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Hello smogon community, as you've noticed I'm Posho, a user who's been around for almost 2 years in this forum and really get to like it due to its cool members, tournaments and stuff. I remember my first post in here was a rmt showcasing a team which I peaked top 10 on po with, I'm quite impressed on how both my English and Pokémon skills have improved since then. First reason why I'm doing a Black/White 2 rmt is beacuse I feel that this gen is the one I feel more identified with, I started playing competitively in like early 2013 in some facebook group until like August when I discovered Smogon and PS, I've been playing this game quite oftenly since then.

In regards to the team, this is not a quite original team but It's one of the teams I know I could trust for any battle due to its efectiveness against some kind of teams. I made this team with Finch and Ren-Chon for the last week of some brazilian tour and ended up working well in tests, sadly I didn't win the match.

Team Preview

Team-Building process:

I decided that I wanted a rain team, so, best way to start off is with Politoed, a pokémon which gained a lot of popularity due to the hidden ability which was given: Drizzle. It's the weather inducer and a check for some threats as well since it's running the scarf set, which is currently the most used one.

Watching replays of my opponent, I noticed that he was so weak to genies core so I slapped it on this team. Both take advantage of the rain since their most powerful moves (Hurricane and Thunder respectively) are 100% accurate in rain, that's quite threatening to some teams as well as their secondary effects. They also possess a decent base-speed which is quite good in the tier.

My team needed some way of creating pressure to opposing teams, so I decided to put double hazard ferrothorn which paired with the dual genies I can pressure a lot my opponent by using hazards and make Thund and Torna a lot more threatening. Since it's a steel-type kind of needless to say that this is my dragon switch-in and my best water resist on this team.

I needed some powerful water-type for this team, mostly on the physical side and also a decent Keldeo check, so Gyarados was my choice. This mon is a completely beast once you get rid of its common checks and counters and also you've got the plus of having powerful water attacks in rain which makes this mon a complete threat for some balanced and offensive-ish teams.

Finally, I saw that my team needed some rapid-spin support, I was running 3 flying types so I guess it was needed. Excadrill was my way to go, this mon doesn't really take advantage of the rain but note that sand teams are the most used in the current metagame, so this is also why Sand Rush Excadrill was my choice.

With the team-building process done we can procced to an In-Depth analysis of each mon in the team




Ability: Drizzle.
Ev Spread: 72 HP/ 184 SpA/ 252 Spe.
Ivs: 0 Atk.
Nature: Timid.
Ice Beam

HP - 339
Attack - 139
Defense- 186
Sp. Atk. - 262
Sp. Def. - 236
Spe - 262 (393)

Politoed, my weather inducer and basically the mon which the team starts with. Thanks to its abbility which is Drizzle I'm granted infinite rain unless my oponent changes it using for example Tyranitar. The rain gives my team a lot of advantages due to every mon using it for boost their attacks or reduce the power of fire type moves. The given HP is to almost make sure I don't get 2ohkod by Alakazam which is more commonly seen as a Focus Sash set and the rest is given to SpA and Speed to make it as fast as possible. Choice Scarf helps me checking some fast threats such as Alakazam, Tornadus and also Dragon Dance Dragonite which I really appreciate getting rid of. Scald is my stab move, it's very useful due to its secondary effect which is burning the opponent and also it receives a power boost on the rain which compensates the lack of power of Politoed, Ice beam is a good move to pair Scald with, it helps me with mostly dragon and grass types and also in case I want to fish for some freezes, Encore is there since it helps stopping some set-up mons such as Reuniclus from sweeping and finally Hypnosis, sleep is so broken in this generation so having some annoying mon sleeping is always thanked.



Ability: Prankster.
Ev Spread: 252 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe.
Nature: Timid.
Grass Knot
Focus Blast
HP - 299
Attack - 239
Defense - 176
Sp. Atk. - 349 (524)
Sp. Def. - 184
Spe - 353

Tornadus is a complete beast in rain, these 100% accurate specs and stab boosted Hurricanes are nothing you can really mess around with. Tornadus is used as the hard-hitter, so we give max SpA and max Spe to make it as effective as possible, it can outspeed a good amount of non-scarfed mons so that makes it a complete threat for almost the entire tier. There's basically no mon that can take well Tornadus with the given moveset: Hurricane is my stab move and a very powerful move in rain, this move's got 120 base power in BW so it's kind of more difficult to take it than in the current generation, Focus Blast helps me getting rid of steel and rock types which try to threaten Tornadus, since Torna is a mon that forces a lot of switches u-turn is a really good move that gives me a lot of momentum and for the last moveslot we've got grass knot that helps me with basically annoying shit like Gastrodon, this could be changed to tailwind if needed.


Ability: Iron barbs.
Ev Spread: 248 HP/ 92 Def/ 168 SpD
Nature: Careful.
Stealth Rock
Power Whip
Leech Seed
HP - 351
Atk- 224
Defense - 321
Sp. Atk - 129
Sp. Def - 341
Spe - 76

This mon acts as the glue of the team, helping me mostly with other water types and also dragon types. It's a quite effective mon in rain, it's weak x4 to fire but thanks to rain that weakness gets reduced increasing its longevity during the battle. The given spread is mostly to take on both physical and special side decently. We've got the dual hazard core Stealth Rock and Spikes which really help my sweepers to pressure a lot my opponents forcing them to sometimes sack one of his their mons, Power Whip is my stab move, it hits water types really hard and for last we've got leech seed which makes this mon last more in the battle and also kind of annoying for my opponents.


