Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


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Ya extending this day is pointless

You all decide to slaughter penguin344 to appease the bloodthirsty masses. He died as he lived, shrieking.
UncleSam said:
Dear penguin344, you are the Witch-King of Angmar.

You are the chief of the Nazgul, and perhaps the most terrifying opponent on the fields of Middle Earth.

As Sauron’s chief underling, you are something of his Royal Guard. As such, should he ever be about to die, you will die in his stead. If this happens, the <user> who currently has the role of Sauron will perish with the role of the Witch-King, and you will assume the role of Sauron.

Additionally, every night you may submit a PM titled “NX-Shriek near <user>”. You will track down <user> and <user> will be so terrified at the sound of your Nazgul cry that <user> will be too petrified to do anything that night.

As you faced her on the fields of Gondor, you know that Eowyn of Rohan has recently suffered injuries in battle and will not partake in this struggle. You also know that there is no one who can survive a killing blow without outside help.

You are allied with the Forces of Sauron. You win if all threats are eliminated.
It is now Night 4. Night 4 ends in 34 hours, or at midnight on Monday, July 21st. Outside communication is once again allowed.


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So you all wake up after a night filled with the noise of fighting to find only one death.

It appears that Celever was summarily executed last night for high treason against the Dark Lord. Upon closer inspection, however, it looks like he was just a normal Orc...strange. Maybe he was the victim of a witch hunt!

It is now Day 5. Day 5 ends in 48 hours, or at 11 PM EDT July 23rd (or Majority). Do not communicate outside of this thread.


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That being said Ditto is bad and I can even tell you why, because I checked him, actually I checked him the night before this one but penguin being the witch king took priority over possibly norc Ditto. I must say it was REALLY HARD not to laugh last day at Ditto's every feeble attempt to dirty my name.

Vote Ditto

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