Tournament Live Tournament - AAA LC - won by fitzy72!


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Post in or "FROGS" to participate.
Don't sign up if you need to leave soon - This is a LIVE tournament.

rounds will be posted in this thread as soon as sign ups end

New Rule: Timer MUST be on - we had issues with people taking a long time to move last time, holding the tournament back.

Send a PM to "Rowan" on Showdown when you win your match, losers need not PM as it could cause confusion.

You can play your matches on smogtours or main, it's up to you. Smogtours is recommended due to less lag. I'll be on both servers.
PM me when you win. Matches are best of 1. I'll announce in the LC room once new rounds are up.


STABmons Rules said:
AAA is where Pokemon can use (almost) any ability they like. However, there are a few abilities which can't be chosen.

Standard LC Rules

Archen Banned

Misdreavus+Yanma unbanned

Banned Abilities: Adaptability, Arena Trap, Contrary, Fur Coat, Gale Wings, Huge Power, Imposter, Parental Bond, Protean, Pure Power, Sand Veil, Shadow Tag, Simple, Snow Cloak, Speed Boost, Wonder Guard (you can still use these on their original users)

Banned Items: Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Smooth Rock

Ability Clause: Only 2 of the same ability on 1 team.
It's up to you to make sure your teams are legal. If in doubt, you can PM me. If found using anything illegal, you will be disqualified automatically.

sign ups:
1) FishInABox
2) LetMeShine-
3) Floushaide
4) ranger mike
5) fitzy72
6) yagura
7) omastar42
8) anybodyagress
9) ScorrchingTheaph
10) kingmidas
11) coconut.
12) unfixable
13) H&M Berkeley
14) senegal

round 1
Omastar42 vs LetMeShine-
LeonSouryu vs fitzy72
apt-get vs Ranger Mike
H&MBerkeley vs trash
Yagura vs Coconut.
Floushaide vs Svalkenaeres
kingmidas vs unfixable
senegal vs AnybodyAgrees

round 2
trash vs kingmidas
apt-get vs fitzy72
omastar42 vs senegal
yagura vs Floushaide

round 3

Floushaide vs senegal
trash vs fitzy72

fitzy72 vs senegal
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San Tomas

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nifty lil' haxy match between me and trash, lost it, admittedly not my best game but ughghghghghgh

wait it just occurred that this isn't over, so i won't post the replay yet

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