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SO: Everyone has been bitching that "they can't find the info" in the big thread (even though 95% of it is in the OP). So I am making a locked thread that only the OI mods/Nexus can add too/update with info.

Demo & Early Leaks Information

Pokémon Information
Pokémon Data
(credit: kazowar, Note: Error with Alolan Pokémon Egg moves)
Pokémon Movepools (credit: Kaphotics, Note: Error with certain Egg moves for incense Pokémon ex: Marill)
Old Gen Stat/Ability Changes (credit: Kaphotics)
Old Gen Movepool Changes

Move, Ability, and Item Information
Move Data (credit: kazowar)
Z Move Data
Z Move Mechanics
Z Move Status Effects
(credit: OmegaDonut & Marty)
Ability Data (credit: kazowar)
Item Data (credit: kazowar)

Pokédex & Encounter Information
Alolan Pokédex [Islands: 1 2 3 4]
National Pokédex
Moon Version Wild Encounters [1 2]
Pokédex Images (credit: kazowar)
New Pokémon Evolution Methods (credit: Kaphotics)
Alola Form Evolution Methods
Pokemon Catch Rates

Miscellaneous Images & Text
Box Sprites (Montage)
(credit: ProjectPokémon)
Box Sprites (Individual) (credit: ProjectPokémon)
Item Sprites (credit: ProjectPokémon)
Story Text (credit: ProjectPokémon)
Trainer Text

Game Text (credit: ProjectPokémon)
Pokédex Entries (credit: ProjectPokémon) Other Dex Entries: http://pastebin.com/nJnhdbmg


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Has this ability or move been nerfed?
A) Here's confirmation / deconfirmation of various nerfs and buffs. If you have any information confirming / deconfirming nerfs or buffs, please PM an OI Mod (DHR-107 Nexus TheMantyke Codraroll NoCheese )
  • Gale Wings - Has been nerfed - will now only be active while the Pokemon's HP is full.
  • Soul Dew - Has been nerfed - Soul Dew now only boosts Latios and Latias's Dragon and Psychic-type moves only.
  • Unaware - Has NOT been nerfed - Unaware still works as it did in Gen 6
  • Eviolite - Has NOT been nerfed - Rumors that the defensive boost is x1.2 instead of x1.5 have arisen. They are false.
  • Knock Off - Has NOT been nerfed - has been tested, same mechanics as Gen 6

Q) How do Bottle Caps and Hyper Training Work?
A) There are two types of Bottle caps: regular and Gold Bottle Caps. Regular Bottle Caps boost a single stat to its 31 IV equivalent while Gold boost all stats. Bottle Caps do not change IVs, they merely boost stats, so your Pokemon's Hidden Power type will reflect its original IVs if (i.e if your Pokemon's IVs are 0/0/0/0/0/0 it will still have Hidden Power Fighting after raising its stats with Bottle Caps). If you breed using a Pokemon whose stats have been altered with Bottle Caps it will still pass its original IVs not 31 IVs. Your Pokemon must be Level 100 to undergo Hyper Training. (credit: CollectorTogami and Keima)

Q) Does Wild Pokemon summoning allies do anything special?
A) Yes, as more allies are summoned in a battle the chance for those Pokemon to have better IVs or be shiny increases with each successful summon, but their levels don't increase and their can only be two Pokemon max at a time on the field. The chance for a Pokemon to summon an ally can be influenced by the item Adrenaline Orb or lowering its health. Furthermore, summoned allies can have their hidden abilities.

Q) What type do you become after using Burn Up?
A) If you weren't aware already, Burn Up is a new 130 BP 100% accurate Fire-type attack that has the drawback of making the user non fire-typed after use. After using the attack, you become typeless.

Q) What Pokemon are allowed in the different Battle Formats?

A) VGC: https://twitter.com/SciresM/status/797816286289989632
Battle Spot Season 1 Special: https://twitter.com/SciresM/status/797818194140561410
Q) Can male and genderless Pokemon pass Poke Balls via breeding?

A) Yes. males (when breeding with Ditto) and genderless Pokemon pass their Poke Balls. The new Beast Ball can also be passed via breeding.

Q) Any changes to the move relearner?

A) Pokemon can now "re-learn" Level Up moves regardless of their level. https://twitter.com/xJoelituh/status/798355880010018816
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Okay, long post incoming:

All the new Gen VII Pokémon, with pictures from this link. Note that the link are missing some non-shiny sprites, so the sprites cited here may be shiny only. I'll mark those with an asterisk (*).

Beware of spelling errors, I'm sure there are a few. Some typings might be backwards.

