Other Lower Tier Premier League III - Finals - Won by the Pokimanectrics

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Records Spreadsheet
Big thanks to Ticken for the art + spreadsheet!!

Tournament Rules and General Guidelines

2. The Pokimanectrics (5) vs (5) 4. The Type Chart Escavaliers
UU: Bushtush vs avarice
RU: Ark vs atomicllamas
NU: Garay oak vs dcae
PU: termi vs Punny
PU: snaga vs Ninjadog
LC: Corporal Levi vs LilyAC
Ubers: 64 Squares vs Catalystic
Monotype: Floss vs MetaRiolu7
DOU: Tenzai vs Biosci
BSS: lax vs 1_TrickPhony

Deadline will be February 21st, 11:59 PM GMT-5
As a reminder, BSS will be played with a Bo3 Teamlock as is standard.
BSS is also played in Series 7; and all tiers are locked from the start of semis.​
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...three, smiles go for miles!
season over, so i just wanna give the TIM LOBBIES a quick shoutout! thanks all of you for being such a fun team to work with. thanks tko for assmanning with me and thanks hosts for picking us. i said in my signup post that i wanted to get to know people from other tiers and i think i have succeeded. we'll get em next time :blobcomfy:

ggs pokimanes! it was a fun series both times :toast:

tko i think i already said this but ngl when you asked someone to assman with i was joking when i said "me" LMAO. dont regret it though and thanks for carrying me clout wise!!! lets do it again sometime o_o
avarice i hope u aren't too down about losing bro you HARD carried us regular season. 7-1 uu goat. without u we wouldnt have made it this far. good taste in icons, cts, mon nicknames, and ps alt names, all around vro. i wish you luck in uupl if u are doing that :^)
Biosci JRL your tier is fucking WACK but you guys did a great job of pulling off wins and playing well. pleasure teaming with yall even if i have never heard of some of the mons in DOU
Catalystic another CS major goat....u won when it counted and pulled off some really sick wins. your games were always fun to watch and i enjoyed your chat presence as well. gl in the future:)
Chaitanya youre toxic af LOOL but you were a massive help in mono and always there to liven chat up. sorry we never listened to your team ideas (grass won) thanks for helping even tho you didnt have to '-'
LilyAC THE LIL YAC!!! our actual lcer who i was meant to support! your record doesn't show how beast u are at this tier unfortunately SS LC is MU fish the tier. everyone has bad tours once in a while. you still won when it counted. isnt it crazy how u bought me in lcpl and now im your manager...wack
Luthier always there to liven up the chat LMFAO thanks for being the actual assman when it came to like, draft planning, making intelligent comments in game discussion, and helping teambuild. still see you as an lc main though o_o
atomicllamas another GOAT....or llama i guess. your games were always fun to watch and you pulled off wins week after week. solid teammate and great chat presence as well. wish u luck in the future!
MetaRiolu7 you're a vro for taking chait's bashing like a champ LMFAO but you still pulled off wins when it counted. thanks for always keeping sprits high and being a great teammate. grats on winning LCWC btw east coast beast coast
Sjneider thank you so much for helping build teams and give advice even though you didnt have to! u were a massive help to the higher tiers. gl in the future!
Ninjadog bro didnt you go undefeated in NU??? insane big brain LC main....you were a total steal and helped us pull off some great wins. the elite core is unstoppable.
dcae the actual GOAT!!!! holy shit! free win every week solver of NU. i am jealous. you should become an OU main and win smogtour or somethnig it'd be funny. rooting for u '-'
1_TrickPhony cant say your tier looks INSANE lmao but i hope you get more exposure in other tournaments! it can suck to be a smaller tier sometmes...yall pulled off some super important wins, thanks 1tp for getting us into this tiebreak in the first place!
Lyss ty for helping out and slotting into a bunch of random tiers lmao. hope to see you around :-)
Punny PUnny the king...you're very skilled and that made your games super fun to watch. gl in whatever tiers you play in the future, maybe we'll team again someday oo

and a special thank you to:
nebs subbing handy in for LC
Fille Xizaaa Melon lc mains who dont play lc
@ Nora yo i dont know your smogon tag LMAO but thank u for helping build ubers

that is all. hope i didnt forget anyone that'd be embarrassing.
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