lay down SR.


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Drifloon@Focus Sash
116 Atk / 196 SpA / 196 Spe
-Shadow Ball

The idea of this set is to survive a hit, hopefully with the Focus Sash, activate Unburden, then wreak havoc on the opponent's team. Shadow Ball and T-bolt have good coverage together, almost covering all of LC, and you cannot run a high-powered HP Fighting with those low IVs. Hypnosis is for sleeping leads you cannot KO in one hit and Explosion is to go out with a bang after beating the lead.

How it does against other leads:

v. Meowth - Either of them will use Bite/Shadow Claw first turn, activating Focus Sash while you T-bolt them to death (as you are faster turn 2). However, be wary of a Hypnosis from Meowth, though Sash Drifloon is unexpected so you will probably be fine.

v. Diglett - I usually Shadow Ball turn 1, then what happens that turn determines my actions on the next. If he Sucker Punches, I Hypnosis, as I do not want to die to a second Sucker Punch, I am faster due to Unburden, and Diglett do not run many other attacks beside EQ and Sucker Punch. If he uses Stealth Rock, then I Shadow Ball turn 2, since I want him to Sucker Punch and activate my boosts.

v. Houndour - Always T-bolt turn one, breaking the Sash while he attacks you. After that, hit it with a fast Hypnosis and cross your fingers and hope that it hits.

v. Voltorb - The same as above, Shadow Ball turn one then Hypnosis turn 2. If Hypnosis hits, you *should* win this matchup.

v. Buneary - Since all Buneary can do to you is Ice Punch, you can either try to Sleep it or T-bolt repeatedly.

v. Staryu - Ehhhh I haven't seen Staryu used at all as a lead, but hang on with your Sash while you KO with T-bolt.

v. Anorith - Ok you should Hypnosis turn one, as Rock Blast hits through Sash. Then Shadow Ball it to death as usual.

v. Drifloon - Shadow Ball turn one, as he will likely do the same. Then Shadow Ball again, as you are guaranteed to be faster (unless the opponent uses the same set!). Beware of it using Hypnosis turn 1.

v. Onix - Just Shadow Ball turn one and two, as it KOs easily iirc. Hopefully it uses Rock Slide turn one, activating Focus Sash and Unburden.

v. Wailmer - Hang on with your Focus Sash on the Water Spout/ Ice Beam/Surf, while KOing it with T-bolt.

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Quite like the Chim set, but it is very reliant on prediction and has problems with two main leads (Meowth, Diggy) as well as the water leads, but it is fun against some leads like and some of the other common ones (and ones that should be much more common *looks at Bronzor*).

Against Diggy you either end up with just you having SR up and dead, or they SR up and you get to take them to 1HP. Both ways are kinda bad but not a disaster.

Against Meowth/Aipom you wish you had protect, in fact you probably should have it as an option. Without it you are pretty doomed, but you get one VW in or SR up. Again you die both ways, but you either get them to low HP or get SR up.

You're much better off against Dour but you need a lot of prediction, you outspeed with VW which will block SP or you can SR. This is one of the best anti Dour leads I've seen.

Voltorb is annoying because you can't 2KO with FO+VW and it has taunt, but if you FO then Overheat it will go down in exchange for taking your sash. Has the advantage here.

Has problems with Staryu, Wailmer, Anorith and Squirtle. Slightly better against Onix and Buneary. Does well enough against floon and can handle Snover and Bronzor (two leads that should be on the rise) better than most.

Its not stunning, but Chim generally is not great so this seemes like its best chance to get some use. Protect really helps against FO Leads though, maybe it could fit on somehow?

IVs for perfect HP Fight with min defenses/HP are: 3/31/2/30/2/30 for the lead floon. If you want HP Fight you can use it.


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It was rejected because it's too slow, not strong enough, extremely frail, and with an unSTAB Vacuum Wave it isn't doing much.
Vacuum Wave is just for KOing sashed Pokemon and beating Houndour, which leads me to....
SevenDeadlySins said:
Houndour beats it with Sucker Punch,
How so? That's just flat out wrong. Look:

Houndour uses Protect
Chimchar uses Stealth Rock (this turn is pretty irrelevant)

Chimchar uses Vacuum Wave
Houndour uses Sucker Punch, but it fails.

etc. All Houndour can do is Overheat, or give a weak Reversal.

I guess you must have overlooked the fact that Chimchar is faster then LeaDour.