Ability: Sand Rush.
Ev Spread: 252 Atk/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe
Nature: Jolly.
Rapid Spin
Swords Dance
Iron Head
HP - 361
Atk - 369
Defense - 156
Sp. Atk. - 122
Sp. Def - 167
Spe - 302

This is my rapid spin support, the team doesnt really appreciate having hazards on our side so which better mon to fullfil this duty than Excadrill. I'ts also my way of threatening opposing sandstorm teams thanks to Sand Rush, they'll have to think twice beofre sending their sand inducers... The given spread is to make it fast and also hit really hard, jolly nature is the most effective nature for this mon due to not being allowed to have a sand inducer along with it, it may appreciate being as fast as possible. Earthquake and Iron head are my stab moves, they do a decent amount of damage to some mons, Swords Dance makes it really threatening, it's also helpful to scare some mons away and being given the chance to rapid spin the hazards on my field.


Ability: Moxie.
Ev Spread: 72 HP/ 184 Atk/ 252 Spe
Nature: Adamant.

Dragon Dance

HP - 349
Atk - 365
Defense - 194
Sp. Atk - 140
Sp. Def. - 236
Spe - 261

Gyarados, my late-game sweeper and also a really powerful mon in the tier, also acts as my keld check due to resisting its both stabs. This mon is such a big threat for many teams, you can't really mess around with this mon or it could send your team to the oblivion, but it's not really easy to find holes in your opponent's team to set up a DD, so Politoed's hypnosis helps a lot with that and also the hazards since our opponent could be more focused on getting rid of them than paying attention to gyara. Waterfall and Bounce act as the stab moves, and substitute is a good move which dragon dance can abuse of and also use it to give myself some momentum.



Ability: Volt Absorb.
Ev Spread: 252 SpA/ 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Ivs: 2 Atk / 30 Def
Nature: Modest.
Hidden Power Ice
Focus Blast
HP - 299
Atk - 195
Defense - 175
Sp. Atk. - 427
Sp. Def. -197
Spe - 301

And finally we've got Thund-t, another of my late-game sweepers and also a big threat to some bulky-ish teams. The item given is Expert Belt which is a really good choice on it due to its really good coverage. Thunder is basically its stab move, it's a really powerful move in rain due to having 100% accuracy in rain and also being given the chance to paralyze opposing mons, Focus Blast helps against Tyranitar, Ferrothorn, Excadrill and other mons that try to switch in it, Hp ice is basically for ground, grass and dragon types and for the last moveslot we've got Agility which is most commonly used in late-game when our opponent's team is weak so thund can find a chance to set itself up and sweep away the team .Also due to having expert belt it's easy to bluff a scarf and give them a big suprise.

- Specially with the scarf version, I got really no check for this and it's not easy to identify on a team preview. Ferrothorn is most likely my switch to this but it doesn't really appreciate getting tricked as well...
- Really powerful and threatening mon, best way of getting rid of it is with scarf toed, try to get it slept with hypnosis or kill it inmediatly
- Isn't really a huge huge threat but my team doesn't have any sleep fodder so it's not easy to pick up one.
- Really difficult to deal with, it can spread burns on my team and basically volt switch on anything, best way of getting rid of it is by sleeping it.
- Band Tar is a pain in the ass since It can hit really hard my team and I never know which move will it go for.
- Opposing Tornadus is quite threatening with rocks up
- Scarf hp elec Keld is kind of an issue as well, but not difficult to deal with

Last view

Vs Chimechoo
This battle took place in the third round of the BW cup, got kind of lucky with Gyarados but still a good battle

This battle was for tryouts on the SPL, pdc is a player whom I respect a lot, so a pleasure to play you and sorry for luck here as well ;_;

Vs Dice
This one took place in Stour, this battle showcases how useful can this team be against some bulky-ish teams

Vs Tesung
This is a friendly I had with tesung some months ago, showcasing how effective can thund be in late-game

A los españoletes:
.CarloO~ - Negro de mierda
Daftley - love chano
Derk - pls
GOAO - best user
Lhions - haxbag
Disenchanted - broxa
Poek97 - weeb
juanen - homo 1
Sken - second best user
Trosko - homo 2
Vileman - love memes
Weegah - <3
reiku - you bad
Malekith - jaimelenas
Alastor Law - Sube vídeo
Regnak - Emilio kun n_n
Pearl - fav weeb :3
Omfuga - como siempre xD

And that's all I guess, sorry if I've made any mistake, English isn't my first language :p peace
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Cool team though, I would only change things that should come down to preference like maybe changing Thundy to Timid just so it can outspeed Mence, Staraptor or Volc, or adding Rocky Helmet Ferro
Timid thund could be an option but I don't see those 3 really threatening and one of them isn't even common and losing leftovers on ferrothorn could make the team much more weaker to dragon spam as I really need that recovery to take on them much easier :)
Thank you so much for the rate
if Breloom is that big of a problem consider running Sleep Talk > Grass Knot on Tornadus, Grass Knot has very little use when Specs Hurricane already does so much damage to most Pokémon on the field, it also gives you a sleep fodder vs Amoonguss

both Sleep Talk and Grass Knot are super situational though, and as you mentioned, there's always Tailwind as another option for a 4th slot

I'd run Intimidate on Gyarados, eases the matchup vs Garchomp and Moxie sweeping doesn't really happen usually (at least to me)
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It's like I'm hanging on to nothing
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Haven't touched this team in a good while, but the changes you guys mention might probably be optimal, thanks ;)

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