Big Lord of the Rings Mafia Signups

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Never mind, out, sorry. I didn't really read the OP well and this doesn't look like the game for me in the present circumstances.

edit: Feel free to keep me in mind for subbing in, though I won't sub in early.
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I'm used to having our camp be the third week of July (and also not going due to my summer courses) but this year it's a week earlier and I'll be going, which is the 7th. I literally won't be on except for a couple minutes of downtime at night maybe, certainly not enough time to deal with hoodlums in a NOC situation, for that week.

I'll sub when I get back, sorry I totally spaced on the timing since it's different this year.
There is a Pokemon Showdown lobby entirely related to playing mafia (and they have a forum where they've been hosting games too). Advertising there might get some players as they also seem to have some forum games going that seemed to get a fair few amount of players. maybe no one cares for forum maf, but it may be a good place to start
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