SevenDeadlySins said:
it loses to other priority Pokemon due to its lack of Protect, it gets beaten by Diglett, and if it's using Overheat it can be easily shut down by Munchlax. It's "decent", but it doesn't do well against other leads, only "okay". It's an inferior Houndoom that can lay down SR.
It has a 50% chance to beat Diglett and get Stealth Rock up, so no it's not "beaten" by it. It loses to Faster Fake Out Leads like Glameow, Meowth, and Buneary, but those Pokemon are so easy to switch into (use Bronzor/Onix/Rhyhorn/Geodude/Etc with Chimchar). It's not as "good" as Houndour obviously, but it is far from the same carrying Fake Out AND Stealth Rock.

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Its not exactly beaten by Diglett, but its got a disadvantage and unless you have exceptional prediction skills/luck (Chim needs to SR against Protect, Fake Out against EQ or SR against Sucker Punch, if you get the wrong one Diggy has the advantage. If you get it right its pretty even.) Diglett will come out on top (even though you will generally either break the sash or get your own SR up). Dour will lose (but break your sash) unless it invests heavily in speed, and most don't.

Still the main problem is the large number of protect users and the water type leads who all give you serious trouble, sure its not too hard to switch something into FO but you do lose the momentum+take a bit of damage, and getting a safe switch into lead Wailmer or Staryu is a lot harder...


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@ heysup

Looks like a solid set, unstabbed priority or not, it still picks off Focus Sash.
I've been trying out LC Sand Stall just for the fun of it recently, and I found that this set is pretty good. The EVs/nature are still kinda messy though, so help there would be appreciated.

Gligar @ Sky Plate / Lum Berry?
Sand Veil

Jolly, 156 HP/236 Spe/76 SpD or
Careful, 156 HP/76 Def/236 SpD

- Substitute
- Torment
- Roost
- Aerial Ace

I got this idea after seeing a SubTorment Heatran posted in a recent RMT. The objective of this set is to bring it in on something that doesn't like Gligar and set up a Substitute. Like Heatran, most Pokemon only carry one move that can break a 6 HP Gligar Substitute. Therefore, after Torment your opponent can only break your Subs every other turn, allowing you free turns to chip away at your opponent with Aerial Ace or restore HP with Roost. As a result, this set causes a lot of switching, which racks up a lot of residual damage. I use this set with Hippopotas since the Sand support helps by activating Sand Veil and slowly dealing damage to opposing Pokemon who futilely try to break through this set. The beauty of this set is that you don't really need to worry about critical hits as much because the Sub takes the hits anyways, though an untimely critical hit on your "setup" turn could leave you open to a big hit on the following one. This set's main problem is its weakness to entering Pokemon on the turn after it kills something. If it still has a Sub up, that's fine, but otherwise Gligar could be prone to getting revenge-killed.

Aerial Ace was chosen as the attacking move of choice because it gets STAB and has perfect accuracy. Earthquake would leave this set at the mercy of Pokemon like Misdreavus, which this set can stop. There are also no Pokemon completely immune to Aerial Ace, which is good since the main point of Aerial Ace is to speed up kills from Sandstorm/Poison/Burn/SR/Spikes anyways. Sky Plate was chosen simply because Leftovers sucks, Life Orb's recoil isn't welcome, and Oran Berry is pointless when you already have Roost. I'm aware of the fact that it's pretty crappy though, so I'm open to item suggestions too. I haven't used Lum Berry yet, but in theory it sounds good. Any opinions on the item? As for the nature and EVs, I initially ran the Careful set because it gives Gligar a better chance to retain its Subs on a setup turn. However, I found that it was too easily outrun and statused/killed before it could start the SubTorment cycle, so I switched to the Jolly one instead. Both work decently in any case, I guess.
I have to say that as far as that set goes, it's an interesting check-beating novelty, but nothing more. Things do shitloads of damage in Little Cup, meaning that even neutral attacks have a solid chance of breaking the sub.

A list of things that lose to SubTorment Gligar:

Mixed Priority Gunk: Sucker Punch is easily avoided and Ice Punch is the only other threatening attack.

Bronzor without HP Ice: Psychic is the only move that can hit Gligar when it's not Roosting, which means that Bronzor gets beaten easily.

