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Tournament Rules and General Guidelines


Goat Gogoats (5) vs (5) West Coast Gastrodon-Wests

UU: robjr vs Hikari
UU: Amaroq vs PinkDragonTamer
RU: Ark vs Charmflash
RU: Averardo vs Odd Della Robbia
NU: Ren-chon vs ict
NU: Santu vs Luthier
PU: Megazard vs Gondra
PU: TSR vs Taskr
Ubers: EternalSnowman vs byronthewellwell
Monotype: Attribute vs Splashbrutha

Dewford Town Duckletts
(6) vs (3) Los Cherno Bouffalants

UU: Accelgor vs Sacri'
UU: yeezyknows vs vivalospride
RU: HarrisIsAwesome vs Feliburn
RU: frisoeva vs Killintime
NU: Count Riario vs Jarii
NU: Eternally vs Jrdn
PU: Star vs Rexus
PU: LordST vs TJ
Ubers: Zesty43 vs esche
Monotype: Wanka vs DugZa

Deadline will be January 5th, 11:59 PM PST.
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Since the gods PTF and zSpxdes gave up on the weekly PU predicts I will be doing them this week!
PU: Megazard vs Gondra [35-65] Gondra isn't a pu main but Megazard showed me in pu circuit that I don't wanna go for him in this match and his pu sample teams are ass so going for gondra.
PU: TSR vs Taskr [34-66] TSR is known to not be there when you need him, Taskr has the same but is the better pu main so going for him.

PU: Star vs Rexus The PU match of the week. Rexus is the hot shit in PU right now with being in PU circuit finals and Star won PU open ofc. I think Rexus will win it but his team just has to hope he can prep for LTPL and circuit at the same time? Time will tell!
PU: LordST vs TJ [40-60] Never impressed at LordST as a player, I would've made it more but TJ didn't do well in his last game and didnt do well in PU circuit either, he should've won vs HJAD but choked quite hard. Regardless of this I think TJ will take it!

I hope the The Duckletts look like my Christmas dinner after this week!
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it’s my turn to do predicts ^^

PU : Megazard vs Gondra 50-50 , mz didn’t impressed me in circuit, ive heard about gondra before but I can’t say who will win, close pairings ig
PU : TSR vs Taskr 30-70 , for me taskr is one of the sm pu player, i think he is able to get this one
PU : Star vs Rexus 35-65 , Star did very well in the open winning Teddeh and other good players, but the Rex is in circuit play off final, that’s not by luck
PU : LordST vs TJ 45-55 , very close pairing here, I would bold TJ because it’s my friend and he impress me in ssnl/circuit r1

Let’s get this bouffalants !

Well now I understand why kink quit.
My opponent said that he will be telling me when he wants to play on Thursday, since he is 'traveling'. Today, he contacted me, but didnt seem to be online at any point I asked him. After we 'fucking set a time' my opponent missed it because he was busy doing 'activities'. It is now over an hour later and despite responding to me he has gone back to ignoring me once more. Please give me an opponent to play.

Arifeen Eien rozes

EDIT: I'll actually have to leave now, I'll be back at 10-11 PM my time if anybody from the enemy team will be around then I can still play them
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