Live Smogcast #4 - UU All Gen - Sunday, June 9th @6:30 PM EST

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So we're gonna be discussing everyone's FAVORITE metagame this week on The Smogcast. We're gonna cover as much as we can about the BW UU metagame and all past gen metagames in one giant amalgamation Smogcast. It's gonna be fuckin awesome.

You can use this thread to ask questions that you'd like to see answered on air!
Do you think a VolTurn team could be viable in UU like in OU? The move loses most of its strong STAB abusers and the useful passive damage from sand, but it's still VolTurn.

and then some generic questions that someone was gonna end up asking anyway so why not now:

What do you consider to be the most threatening Pokemon in UU right now? (ie if you don't prepare for it and you come up against it, you WILL lose)
What do you consider to be the best Pokemon in UU right now? (ie the one that you think should be on 60+% of teams [inb4 snorlax])


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What Pokemon from the lower tiers do you find to be the most useful in UU today?

What playstyle do you think is most consistent in ladder play and in tournament play?

In DPP UU, there was a lot of debate as to which metagame was "better": the Venusaur-centered metagame that we ended up with, and the Heracross-centered metagame that we almost ended up with. Which one do you think was the more enjoyable, and why?


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First: Are there any "underdogs" (ie those nearly in risk of going RU, like Dusclops) in the UU metagame that have an important niche/role to fill, (I'm looking at you, Houndoom) or any overtly used pokemon that just shouldn't be used that much, besides the obvious? (*cough* Ambipom *cough*)

Second: Is UU the most balanced tier? (I mean, it is, but stuff like Victini and Kingdra under rain make me question it)

Third: Most effective playstyle in UU? is HO the way to go? Or will stall make other teams fall? What about spikestacking, or Trick Room?

Fourth: I'm going to risk doing this question: Nidoking or Nidoqueen: Which is better and why? [inb4 rage war]

Disclaimer: I just thought of these, they're all probably pretty crappy questions. I may add more later. But Thanks LonelyNess for Smogcast :>. I viewed most of the last one, but I got confused, because it was about OU or something, so I gave up before finishing it. But I'll love a UU-based one.

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UU has some of the best weather abusers but with no weather to set them up (Kingdra, Victini, Suicune, Blastoise, etc). Are weather teams remotely viable?

Also, hail. lol


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What do you guys think about retesting sand, now that permanent hail is back in UU and Sand Veil has been banned?


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Replay of today's discussion. Any feedback you guys have is most appreciated! :)


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Were we supposed to use this thread during the live Q+A Session? Because I only saw ~3 questions from this thread actually get answered. (granted a couple of the ones in here were kind of similar, but w/e.)

I did still quite enjoy the smogcast though. I think it definitely gave us a good idea of the current state of the metagame, and I found the entire video interesting. Especially the segment on Adv UU.
whoa i had no idea that this thread even existed. haha ps! was laggy for me a bit so i couldn't have the chat up. would've been nice to know. i'll remember for next time.

anyway, that was a good, informative smogcast. nice to see more of them popping up - always great to learn from the experts. hearing about uu of other gens is particularly cool.
I was going to ask about which pokemon from OU would you rather have over UU without considering usage, and it was kind of addressed, so that makes me happy.

It does makes me wonder as of why we don't hold supect tests disregarding usage, in order to introduce pokes into the format from upper tiers -in general, for UU obviously only OU sounds reasonable and only regarding niche pokemon-. I mean, there are suspects to exclude -BL- but there aren't any to include. Usage should still be the main way to settle the tiers, since it has been established as a reliable thing, but this could make an interesting argument in the light of tiering for future generations.


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LonelyNess, you are a great host who knows how to keep discussions alive and offer feedback to your panelists. reachzero is always a positive presence, too, and he turned into your sidekick in these smogcasts, haha. Bunch of lively panelists, with plenty of insightful things to share. The audio quality was a bit annoying, with Bad Ass and cookie's lag and reachzerio's microphone breaking up occasionally, but you guys were all patient with each other, which allowed this cast to run smoothly. The tags are really cool, too.
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