Opposing Gligar - Aqua Tail is the only way for Gligar to hit its counterpart (or HP Ice, which is rare). Stone Edge does even worse, with its 20% chance to miss. If you're gutsy, you can Roost on a Stone Edge turn to resist it.

Choice Checks: Stuff like Machop, Elekid, some Porygon, Gastly, etc. Torment forces them to either switch out or struggle, neither of which is good for their check.

That's not much. Also, SubSneak Misdreavus?

SubSneak Misdreavus: Doesn't get stopped due to the fact that SubSneak Missy's LO Shadow Sneak breaks Gligar's 6 HP subs 100% of the time.

This says something interesting. Anything with ~15 Attack can break a Gligar's sub with a move that has a final Base Power of 60, factoring in STAB and resistances. With LO, that falls to 12. That rules out threats like Diglett (breaks the sub with HP Ice, Rock Slide, or Aerial Ace), Misdreavus (Shadow Ball/Sneak), Meowth (Bite/Return), Anorith (X-Scissor/Rock Slide or hits straight through the Sub with Rock Blast), Slowpoke (Aqua Tail / Zen Headbutt / Ice Punch), etc.

It's a decent gimmick if you want to profit off of an opponent that checks Gligar with a choice Scarf user, but outside of that it's iffy.
Im going to totally rip off Colloquy, who posted this Drowzee set way back at LCF before he mysteriously disappeared:
Once again Colloquy gets credit, although I HAVE tested it so I am obeying rule #3

Drowzee @ Oran Berry
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 196 HP / 96 SpA / 196 SpD / 20 Spe
Nature: Calm (+SpD, -Atk)
- Psychic
- Reflect
- Thunder Wave
- Hidden Power Fire / Fighting

Last slot should probably be Fighting, thats my preference so that Drowzee isnt walled completely by Houndour.
Basic plan is basic: Come in on resisted / not strong speical attack or Hypnosis, toss up a T Wave, then deal with the situation. If you come across a physical attacker, reflect up. If not, either switch, or smack em with a STAB Psychic. Even off a 12 SpA stat, its gonna hurt things weak to it, like Machop and Croagunk and Bellsprout and the like.
HP Fight can be used to kill a Dour once it switches in on TWave ( so that you can outspeed it). It jmight be worthwile though to set up a Reflect on the Sucker Punch though, so that you can hope to survive the Sucker Punch

Again, credit to coll for discovering it.


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Do not post any HGSS sets until they have been implemented on Shoddy Battle
They are implemented now ^_^.

Anyway, for starters:

Moveset Name: Better than Bagon Dragon Dance
Move 1: Dragon Dance
Move 2: Outrage
Move 3: Waterfall
Move 4: Extremespeed
Item: Life Orb / Oran Berry
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature(s): Adamant
EVs: (28 HP) / 244 Atk / 36 SpD / 196 Spe
IVs: 0 HP (Omit if 28 EVs in HP)

With Dragon Dance and Extremespeed Dratini is one of the most dangerous sweepers in the metagame. After a Dragon Dance Dratini reaches 21 Speed and 25 Attack, which is terrifying with a 120 Base Power STAB and and an 80 Base Power priority attack. 21 Speed outpaces everything in Little Cup minus Choice Scarfers, who can easily be OHKOed by a Life Orb boosted +1 Extremespeed. Dratini also has respectable defenses and awesome typing, giving it a realistic chance to set up. Even without a Dragon Dance, Dratini is still an effective revenge killer however, Extremespeed is quite powerful even without a boost.

Dratini benefits from having fast or bulky Ice Shard users and Choice Scarfed Gastly removed before Dratini attempts to sweep. Ice Shard will likely KO Dratini if Dratini doesn't KO with Extremespeed, so having a Pokemon to take care of Phanpy is a good idea. Almost any Special Attacker can OHKO Phanpy with a super effective attack. Mantyke is a good teammate because it can easily take Ice Beams while also KOing Phanpy with Surf. Stunky or Munchlax work well for removing Choice Scarf Gastly, who is immune to Extremespeed and faster than Dratini after a Dragon Dance.
Edit: Apparently this isn't new? Should I delete? idk :(
Most of the LC world has seen this since I think I've played almost everyone, its worked well against most people and can usually be gamebreaking, but sometimes it just doesn't end well. My writing will probably suck too but whatever. Buneary needs more support!