Rattata-Alola (Dark/Normal)

Raticate-Alola (Dark/Normal)

Raichu-Alola (Electric/Psychic)

Sandshrew-Alola (Ice/Steel)

Sandslash-Alola (Ice/Steel)

Vulpix-Alola (Ice/Fairy)

Ninetales-Alola (Ice/Fairy)

Diglett-Alola (Ground/Steel)

Dugtrio-Alola (Ground/Steel)

Meowth-Alola (Dark)

Persian-Alola (Dark)

Geodude-Alola (Rock/Electric)

Graveler-Alola (Rock/Electric)

Golem-Alola (Rock/Electric)

Grimer-Alola (Poison/Dark)

Muk-Alola (Poison/Dark)

Exeggutor-Alola (Grass/Dragon)

Marowak-Alola (Ghost/Fire)

Several Event Pikachu have also been found in the games' code. See the link at the top of this post for pictures, as they do not fit either category listed in this post.

Rowlet (Grass/Flying)

Dartrix (Grass/Flying)

Decidueye (Grass/Ghost)

Litten (Fire)

Torracat (Fire)

Incineroar (Fire/Dark)

Popplio (Water)

Brionne (Water)

Primarina (Water/Fairy)

Pikipek (Normal/Flying)

Trumbeak (Normal/Flying)

Toucannon (Normal/Flying)

Yungoos (Normal)

Gumshoos (Normal)

Grubbin (Bug/Electric)

Charjabug (Bug/Electric)

Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)

Crabrawler (Fighting)

Crabominable (Fighting/Ice)

Oricorio-Baile (Fire/Flying)

Oricorio-Pom-Pom (Electric/Flying)

Oricorio-Pa'u (Psychic/Flying)

Oricorio-Sensu (Ghost/Flying)

Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy)

Ribombee (Bug/Fairy)

Rockruff (Rock)

Lycanroc-Midday (Rock)

Lycanroc-Midnight (Rock)

Wishiwashi-Solo (Water)

Wishiwashi-School (Water)

Mareanie (Poison/Water)

Toxapex (Poison/Water)

Mudbray (Ground)

Mudsdale (Ground)

Dewpider (Bug/Water)

Araquanid (Bug/Water)

Fomantis (Grass)

Lurantis (Grass)

Morelull (Grass/Fairy)

Shiinotic (Grass/Fairy)

Salandit (Poison/Fire)

Salazzle (Poison/Fire)

Stufful (Normal/Fighting)

Bewear (Normal/Fighting)

Bounsweet (Grass)

Steenee (Grass)

Tsareena (Grass)

Comfey (Fairy)

Oranguru (Normal/Psychic)

Passimian (Fighting)

Wimpod (Bug/Water)

Golisopod (Bug/Water)

Sandygast (Ghost/Ground)

Palossand (Ghost/Ground)

Pyukumuku (Water)

Type: Null (Normal)

Silvally (Normal)

Minior (Rock/Flying)

Komala (Normal)

Turtonator (Fire/Dragon)

Togedemaru (Electric/Steel)

Mimikkyu (Ghost/Fairy)

Bruxish (Water/Psychic)

Drampa (Normal/Dragon)

Dhelmise (Grass/Ghost)

Jangmo-o (Dragon/Fighting)

Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting)

Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)

Zygarde-10 % (Dragon/Ground)

Zygarde-100 % (Dragon/Ground)

Tapu Koko (Electric/Fairy)

Tapu Lele (Psychic/Fairy)

Tapu Bulu (Grass/Fairy)

Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy)

Cosmog (Psychic)

Cosmoem (Psychic)

Solgaleo (Psychic/Steel)

Lunala (Psychic/Ghost)

Necrozma (Psychic)

Magearna (Steel/Fairy)

Marshadow (Fighting/Ghost)

UB-01 AKA Nihilego (Rock/Poison)

UB-02 Absorption AKA Buzzwole (Bug/Fighting)

UB-02 Beauty AKA Pheromosa (Bug/Fighting)

Xurkitree (Electric)

Celesteela (Steel/Flying)

Kartana (Grass/Steel)

Guzzlord (Dark/Dragon)

Necrozma does not share the Ultra Beasts' Ability, and does not count as an Ultra Beast even though it shares many design elements. It is listed above as a legendary Pokémon.
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So I decided to add a FAQ at the end of the first post since there are a few things people ask about often or aren't really covered elsewhere. If you have anything you feel gets asked often that isn't covered anywhere else and you have evidence for it feel free to PM me and I'll add it.


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Added a list confirming / deconfirming rumored information. Will be updated as we get more information. Please do not spread rumors of possible nerfs or buffs before seeing concrete evidence from a reliable source! We don't want another Swimming Goggles situation...
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