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Hi guys - if you want a chance of being drafted for HJAD and I's team, then feel free to drop me a "resume" message on discord, basically highlighting what tier you would want to play, how you can support the team and some replays etc etc. My discord is Teddeh#3663, HJAD's is HJAD#8484. Depending on which tier, we may offer tryouts, however I suggest just approaching us if you want a chance to be drafted! :toast:


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hey all, if you wanna talk about being on los cherno bouffalants, hit pak (pak#1187) or me (Safir#7965) up on discord. feel free to send me replays and resumes and stuff like that, we're not really looking for tryout games but everything else is fine!

e: ok when i say resumes....please don’t make an actual literal resume, making one of those things is really annoying and time consuming so yeah LOL just send replays i guess
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Hi friends, if you want to be drafted by the Rayquazas your chances will probably improve significantly if you PM me (Brooklyn#2021) and not my co-manager (sza#6064), send replays and such if you like I don't think we'll be doing tryouts. Our doors our open!
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