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inspired by and adapted from the RUgged Mountain challenge - thank you to Molk for allowing me to steal this
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no, i'm not explaining this​

The Loop LagUUn run is a challenge that involves working your way through some of the strongest challengers the UU community has to offer. In order to avoid getting washed away, each challenger is going to have to challenge the seven Island Protectors in a set order without losing more than twice. If a challenger successfully beats all seven Island Protectors, they'll reach the middle of Loop LagUUn and be titled Kahuna.

In order to challenge the LagUUn, you must first challenge Estarossa, then Juno, then PinkDragonTamer, then Renny, then hs, then TSR, then Lilburr. The challenger must defeat each protector before moving on to the next. After defeating Lilburr, the challenger must challenge the Kahuna (if one exists) to take their title.

Just because you've been titled Kahuna doesn't mean you're safe, though! If another challenger is to make it through all seven Island Protectors, they can challenge the Kahuna to a best of three set. If the challenger wins, they will become the new Kahuna! The challenger that remains Kahuna for the longest will be rewarded with a one month custom role in the UU Discord!

Without further ado, the Island Protectors each challenger will have to challenge are below. Trainers must be challenged in order from top to bottom.

[order not permanent - some protectors may be switched out/have their positions changed, in addition to some potentially being added]

Estarossa - "honestly best pairing for hazard coverage with molt is like molt + tsareena/dhelmise"
Record: 14-7

Juno - "._."
Record: 3-5

PinkDragonTamer - "DRENCHED IN SAUCE"
Record: 8-2

Renny - "can someone PLEASE give me a quote"
Record: 1-1

hs - "-hs"
Record: 1-1

TSR - "cringe and delusional"
Record: 0-1

Lilburr - "sounds like a you problem"
Record: 1-0


Nobody yet!

RULES (mostly copypasted from RU thread with some changes)

  • All battles against Island Protectors will be best of 1, SS UU.
  • Post in the thread when you begin your challenge, post the results of each match in the thread as well.
  • Matches will be PUBLIC, Replays strongly encouraged.
  • If one loses 3 times in the duration of their challenge, they must start over, challenging Estarossa again.
  • One must wait 24 hours before challenging the LagUUn again if they are forced to start over.
  • One must wait 12 hours if they wish to re-challenge an Island Protector, unless that Island Protector agrees to play them earlier.
  • The tournament will last for 4 weeks.
  • A Protector of the LagUUn may challenge the LagUUn if they wish to do so; they will be allowed to skip their own position.
  • Challenges between Protectors will only count for the challenger (as in, if the Protector being challenged defeats the challenging Protector, the Protector being challenged still has to defeat the challenger if they wish to challenge the LagUUn themselves).
  • Whoever is Kahuna for the longest amount of time during the duration of the tournament will win.
  • If one defeats the Kahuna, they will become the new Kahuna.
  • If one loses to the Kahuna, they must restart their trek from the beginning.
  • All Kahuna challenges will be a best of three set.
  • Winner will acquire a one month custom role in the UU discord.

This challenge will begin today (July 3rd) at roughly ~1PM GMT+1, when our first Island Protector, Estarossa, is free to take challenges. Best of luck on the trial!
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won with some fortune that made it easier, gg friend
forgot to save g2 but sent tmm down the ladder, haxed him in g2 bc apparently im still rngjesus, but g3 is below

sent hs down the ladder with some fortune in the first couple, ggs fun ones

apparently being a guardian has turned me into rngjesus, more to come, gg esta
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won vs juno

then lost to pdt 3 times (f.u PinkDragonTamer haxor)


restarted again and lost 3 times to estarossa


restarted again and won vs esta (finally) won vs esta, gg.

won vs juno in my third attempt, gg.


2-3 vs estarossa
2-3 vs juuno
0-3 vs pdt
0-0 vs Renny
0-0 vs TSR
0-0 vs Lilburr



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