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Move 1: Fake Out
Move 2: Switcheroo
Move 3: Encore
Move 4: Frustration
Item: Flame Orb
Ability: Klutz
Nature(s): Jolly
EVs: 156HP/68ATK/4DEF/236SPE

I use Buneary as a lead and it works great throughout the course of the game. It reaches 19 speed with a jolly nature, allowing it to go for the speed tie with lead Meowth and half of the LC tier. Voltorb, Snover, and some Digletts(it's a toss up really, depends if they SR first or not) are all beaten 1 on 1. Slower, bulky leads like Phanphy and Onix get Fake Out'd and then receive a Flame Orb as they attack or Stealth Rock. They usually choose Stealth Rock and are then encored forced to switch out while I send their new Poke a Focus Sash or hit it with Frustration, which is no joke as a ~153 power move factoring STAB. If I don't Switcheroo my Flame Orb immediately or I get it back, I can give it to their switch in or save it until later in the game.

Buneary has a lot of options to come back in later in the game. It can revenge kill, for example. Fake Out does about 30% to most of the tier and when combined with Frustration, it can kill a Poke or 2 on your opponent's team. Buneary can also come in on the ever so common Misdreavous as it sets up or uses Shadow Ball, only to be Encored onto that move while I switch to a safe option. Switcheroo is also decent mid-game as it can shuffle your opponent's items around. Getting rid of a tank's Oran Berry and giving it a Life Orb or Focus Sash can help, as an example. *note, all Focus Sash examples assume that you have SR somewhere on your team to render it useless.*

The EVs are simple I guess. Max speed is a given and I wanted to give it a mix of bulk and power. 4 Defense raises Defense by 1, the HP goes up by 2, and the Attack by 1. I just tried to balance it out. The extra EVs don't do anything.

Why use Buneary over Meowth or Glameow? Well, Hypnosis and U-Turn/Quick Attack are reasons to use the latter two, but Buneary occupies a certain niche that they don't. Buneary isn't just a lead that can work as revenge killer/sleep spreader; it works as a glue/support option that can turn the tide against your opponent if they don't deal with it properly. Encore and Switcheroo are great for helping your team as giving you a free set up or crippling an opponent's physical sweeper are great and Meowth and Glameow just can't do that.

little gk

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Class, your Buneary set isn't very new or creative as this same set (or at least very similar) is what brought it to be the fourth most used lead last month. Besides that, it is a very good set, and has given me hell multiple times. I'm interested as to how Iron Ball could work over Flame Orb. I'm asking this purely because not everything in LC hits physically. Also, its not like Buneary has an analysis yet, so this still works as a new/creative set.
Class, your Buneary set isn't very new or creative as this same set (or at least very similar) is what brought it to be the fourth most used lead last month. Besides that, it is a very good set, and has given me hell multiple times. Also, its not like Buneary has an analysis yet, so this still works as a new/creative set.
Sorry I only started LC this month and I hadn't seen anyone use it.
TBH Goldenknight, it isnt really seen that much AT ALL. It is a good set though, however you might want to pack something that can actually do something to Missy, the most common pokemon in LC right now.
Id go with GK's suggestion of an Iron Ball, really, if you can get something to be so slow, then you have definitively crippled an opposing team member, esp on Missy, who relies on great speed to outpace slower walls.

I might try that out myself now actually

(still use Glameow and Phanpy thoguh folks :D)

Lickitung@Oran Berry
~Swords Dance
~Ice Punch

As some people know, Lickitung has the best mixed defensive stats in UU. It is really only outclassed specially by Munchlax and physically by Gligar. That is, if you run a either/or each defensive set.

This set has something that each set is missing. Munchlax doesn't get Swords Dance, and therefore can't boost his attack to high levels at the same rate as Lickitung can. Amnesia and Counter set it apart from Gligar, and allow him to do something about either end of the attacking spectrum.

The premise of the set is simple. Come in on something harmless (A choiced Shadow Ball from Gastly or an encored move from Wynaut) and set up an Amnesia. If they bring in a somewhat weak special attacker, then you can feel free to SD and sweep with +2 SpD and +2 Att. If they bring in a physical attacker not named Machop or Mankey, feel free to Counter the incoming move and KO that poke.

Ice Punch is a move that nothing is immune to, making it the best choice here. Support from a ghost is also paramount so that if any powerful fighting moves come your way, you can quickly switch to your ghost and dispatch the annoyance.


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I would rather use Wish/Protect on lickitung, as it helps to differentiate it from the standard. Plus, it is unimaginably hard to kill.
Pokemon Name: Aipom

Moveset Name: Last Resort Sweepage
Move 1: Thunder Wave
Move 2: Fake Out
Move 3: Protect
Move 4: Last Resort
Item: Life Orb
Nature(s): Adamant
EVs: Ordered HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe: 4/252/136/0/0/116
I've tested this out with all of my pals, and he's just pwned. The only problem I've encountered is Ghosts. When a ghost comes out, you HAVE to switch. But other than that, it's an amazing sweeper. As long as you get your moves set up in time, you're free to sweep as long as no GHOSTS come out...


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thunder wave is, imo, a waste of a slot on this guy. really, it only helps out on the first pokemon you face with aipom (and i suppose ghosts). fake out turn 1, opponent flinches. then what? you have to choose between either protect or thunderwave, which allows the opponent at least a chance to beat you. if you choose to protect, you run the risk of them setting up in your face. if you choose to t wave, you run the risk of possibly being ko'd by whatever move he/she uses.

in summary, i think this set would be better as just fake out + last resort because any poke faster than you will just ko you (or close, especially with life orb damage) before you use t wave. protect could be useful sometimes but it gives the opponant too much of a chance to beat you.


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Adamant Nature is also quite silly imo, why get outsped by a huge chunk of the metagame that you can likely OHKO?

And yea, the best set for LResort is Fake Out + Last Resort.

Pokemon Name: Spinarak
Moveset Name: Sweeping Spider
Move 1: Agility
Move 2: Substitue
Move 3: Bug Bite
Move 4: Sucker Punch / Baton Pass
Item: Liechi Berry
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 236 Atk / 36 Def / 236 Spe

With the addition of HG/SS, Spinarak finally got a useful Bug STAB: Bug Bite. Bug Bite is a great move since Oran Berry is (or was) everywhere in Little Cup. However, eating Oran may be more of a hinderence to this set. The point of this set is to use Substitue on something that either fears Spinarak (read: Very few things do), or you use Wynaut with Encore as Support. Then, use Agility to boosts Spinrak low 13 Speed to a respectable 26 Speed. Now, you want to Sub until you activate Swarm and Liechi. You can then procede to sweep with Swarm-boosted STAB Bug Bite coming of 24 Attack.

The last moveslot is tricky. Sucker Punch gives Spinarak priority, and an effective way to deal with Misdreavus. Baton Pass, however, allows you to pass your boost when Spinarak's job is done or it is threatened.

This set has a lot of trouble with Steel-types, so Nosepass or Magnemite greatly help. Also, Wynaut is extremely suggested when using this set, or else Spinarak will have a hard time trying to get a Sub up.


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You guys suck if you can't make the one Pokemon capable of OHKOing everything but Munchlax even OU...

Abra (M) @ Life Orb / Chilan Berry
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 196 Spd/240 SAtk
Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Encore
- Substitute / Filler

Abra laughs in the face of every damn Sucker Puncher and Fake Outter in the game with this set and is bound to get a surprise KO or seven, opening up a path for something Abra like to sweep. Predict switches and throw up a Substitute if you can to get two free hits (natural 19 HP means Life Orb barely matters, but Abra dies in one hit anyway). Abra actually only takes around 50% from a Croagunk Fake Out and never flinches, so just Encore that, laugh in his face as you get a free Sub, then kill whatever comes out. If you get a Sucker Puncher, just Encore it. It will fail and continuously repeat itself, so just stall it out of PP with Substitute (or get a free Sub on whatever comes in). The Normal Resist Berry allows it to even survive Meowth's Fake Out if you really want to, but Life Orb means it does something to other teams.

You're kind of at a loss with Shadow Sneakers (unless you Sub on the switch then OHKO missy and gastly :D) but fuck em.

With their priority gone (or if it's non existent), Abra is so fucking powerful and fast it can just sweep everything with LO Psychic or LO HP Ground. Levitating Bronzor can eat a Magnemite or whatever bullshit counter it has, I don't care. Abra's too busy ROCKIN YO FACE. Substitute buys Abra a ton of time since it's so frail.

After I test this thoroughly, it's going in the new Abra analysis.
Nitpick: Chilan Berry is a worthless item, as it only blocks super effective hits, aka nothing. You could try Kasib Berry to survive Shadow Sneak, though.

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